Gbenga Akinnagbe discusses his role in Broadway's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

The actor talks Broadway, performing and his upcoming projects.
21:18 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Gbenga Akinnagbe discusses his role in Broadway's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'
It's Candice Williams ABC radio now and I'm excited I mean NASA's hired by nature but I'm super excited today. The bad have a very talented gentleman sitting right across from me. Every fleas on him in this. Nominal clam Broadway might have heard or heard Evans called how To Kill a Mockingbird. Here and then he plays that Tom Robbins then. I have. He won the only banged up a can at bay as for negated hey you know I am trying to get you know her perfection. We say or name. To make it to people credit crisis off Durham who gets it wrong as well. That I grew up in this country seven city exactly like own early offense in Nigeria low post is I get is being that commandment. Began well he's got much better than I think it's definitely have all due respect you. And yes I as I mentioned just briefly before I saw the play last weekend as the guy just passed rather aunt by U it was an amazing play from start to finish I you know it's. It's a but a Conde. A classic piece of literature. And to see it kind of unfold on the broadway's age with such an amazing thing is the it was done so well. The cast everybody came together and created this amazing Aaron Aaron. Created this. Piece of art and it really you know while you may already know this story isn't at the moment all the nuances there at the tempering nuances which means that we can read and and that helped a lot you know. B from the fact. It's such classic. Ought on on on portraying this character and you know where you a fan of the book. Prior to what was your knowledge of it Lakewood co yeah I love that local relate OK and cloudy and egg me Alice liquor remember everything about it. What we're first instinct or thoughts when you. On this girl well a don't think and never read a book in its and mighty iron to. You know the president knows very aware that it was they A it Evelyn. And look in the nation. Most people grow up having read this book in in rates haven't read. And business thousand that's very real where a number of Americans this look in and what this book. Comments on in the knicks who dies of a child. A powerful. Oh lead in the having opportunity to who. Who work on this book I mean are they with with. Aaron Sorkin who. Is the writers. Are the sheer means in American direct it uses it was of a storm that I it was unfortunate Owens and. Now you know it still insisting be is. I love how they basically. Mean a contemporary. I'm Il to you know in some and some asked you know with the dialogue. On the elements of that out how did you undertake this rule of common he you know I feel like. It's it's such a classic. You know as he says the literature but and to kind of come in to that. I did you prepare yourself to get into that mindset reliving obviously a different time but nevertheless there thing there's the. Going on today's that there are some things that I related very well to come with 08 it was met that strange to me. Going on in a country that is presidents that as a legal system that's residents. And that the with the power dynamics class. NNN and and if you're Aqib being so out of whack at those things is still very much as they were in 1930 or where the plates that. It it was it was it was interesting MB blitzer in the new bring this its life rings character to life. Given my experiences here going out there in in the United States. It. Yeah and it didn't. Bill in the Karen became from. Mile in large. News was due to that works up that we did of the way over a year we would get together these newly and and IB weeks each time does it out on a read the race days it's in the a about. Time the politics race. That's the the need the jobs people had and how they changed over the years in this town need to make believe town a mob Macomb and the real town of Monroe who goes based on. Police hometown O all this information and this route the rule in all of rape murder artists that it hoped to influence. What. Oh he's my terror there was going to be. And it's isn't sustained because I am just curious actually. Did your thoughts of who this character why Eric is rather evolves. From when you first started to read him and then after playing him and you know kind of understanding. His mind that the some capacity absolutely they be so. Rehearsing. This way rehearsing To Kill a Mockingbird rehearsing. I'm Robinson. Does a great deal but. Warming does play. Ormond Tacoma grid and Foreman Tom promise and in front of an audience a live audience. Makes them for such a big in things that we couldn't get otherwise we needed to performance of an audience that there are many months of work out and so many weeks of rehearsals a week and we knew that we union audience so those would nets us to have been its nursing help later in other aspects of what ounce life would be would be Tom becomes more real more more folded out there are things that you come back as far as the you've done so much who leads the act is Iranian and it's in the act his body and and when that happens with. More more people on and on aids then something. Beyond the brains of the act is what's happening so to rate this out though he sits at the dynamics of this on the team dynamics of the you know someone says of the differently than to sit at the day before O all of that status. Wherein two who Tom is going to be that night that mean where's where's that out wasn't there in the rehearsal room. And you know just again delving your ruled the or what. Throughout this experience because the last time it Farrell are you were in. I would let 2015. Inch rank. So yet and I would like kind of Reading up on that still kinda to come back