George Tillman Jr. discusses the Black Lives Matter-inspired film, 'The Hate U Give'

The director of "The Hate U Give" shares the powerful message behind the film.
15:36 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for George Tillman Jr. discusses the Black Lives Matter-inspired film, 'The Hate U Give'
It can't apply and ABC Grady L I am back and I have returned with a very accomplished gentlemen. Eating right across from me he won the only that director. George Tillman junior our rates how you doing. And you know I'm here with you talking about this film that I at LA. Loved because. It offered so much. In that in those hours. Telling this important story this timely story. This story that's gonna make us want to leave theaters and talk about it so I'm I'm really excited to add his conversation with you today and we're talking about the hate you begin. And it's. It's something that I think people this Friday need to check out personally. Because it's a film that it's for all ages even though it's based on young adult I'm alone it's it's probably. Yes stories it is for everybody and I just so and so half because we've been over the last. Month and a half we've been traveling all over United States showing the movie in Q amazed. Out of people who stand in and innovations are motivated inspiring. And that's really what we really want ponies to do is be able to be entertained but take something with them. Now you know the first question that I I I guess I want to know is. What essentially. Attracted you to this project because you know I've seen some of your other stuff. And this is something that is a little bit different it in and the rest in that respect yeah. So what initially attracted you to dance and you know obviously was there any. Apprehension because with adaptations just don't know what the turnout will be an int Nat and their different under pact entity. Yet you know my films over at fox had a long last relationship between century fox where it is so food in and of honoring the Tories and on I don't know I felt like when his book came to me just hit me as I deal of this young women young African American sixteen year old girl who lives in the inner city community. Is she acts one way was she goes to a white private school she actually calls which has become a tour entirely different person. That is something that I'm so familiar with it inside African American community but I'm sure a lot of people know what it's like to compromise who you are. Four other people benefits to make other people feel comfortable I thought those really interest being. And then I deal wings he witness she dean of the killing of her best frame Coolio. All of that becomes compromised he is a girl whose navigating really well in these two worlds. NX shakes her up maker wonder who it is inside me in this journeys is so amazing so I just had to be on the phone with the writer. It says I. I have to do this film you know something that spoke to me and I'm houses blown away and I think a lot of people have been the book's been number one for 83 weeks for her best seller. Yeah I definitely and so apparently it's pretty clear to see that you were a fan of the project. And so what you know when you Fuerth now how long did you. Know about this well before you'd said okay this have to become a project that I'm 100% on board. Well I got the book very early Rosalie when he homeless you know she was her first time Susan first term novelists and you Thomas she got some published behind her and you TH is agency was trying to fine filmmakers and studio to make it in as has happened to get it early. The re to read it really quick give the phone where he'll as a matter a couple weeks. You know in and I got a phone system Leone bawdy so we got it before you leave your public's. So wheels wonder what's gonna happen when his book come out and then it debuted at number one and then meet the studio felt comfortable there's audience for the I. And an and that had to be a really exciting moment to realize that. You trusted your instincts and concede that now this book was already going to be number one Phil hey. It only makes sense that this film becomes normal until because again it it attracted people in as you mention. You have been just praising the film you know about what it's accomplishing with its narrative this important area if I'm we're actually seeing a lot of the things in this book of his own way shape or form being played out today and talk a little bit about. You know that type com. Timeliness and current event and the connectivity there because I think people you know are at this. Point where they're having these conversations. How does one now navigate when you're seeing it. Put out on a picture format you know OK so this is happening but how do we react. Yet you know on the we see this on YouTube we see these events happen on the news. And is our malls. We see it but how do we deal. I would become emotional or put herself in these individual shoes. And these are families these are lives that are cut short and by police brutality. And how do you you know visualize this a certain point that was our job is filmmakers as actors ask remembrances. Try to be a vessel for people to have empathy and sympathy like for example when we're in pre production for