GoStream: Pennsic Wars Combat Rules

ABC News' Charli James learns the rules of hand to hand combat at this medieval camping event.
29:43 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Pennsic Wars Combat Rules
Hammered back at the pending warrant this isn't ABC news digital I'm Charlie James and you ask we answer we have on hand to hand combat cared so we are not close sounds like the Pentagon. And the world and what's going on if you are. Out there night. By. Can't what is going on behind Mitchell. The pick up all this is not. Battle or any I mean. I. Practiced that. There. State. At least it's. He. Didn't. We. Didn't. Let. What. I. To. It. And I. They apparently. Are actually. Threatening. Yeah. That. It. The country. This happened. Four. I mean didn't. Been in the country. It might well. We'll songs on the system. And I don't need. Certainly. From. Him. The fifth. Watching you guys I. Oh. We're practicing currently. Each. He. Remembers the. Neighbors that he and societies all. Sides agree having. You. We day. We see. Oh. No exit polling while we're fighting. Like these appeared. Qualities he worked partnered. Is the Cahill. Briggs. But me. Did you catch them. Finally just. I. Yeah. It. If it. Where. It's not that side. Tires and old that is. Again today is where. He promised. But. The accident. Actually wanting to actually finds it was. Sleepless nights when they announced them when you put that in the long. If that's the message of peace. Pipe that is. Yes that's nightly news has published pictures. Yeah this daily news fighters. These people here are. When it island of that the so there I get them Butler is back at the department. But then yes they have plenty taking keeps me. I'm I'm here. And I think I can market. When we're there live. And there. On the left. With what. A. It. And it. And you. Special treatment. But. It. But. Symbols that art. It's. As. What. He's had them. Bragged. That trial by fire since day neither. Like not then non. But hint would absolutely our rules. Because again. Yes where heading into the stakes it's not the states so that there's rules. It. As it. I. Upon know what to do it there's no like Elena has been back dishes out the grinch up. Yet bird Jerry hey we just one you know that. That the rule it. In him yet that ending a department that line. A little pain. Don't let people envelope and act. Protection from its when that happens it's nice to disheartening. Answer. And people that don't. And US. Wants to. Him and actually. I have. Black knights. I think is totally aren't like that it. It was music came running. And current. I. Us. Inviting yet it just depends and you yeah. Yeah. He's. He'd. Pretty wild ride when me. And part business. Let you know. A but it usually. Yeah. And yeah. This morning. Or. Now I know when it actually getting in. I. Fighters month. Might be. In the light at night. There. And I think it. Are all ready. But. Consciousness. It's. Another when members yeah. Continent since winning and now. Didn't enter. And exit. An accident organization. It's it's more than just. I'd. Bob and alienated. And anyway it's all this pain it is so I have to spend about him this fire good news I'm learning from a man. But yeah I like an apprentice on exactly but there's going to be something Iowa. Until I become a night or. Aren't done militants fired. That white only comes and apple. For that here Mike. And it's. Exactly this effect. Especially good likeness but I'm when it. And isn't doing just not into that. It hasn't as well it actually. Think about it. It is. World. He. So let's. We'll have that Ronnie day and does battle over here I would action. I think. Yeah thank you think about it. I. We have we gotten me. It. It's meant that some think the foils statements in this and they see is that kind of modern looking for its past. And I think. You know numbers you know bargains no more speed. Oh. The a lot of people fighting in time. Are eight it's hard to see it. From out of them are right here but it. Is out there making them have commanders Brandon. Acts here though there and forces. It was effortless heavy band like that. People outside and but. In the midst of things is that it has the details as they got into evening. They wanted to do and assessment anyone else does. And in this case this is that this Middle East. The sixty. And that's actually about mountainside that that would you here. Them. And. But oftentimes in the event like this where on the field will be one battles could stop. That's up. I think that's in this. The flip sides so that. We're not a perfect flat surface are some hills here so people get a chance to eliminate that it end its innate in them what. So help us understand how. He's battled him go towards determining a final win every every one of these battles. Many of these and a few other things around the war. What about warplanes. And it is basically just in the workplace that Yang will win the war. So openly this day. A few. Four warplanes are fencing. I believe this. So this you. But it's not about fighting. Things popping into Eden and Barton. Dead. One. Well this. Target art here art there's a lot of war that there are. That's hard for those are. Real thing use. Serviceable but the kingdom in the side and get them thinking. And there's. And then but. I. But again attends Oakland. A text that he had consented. There are. Before. Not just in. They are right it's. Yeah its very. Dale how did he do that tonight. There's a development that. Women's Allen. Pretty intense. Houston played. As those rules that let this thing. Speaking out there's still life and I don't use of their legs didn't I didn't without lag yeah and Daniel I got someone on the back from their end. There are more than able to the sentinels come back at them and try to get themselves until they are. You eventually failed again. One on one in the office at one else and it's kind of evil uncle at a point. Blown up I'll. To get a at least in the direction of getting our society. And you'll see it like it and although certainly but that's about as well our water there are people again volunteer their time. The last of fighters we appreciate that immensely in the protest that cold water. Flop back and forth amongst the sides and people don't want them because this is early August it's in Pennsylvania. Yeah we're north but it still in the eighties and nineties. Where. Indian and all period are exactly that that's about it. Don't you think as much because you felt that some other things like not getting that's a month and yet but. The when you got it from. Stopped. And that's when that's done. Costs that's on them outside how to fix it it's and then get back in here. Yeah I. Forget it again. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I. And. There. Can stow. It is. Oh me. Biting. Them are. Others. Yet. It. Britain. Is the Bob. Not wearing armor and enough. Just be practicing and learning. I. I. Some. And and I. You. Could. Yeah. A it's. He says that the two. Yes that's it happens. Yeah exactly. You can. This thing and he's not mean that you're down now it's. Absolutely. Yeah. Donald Hendrix and him. New England and the different. I'm. Whenever you. But. A. I am I'm. I. And boarded up apartment. Complex that involvement ultimately opinions. Oh it. And. Yeah. Come on and it. A. I think they've over. A. You it came. To. Thank them and personal friend. And hugging thing on. No funding and the meeting. We are going he had announced he's going to be important because he's dampening excellent excellent. Equipment here he's I'm. Black pants wars. That.

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