with this. Particular. East. And then also. You know merely being able to again. Identifier find that connection. What was what was a challenging or even an on the flip side the most of the best part of that kinda coming back into this type of I feel of working for a a live audience and you know what was the most challenging part of of kind of coming back this. Broadway and in in in this role here. I love doing my theater it's always been a part of my Riordan. And o.s continue to do it from what enough bill and in the united up unity. It's. It's it's one pain Russ. In in. In a set of many would that that I get to enjoy and need to use rate television film and I've been written ever really there. And and reducing work so it means you're isn't so. Into four and I'm as it is his. Name in rusty use. Deftly worked the muscles. Is an indefinite works from muscles and am. The seen in a live theater spaces different than. In onset and being my until just like some logistical things you have to you know count. And then having a live audience there that African that is an although there in the dark they're out there so he can't attend like you know it is no one there but you movement crew in the set and others. Think we're team for Dan to people watching what you do so though you've that's paying charity got to you know use everything you have that play in the circumstances. The entire time on that stage. It in on said that's not necessarily the of them are you on onset cameras on and off you. You could start again do another take you know is known another take on stage and Leon let me get that again knowing. It is awfully different dynamic then television film and you know I mean we've seen you like he said you have. Only a very jogged catalog of stuff. You know II wanted to touch briefly on that we get back to the play again by. You know well you're an this is needs you know wits is that only. And job but it. I'm you know the character Tom Robbins and did they did it and how To Kill a Mockingbird. Can we talk a little bit about you reduces Carrick. Larry brown and and you know it's funny because I AM I nodded okay. I kinda came slow you know this is actually going to the third season. Which is going to be the final Eaton is only bulls beat three seasons anyway you guys alright it's all dead. But you know it's every every season in caps with a different era a different time. And your character. Is as a pimp with a heart I don't know if that's the what a way to look at it Eric LA grant. Powell is delving into the porn industry. I'm how how does one navigate between this world it would nineteen if he mockingbird. And with the you know or that air and in and then also you know. This world of might. Warren an adult film I mean you know be. Did you filmed this prior to. Are you going to going to filming the is and or a bit have been I was. Works upping rehearsing the the they awhile I was shooting isn't. And so there was overlap com. Or for that part of it and it's mean for yeah I think. Is that it is different for me since I own self into the circumstances and if the writing is really news. No facilitate that he'd deal. It's symington or honest. He's in you know. People who rated the do Houston wire and and so bit you their commitments historian Karen or is there is a riot among unravel on rival moment and so in that it helps. Today you've been no yourself and add and then you know lead in to a two incidents are. You know works out paying rehearsing when and Sorkin and and and Bartlett's here and so their commitment to storytelling. Say so I say I didn't load like. Isn't that right or use rate. Collaborators. Are hoping to him he used these worlds that it's very. Easy to throw yourself into into the circumstances and and them in. About these these these these are these world how. Do you know. There was no tomatoes overlap it's a site east. Today in these in the circumstances show name uses that says as is never about me it's always about this thing that we are doing was never about me. A professional because I think I can begin is very like. You didn't and Smart growth on to not like. Oh tell me I don't can't I don't know if you can do that partly because. It sets you are giving so much of yourself and you you are so committed. What I seen you know obviously if Tom Robinson and then you are so committed as. This amp amp I now know. And that is more than opinion that's a yes I'm doing just thinking that and then brag will be very limited you know he's he's more The Sims Tom Tom is more than just it's iron and cherry crop worries of these they have full lives and it's my job to figure out with whose lives are and and and having Gree writing posts with that -- of I'd do that mixing them with old people. Com. No one of them. Dozen bodies of his arm appeared as whole people. It helps as far as like new meaning to the circumstances and Siemens different people being able to see them carry. Now how does one divest ten oneself from these roles because I've talked to act yours and sometimes. In these rolled takes to a dark he speaks to place where because you just said you know you've become this whole person you'd be honest person and full body. How do you release yourself of that and I view clearly you know it's as though currently going on. Let has that been a hard process for you after a project is over to divest yourself and to then take on another care air or lead to seamless free. No you know what hopes cocaine. That lots and lots of equipment notes that cook clean and you analysts on. What you guys and you brought today. No doubt they hit fifty you drunk wasn't drunk I knew you join MS USA you know how this is it. Business hosting the no Kansas nets. Does. Yeah. No I ID. That's a very good question I think it's changed over the years they left for asserted that thing it was more of owed to leave it arms that. As you know like anything that you've you've you do something enough