the movie to hold land oak still incident happened and that's his. Say everything your perspective for me. We really felt like we want this to be a film so people who are outside of the culture. View to understand. And be able to see how it actually really is by the same time it can deal to relate. A little bit because we all have families we all have like kids that we want the best of them there's star who's our protagonist appearances and we. Who's at the center of it in May have a lot of obstacles in front of them their daughters the witness how are they going to get through his daughter's trying to stay quiet the pain she won't when she do speaks he sees all these other. Obstacles ahead of her no matter what this family could take the ups and downs they keep pushing in that because motivating. And asked them what we try to do was bring the relevance. To what's happening on the news we give it emotional aspect of. Absolutely and I also feel like it is sort of in many ways the debunked or not misconceptions you know one of the things that I am I'd think I and Matt I want to perhaps weigh in on this is that. There's sometimes a misconception that once you've made it you don't deal with the same issues that you did have a different class or zip code. On now as a Hollywood directory directing these big budget around you know did June merely connect with. A specifically. These character is and if so which one would you specifically say I loved. Russell hornsby a dip depiction of that father of that strong father but awful conflict that I spoke to him. About the film here and you know he is his performance really stood out to mean you know obvious I'm father you know what not but. There's something about what he said an even when he sat his children down at that table to have that talk. You know to what really resonated with you as. Are fathering an NN and also this idea that all will once you. May didn't you've crossed over its in this type of our world. Is this a no longer affects I think that's Ingraham. Yam means vary interest to you mean even in Hollywood and you know when I started. With soulful mark first round at that time those 97. And 98 like when you look at that time was only five African American directors use code dealing with race at that time maturity of stories are stories that was being told was co bar and wait mean you know I mean so you know aren't really control in the narrative or the depiction of Euro culture only took allow long term now it was a lot different now we have a lot of women direct we have an African American. Directing as well we controlling we're successful. In TV NFL. We could to learn there. It is always a difference you know the calls which team in. I remember going to two when the studios when the president is in the studio. To have a meeting he was in his office would assist us as you sit down I have. Armed to sit down and you know he'd be here about fifteen minutes and he came in he made a joke the joke was a host of my dvd. Is because arm African Americans thought I was you know. Was no he made a joke in her Austin's dvds you know so you just take it I don't see anything. As I'm in the industry you want to work with this guy this guy green light movies. That's what stars going through she has a framing and Hayley the movie says some of the most ridiculous. And racist statement star sometimes doesn't say anything OCK take it anymore. After the shooting. In these are two things is media perspective. Is in history is what's feeding. People outside the coaches say the wrong thing sometimes we say the wrong thing within our own culture so. And we analyze that with Starr brings home her for her way boyfriend to her dad news so I was able to relate to that. And I was able to relate to the talks are candidate. Levy years old Reno and I got it was from several relatives how to conduct yourself around a police officer Kern. Our survive in Milwaukee Wisconsin. So I don't gaze shot. I can be able to go to college will be the first Kilmeny go to college in my family so those are things that really struck me. Yeah and I think it's also Dennis A rec place with audience as they see this because again this is they own for all ages and it really resonates deeply with what's currently going on so. We're being able to CNN sin in this cinematic world news as agreed saying. I I also owed you know I'm curious because. I mean you know seeing this film and it's in parity act Alec it was a solid piece of work but you very careful to make sure this publicity tainted I know there was. You have to let go of one of their original cast members Ryan so you know what Liz that always important for you to make sure that this film represented. What back Pacific got conversation. Needed to be and from from the beginning and behind the scenes as while. Yet those very important army was very shocking those about to deliver my director's cut in January so we're almost done in terms and into the studio and see the project and then you know somebody told me my wife actually told me they when he year you know back to their plea Chris originally says some racist remarks. Seven years ago -- years ago and then when I shared that with this video shoot there were marks are medalist Denver is a shock. And believe that this was true you know