In the House With 'Alpha House'

Mark Consuelos talks new season of Amazon Studios' hit show.
7:38 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for In the House With 'Alpha House'
Much to the delight of fans and all new season of Amazon studios breakout comedy series alpha house. It's finally here and if you haven't check it out here issues to sample. Of what you've been missing. We are we can't. You're on New Jersey avenue at a southwest dry. Yeah. I'll go first about the cameras they don't mind. But you're trained to engage the media and that he can do T he energy one plan after science fair story rescued a woman swept out to sea during sandy. Local news this is the majors. And guys from kids. And that's the big laps there. Pat one of the -- about us in the studio with us today markets where suspect was stopped them by you for having me congratulations season to thank you very you know as much as we enjoyed season one you know we. Learned early on the table reads or sees through that this is really good it see it I think even that much better season the did you keep your trigger of the crease and I mean it will brilliant mind and obviously has an incentive to Washington DC such an insiders such an inside area that that the pop. But when you are doing this first reason for seasonally unity that's pretty it's must have some fun right clearly yet that we did in and you know John Goodman is also in the cast so with that that combination of hatred and John Goodman it was if we use in the home run. And you in the second season it's. You know it's even there and and 2.2 ago and even John and alters an exact producers such. DC insiders that they know somehow know what's going on and currently forecasting. The future Olympics aren't. Good because of actually trying to reflect on some of the current events in the politics is going on yet. I mean look. Dow in Iran after that we're in the mid term elections so which is happening in the next couple weeks so you have all that stuff it's it's uncanny how connected. Would have. You looking for season. You have some fun he's his success from it is it more pressure than on the sex is like. I do we suit states formula yeah that and that he gets angry township Bill Murray coming yeses and we have we have such a great recurring cast yankees said Bill Murray and Amy Sedaris is back and Wanda Sykes and Julie white. It's just that took so much fun team to play at those people but he after now after the second season like okay now that I'll even better. That you were actors who always worry about you know the other shoe dropped considerably perceived injury act it will we don't go back if you that's what library by library. So and it's all based off book and article goes through in the times threatened by senator Chuck Schumer about four senators who share a house in DC based on Chuck Schumer is situation with Dick Durbin. And a couple of fellows I think they've been in the past twenty years it and to share house. There are spent a lot of time in DC and when they do they want to save some money in. And hailed geyser like this blow your mind that's how our political system work I could never did that yeah imagining them at a college like having four would hate to see. Edited out in college is bad enough right it does bullet mind that these are lawmakers. I mean everything and then to actually have to go and get something done and oftentimes they can be rivals can be fighting you know during the day job that sure moment. Who drink milk right. I do it. I never thought of it that way hopefully that's that is that he or dramatic is the fights of that so talk to the director characters that are and accuse me well lord yet he's kind of a cross between John Edwards right Silvio Berlusconi. Equipment and her point of Berlusconi's right correct and the former mayor of Los Angeles the year ago us sort of had a little bit of a problem. With the when it. He doesn't fiance Iraq about the second season but he's got EDT. Relationship ET's. Rather it was with some presidential aspirations many huge presidential aspirations isn't Kennedy's only had a year and in congress and runners up. He says one on one count me a huge departure from her days on All My Children huge yeah we yes I mean they've listened to play a senator. You know addition and it really cool TV stream show as you know as Latin actor thinks it's great you know even back and now shall incredibly positive character. The district is not as positive but he's he holds a high office. So we doctrine is not as you you've got a little bit of down time answering your record you seasons but essentially it's a production company we deal along along with your way yeah 88. By design by designed to during those lean times between acting jobs and yet we've. Produced a number of things. You know reality television. Sports documentaries that we really really like. On some scripted shows that we've sold to ABC that we're developing that will hopefully get me but yet it's it's a good ticketed filler between between acting up. It's those goods to the synergy that's host can fearing that CBC it right it isn't yet that the chemistry that we see so often Huntsman when you're working with your wife. On the show there is its own natural and it's obviously sell in the it it has been bit. Do you over the years of it's you that's been working alongside side by side has there ever been up what we said you know what may mean we're sharing too much me who went keeps over things. We're so yeah I think that you know we worked together on a soap opera for seven years so embarrassed we had you know that's we differ living in the wasn't really quick news times. Go you know. Can't say I'm go to another soap opera so we. Who worked together. Yet since then. I guess it on we she machete. A sitcom on on on the air I did about. Fifteen injured sixteen episodes of that we have worked together from time time also in the production company were constant working together in my favor I think. To the date to the state would be when I guess host ever. Michael Strahan is right for him. And we spent an hour together with Kelly it's just you know that's to me that's a really fun hour of television on those days you do that you guys talking with have a what you're gonna talk about I try too little bit because I need to Greinke she's so good at it she just she doesn't care she so fat that she so quick isn't she has that kind of confidence. He could to prepare. If you like what I deem is funny things to talk about anybody music looking out the window we go some where else edition hesitant because she wants it to be or get to a I think so yeah I. I think I think early on her and Regis wouldn't like to talk to each other before the show it's they can keep it fresh. But with her obviously she she doesn't believe elections you know she just this I don't I think she's just successful effort at this point. Okay so what's happening between the pressure from Newton now my house yet do what's next I mean is if you don't have a plea its full enough we have three kids. To sit. You know the name that's I mean. Project to production is you know we've got seventeen year old a thirteen year old an eleven year old so there's their schedules. And their social calendar to William more exciting and demanding hours. It really catch. It quits a potential it's what we what is a typical day what what's a typical weekend because all oftentimes we'll see is is kind of you know the you know that the fun events that you guys are off to. Com OK so a weekend you're weekend again Saturday morning okay wrestling practice in New Jersey with my son and come back. Lola has tennis practice. In you know in New York Michael is usually going to run to cross country runner they'll come back to do little homework. And and I don't know what we'll have like a bomb expert go to Wear a party or this yes we're like it's like. Suburbia and feels that we live in the city but red riding everywhere and lows amid much as the minivan yet and may be out of hand over in there at that let us. Somewhere you gotta get through Sunday. Markets flick is somewhat exhausted I appreciate you so much.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"Mark Consuelos talks new season of Amazon Studios' hit show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"26408852","title":"In the House With 'Alpha House'","url":"/Entertainment/video/house-alpha-house-26408852"}