'House of Cards' Makes Emmy History

2013 Emmy nominations announced.
1:30 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'House of Cards' Makes Emmy History
Then sat there with an ABC -- -- news -- the nominations. In the drama series category are. Breaking bad. Downton Abbey. Game of broad street. Homeland. House of cards and and mad men. 2013 Emmy nominations are out and the biggest surprise. The Netflix series house of cards making history as the first online series to get nominated in -- -- category for best drama series. Others in that category of breaking that down that game drones homeland. And that. But it was American horror story asylum. The -- anthology series that earned the most with seventeen other nations. Including the top categories -- sporting stars James Cromwell separate -- close behind with sixteen nominations. The dark epic fantasy game -- drones which earned top -- and drama series were supporting actor Peter Dick lynch an actress Emilia Clarke. Both Saturday Night Live and Liberace biopic the -- candelabra urged fifteen nominations with -- -- two leading -- Matt Damon and Michael Douglas both competing for outstanding lead actor in miniseries or movie. Six to -- annual Emmy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. That's our special entertainment news -- and abcnews.com. The morning.

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{"id":19706616,"title":"'House of Cards' Makes Emmy History","duration":"1:30","description":"2013 Emmy nominations announced.","url":"/Entertainment/video/house-cards-makes-emmy-history-19706616","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}