we work with his staff for like 45 months. So we made the decisions not to let that he'd the narrative for the phone actually win his character in the room as a very important line in a movie he says are. I see people food ER I don't see color. Star says you'll see me you'll see more color you don't see me in here is an actor semi years ago saying the most racist thing. We felt collectively we have to go back in and re shoot on a new actor that's not the masses of our movie and we did brilliantly thinks the cagey gambler. In McCain are sometimes forget their re shot at the time whose very tough best the mess who want to get across his. Become a conversation starter for how we can Buehrle Hugh. Do the move for. The and I think that's absolutely ray and I just alike. You know. It it's it's a great time for this film to be alive you know you mentioned something which I would release of eyes in fact that yeah. And nothing happened while you learn production so that we'll volumes. On this so much stuff going on today right now I mean everybody it kind of like you can't do anything while you're African American because normal things you know. Union called the police deplete carrier the police are called on you rather and so you know it it's kind of this this this film I really think it's gonna hone in on on things that are often coupled with in. The wide ranging audience like the complexities of being someone who hey you know this is it really doesn't. Help you to live your life after your relief and what you have to do and how you're so easily drawn back. Being a young girl in this old system in living between both lives. So what do you hope I nobles that with a handful there handles things and I knew that but hope people walk away with and meet at at the minimum or at you know all of you have for a. In first thing I want to say is definitely. You know always villager make films war you know films are made or entertainment value. And one of the things that Angie Thomas book past that movie has you will have a wide range of emotion. News humor there. There's this mournful and we at the core U motion. Any new going to be shocked discern thanks and that's what I want to make is a film they have these motions that keep unions you're seeing it in the day. We all what I love is that leaders that we all collectively from different places RC one place I love that is in the years ago when we lead to bidders would we take away and ideally is how do you see yourself in all of these characters. Somewhere in the air embodies say I was math or was he BR was Chris how do I change mark perspective. All we need to listen to one another little bit more respect how him unable to listen how many able to move forward. So the next movie of the next thing somebody do this with a better. Absolutely. And you know. As you said this film has been applauded and it's not even officially out with the if you glad that people that I have seen it critics like not here on the ball and mean for youth this film was to be. Recognize on. On awards there and I think there's there's definitely some field pillars there with is that something you think I know it's early nod. Oh really think about you than I always feel like you know. I have to say for the first time. You know I've done many films like the films are mentioned by the saloon the first time more edges did it. He knows from a heart. And if so that we were so food this rumor grandmother and my family but he's just did from the heart you know I mean he loses all instinct of Russell and Regina King. The Regina hall in. Com in Isa ray was like let's be honest in this do from here and not take from other movies or take other things. Speed vessel for ourselves so still so good that people actually she is taking to that and it's a story within yourself that a Tomas on his you know you gotta. I'm from here and do what you believe in so best. That's what I'm very happy about those things come becomes you know. I know we have to go. What's on the horizon for George Tillman and I hope vacation anyone with next Fiore or get on. No sleep and no sleep so Berkeley can't. For me is I leave today a go to London we actually going to be opened in London routes and we opened we do in the London Phil Kessel. I'm wanna Rome resident for first time ever. So in and I'm back here I guess in November of one afternoon leaving out a little bit them go back to the ground is always granny rate. That every business never had no. It just comes when it though right. Now after a consistency that keeps us throughout the you know well I appreciate you stopping by to talk about it masterfully done filmed in H Uganda. Which is going to be in theaters this Friday October 19. A Keith alleged George. Ailment junior yeah if you use the junior and I use is doing in my bedroom of cinema you know George Tillman junior president candidly signing off ABC re.

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{"duration":"15:36","description":"The director of \"The Hate U Give\" shares the powerful message behind the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58571712","title":"George Tillman Jr. discusses the Black Lives Matter-inspired film, 'The Hate U Give'","url":"/Entertainment/video/george-tillman-jr-discusses-black-lives-matter-inspired-58571712"}