GoStream: Castle Battle at the Pennsic Wars

ABC News' Charli James talks to some "fighters" who are trying to get closer to the village.
36:47 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Castle Battle at the Pennsic Wars
I'm Charlie came with ABC news digital and we are back at these ten cars in Western Pennsylvania. What you're seeing behind you right now is a castle battled. All of these fighters here are trying to get into the home. To get closer to the village and we're gonna think human side of don't worry that you have some protection. Anything. And spreading it to you as close as possible. This battles. Let's go and Angela. Men and women yes sir. There are no. Handing him a. You don't have the vacuum. We're gonna men. Yeah with the other side of the apple now. Also Babylon. But as well. Also a lot of action on this night it happened well. Arrows being shot from over here. Okay. Late New York great to be out here. So Morgan to explain that he. Seen here. There. Side. And that if one of the Arab hits one of the machines they dug down. You're hearing the word Holden being downs. What. You're wearing the whole does that general stopped in the fighting. There could be a pileup there could be an injury. We should something. Call hold everybody stops at the gatekeepers the exact picture and JP person for himself. Sprained ankles and wrists things like. The hurt his bruises. And no it is not this is like home and that you get an. Yes this will be enough Sorenstam guard. There's more work that we have to circle. Required for safety. Getting ready if you there's different. Collectors of old right here right now it's a general hold in the series as you can see a poem the builders still quite. Still seemed fighting on the other side of the capitol here as well as. I. Okay. Meantime a little bit about what the requirements aren't. There's minimum. I'm a requirement we're you have to joint covered your ankle just yet. Gary yeah. People didn't diet and how good. But you know what it's made out with its mother Ruth if it is metal. The medal wins it's that fear it could be made. Affectionately on the body. It. A. You talked about about the catapult. They're called a tradition. They fired or rocks. And that the watchers and lubrication. Or to shoot wolves and that they begin together before. And so when it hit. There they're out yet. Rick thank you really are that. People can come at him in earnings. Yet resurrection. Graduate. It's we have some battles where to go out you killed your day you you have to go off if you fail to. In this particular ones. You get killed you walk back resurrection point. Walked back out. Blue. Yeah. What you're seeing right now I'm my event that can. I don't hear after. And best of them. Adult with him here. The full armor and going. We're elephant being. Seeing archery. That they. Predominant. And spider outside. AT and that's. Getting into that I'm. I'm one of his side. I'll live. To make one fighting. There from air. Rivera came very close to be there. We're not getting it. Did in the didn't think we. I'm I'm. They're not letting up their heads buried in. The workers. He's still my yourself did you write yourself. Come on this particular woman. On differ battles. A flag. I don't literally yeah. Trying battle this should do. Sometime battles going one for two hours three hours from now. At the end of the time battle now had established. And it's. It. Just didn't look good luck I didn't hear it day I didn't. I've. To me and acted to come back. There are a lot of these killed based on the. And every one of. But there are Grand Prix. Yet we have what we don't really palm referees they're marshals. The same function. Make sure that. Actually we we check safely watch who as you can see. Fine I'm. Part. And its verdict. Around. You heard him in mind that we're coming up on the top of the hill there. And signifying have won this battle is over so the wealthy and immediately. We'll be a break now people. That's. It's a short break and then they're back on it. It's five years. Ring. Screenings. And it right. Out there. I've been coming in here since 1990. Either. It's not like it here. I'm reasonable and nice but. Friends over sixty years old. Mikey witches and Ontario the roughly 10% for fighters or limit. And some very tough fight. Around here I'm. On the side. Tenths. But it's friend. Trying to bring your friends. And guys get inside your suppose that an. Average of 100 U. Quantity walked off. I'm always armor it. Only me but my wife. That's. And thank you very much. And he says. And free them from all over the country. Canada. I hear it now. Out. Here. Not ours. But. Like rock that there. Will die in here and. And I. Every girl made it yeah. And make that here. I. Yes. And abcnews.com. We're admiring entering the battle they think it. This is its fifteenth year and. Tell me how you make. Basically. He needs your help you decide. When a everything else it's. Complicated and I. That's like we we. We try to play. He knew anything. Mutant. It it. I panels in. It's. I'm much. D'antoni was but it reminds. Payment yeah. Yeah. It's yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And I. Yeah. And anything. They let us right now. Right ladies and their back yeah. I'll Brendan modern minds that slightly. He let me ask your off from the area. I do because we can't have been spared. Since a lot of us it's. Texas school. And and how did you get involved with depriving him out there. Particularly Harrison has spent fourteen years. High school. Drawings and friends thank you to sit in the people who haven't. It's only do you have joined up with an excellent school it I think they'd have to I think Cleveland. The battle they're really great so many women out. It makes it listed as. And I can't. Back and it. Looked like. You're mature and. It's nice day. I'm filthy. Well yes yeah. The left fielder. I'm name any. But I'm obviously not it may mountain summit where. Where Aaron. Or it. And yeah. I. I it. And good. I love. If an incoming presidents. Might have run that that it sends the you can't bring yeah. Working yeah. I suspect it. I'm yeah. I don't like yeah. Let there be. Yeah. The iron yeah insecure in Wednesday. Some people on the battlefield well. The break right now and I went. I think now hydrating getting ready for the second and yeah. That'll get. Kids up and running again and.

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{"duration":"36:47","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks to some \"fighters\" who are trying to get closer to the village.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"32851469","title":"GoStream: Castle Battle at the Pennsic Wars","url":"/Entertainment/video/gostream-castle-battle-pennsic-wars-32851469"}