I think you you find your way and you find your way out and and works you all for you give that credit so. Now like getting into a carrot is you want it's un mes for myself into it and it's. It's similar to against it out of this world of the circumstances changed and open in the room Rehman clothes and wearing those who take these o.s often sue them in my dressing multiples on stage. Those are the circumstances that's who I am. Yeah I mean again Ed sets. I just think about these characters and how dynamic they aren't in. You know in eat their own way and then also you have another film coming up which I'm excited about it now it's a little bit of it based on young adult novel oral novel and you know I've been reading up about it ever a lot of this so you know when I see this. Coming up and I see your name on the OK and asking them questions the sun is also is our yes and it's coming out. She very soon I bleed may seventeenth allow yeah so talk a little bit about. Your role now I ready place Samuel Kingsley right which is a father. Of ER ER studies character. And I don't give too much show and alleged use. Your character and role on the stump and often very excited about it as well as the senate please send young whose. The news that brought his spam me from Jamaica to New York. In an effort to assume that as soon as we move Matt. It's funny as well I was shooting that Ozal solution to reduce where Larry had transitioned to act has complained to carry as the ones be there. And Medina very different hints that knows no question. But this is years later now and its last 24 hours before and it's families being boarded as the league in there if overstated the un or deny illegal but that's that is bottom is is as beat them. Illegal and they're being forced to leave and and you news it is. Renew on the your clients who saved her family and find a way to get them to stay went FM is lost oh. And no long herb you know invention around the city deceive or famine in the last hours with the it. Or do she meets a young man. And how was it EO again you it's a Terry. Very distinct rolled right your career how would they this one you know I'm one. Dealing with something that be watching news and see a lot of people are dealing with that offer any sediments EU in portraying this air air. On. I pose that I am may have resonated with few I was there to play this man who is going through this. It definitely resonated with me I thought about my. My if my parents who came over. And and what did you any must've been like. The and then it it's our Britain storied businessman is dedicated and a number of years to try to make it in this in this country. Pursuing his dreams and and and he's there with them and those family is his use of the grown up here to the un certain age and to deal with. What he'd now deems as failure earlier himself lead for M me and having to go back affiliate and it's and no salute. He's been dealing with this for a number of years so hit its of I in his what was a very loving listed Jimenez eldest daughter ER. And so. The egg of and lot of as well getting back. Home now on this that this and I literally home in Jamaica wherever Blake who who back to where. That love was with in the famine as a wasn't is that it's as if there was a Femi that never loved each other knows they. Use is that know these these are. It's it was a beautiful family and be islands of this wrote in. Heart of this broken men they started to be and distant from as this is we most and so yeah our house to who helps him hopefully I met by. And again talking about fired you're on fire right now how the different projects. Of course the main one that people can check you out and CU is on. This age on Broadway at forty mile I mean To Kill a Mockingbird where you play Tom Robinson. And you do it's allow. You know where's this classic classic easily that your blood you know you make it come alive. As a uses little. Of monologue so we're seeing going on where I feel like you know he is. You lead the talking to attic isn't going you know having this is trying to figure things out mom. What sent people come out and see this play. Would want them get from this mean we know it's that the eagle book at beacon meet whatever what do you want them to get in the way that maybe dating. The summit and take away if you had to give one off. I'd say that the this the book is amazing well written and their. Beautiful. Calm the way is purposely it's the same it is aren't being beautiful and a well written but more complicated more complicated Aaron as Markham its reliance and it makes it more real which makes more relative. Who to us as people and an. You know and especially for that. He's seen in live theaters seemed view on that aids. And extraordinary things it. To worthy endeavor. I think it's the most important him broadly right now if the best right at one of the most importantly is Broadway via most important. Believe Malone wanted to EV nose at night that still ahead. And that whole entire cast is is amazed me Jeff Bridges and is not in this show right. I'm sure I hope becomes a love his work of the assignments took on Jack Daniels when I bring it if it doesn't happen any time the Rangers went like flipped on volatile IRA political rigid then yes amazing people actually I loved lot of what she said to me everybody has. It's amazing mind that really encapsulates. What matters insular communities who he's mean he's won the blame for that yes and and Jeff Bridges is not in the our although another and to command. Well thank you so much different happened I can you radio to talk to belittled me about this amazing play you remind me having me to be onions so that's me. Any time this man that is on fire and deathly tech amount on Broadway among other opening. But at this when we got to go but thank you again for stopping by it and it can't blame signing off.

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