Inside the Final Preparations for Closing Ceremonies at the Invictus Games

ABC News' Bob Woodruff & Erica Scott report from ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.
8:45 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Inside the Final Preparations for Closing Ceremonies at the Invictus Games
I that aren't doing that didn't you ESP NY world of sports complex. Public are running around like crazy guided is have the closings money and I Bob what we close out. Austin's goodness and place it was for the opening at a show a couple things that it amounts. Terraces that article this is Molly. This volunteer. Look at what the stuff she's got here where's it gone. Aka. All are well I. And volunteers. So I. In them to leave on time yelled communicate between. Just listening. And its. Senior sentiment that night to get him on time and I don't believe countless is extraordinarily is that any and let's see she's special Akamai didn't get that because. Look at your face there you know you just rent quote. Aren't. All right go to our love of art or artist and keeping him in that it. A that's the plots. We have a lot secret information. On the list our information. And have the police. And that's Jordan. They'll they'll Huntsman. Him again so by the way our audience gonna go bad in this thing. Back liquids are backed miles but I thought I love it. Molly is not. It. I want to see something this is this is gotta pull this it. Is all on its doing all the sounding kind of organizing thing that is that is the best thing about it because it looks exactly a hot dogs by. Where's pat. Believe that that's your hot dog place and agony aunt and ourselves. The girl on the back of this it's always night. As always making a hot dogs. That tells where the hell's the oven where's the still it is scramble with hot dogs. Polish. Police policy we got animal right here say everybody at ABC. ABC. The other ABC's own likeness I didn't you know this Disney World art world. A lot of that work. Knowing you oh game. So let's whose land is now a Rascal flats. They're coming up any second just doing a sound check for the fells. It's our body is going to be destroyed here a second suspect but how much more time we have what I think in the plus keep telling. Edited dance it's it is supposed to be here five minutes ago I can't stress. Think he'll. How long is it going to be and how outlet loud is it going to be. Well I'll keep in control in the master volume so it's not crazy does a good to have. Or does it go to a that it can go to Atlantic Pacific expects. To name them up. I'm. And hasn't. And spinal. Attacked him. To a and it's and spices has got a cold to me what this quantum and that's the I didn't I guess had never been down there before this isn't the lights. And there's going to be lights everywhere it's amazing lighting here with the practice they they're always in close in the hazing case it rains. But that's apparently don't even take those off the lights just operate rest of that rain. Tell us all very cool to get. It and want to walk too far because they're gonna start cranking and second. But they told us is about. It's wanting adding 20000 people. This you can fit. Twelve and then all these ones. People openings meaning. An airline so I am that. Bobbi on a race. Racing. I just I want you to talk Allen is out. It is but I Morgan Freeman was standing out here on the opening. And had a big stage in the middle here where. First Lady was speaking. And then I think some of the best scenes. Right here on this day not just going to be people viewing. What happens to modular and it lets these these bands. If there review you personally. I'm knows it now. And I'll float right is from Florida IR. We'll read. Anyway says going to be an amazing thing I mean I don't really. It's gonna it's gonna go about three and a half hours long obvious. As our joke was early today that this shows gonna start at 7 o'clock. And things always last so long it's not three played ago early into Friday morning so I think it's going to be. A lot of on. Me. I can remember some deity is. Being. Actually no this is a really good point and a second at this awesome producer over here. This is part. It's our guys this is Lawrence is he says he's afraid to go on because it's. Accent is still under TV New Zealand dish that he these sentiments of what some kind of I have to say that's. Going. Actually. How games and cinnamon. And what what that meant to them even. Don't let it well on right now on analysis. It's amazing it lets you might think about the best. Hits on this our moment but a lot of the stuff or on the on the tracks when they're with racers. I remember the one so there's a woman. From Jordan the only woman on the team and she hasn't. Really she's quadriplegic and so for her to actually push along the wheelchair was so slow to about two minutes to finish remember and on the US team after they finished. They waited at the finish line to greet her when she came over this one thing all but you know this is one really. Interesting thing that we're also told is that here we are so Hewitt mark. We are so advanced. Technologically. That prostheses and an arc in our country are sold much better than the other countries that day. A lot of American and the British athletes felt guilty. And and it's out. They did so I think that if if anybody out there it makes these kind of prospect prosthetic devices nimble legs arms everything else the best things try to get them to these other countries. Meet Jordan's a good example. Afghanistan there's a real examples they have big they could not run as fast it could not swim this past because that was our that was one want to. Was there interest there. I was jealous of iboxx wheelchair at the last night those each wheelchair is separately ice an. And different. At different meals and different. Alley weight on the they really that guys fell out of it airs it. I'd and I guess I want 1 thing that this morning and our budget there was actually a secretive event a secret about what's happening this morning buy it by Prince Harry they actually had a dog race. As a service dogs in the law I'm not really allowed to show you and it thinks I'm not going to oldest off. With the dog I can tell you want one right arm I can tell one. There's actually a guy name will cruise the music and Canadian athlete and his dog was in there his name was. Loose dogs and a member is. At that it war on his shoulders it was really cute. Anyway I see he was the best he was the best ones. With Canada want this Canada's Indians wrong next year. Ours and at odds Q what else can tell them what else no announcement this stage anything about the medal count the US has two gold medals at a U head. Yes close and we we definitely already won the entire race talk all the medals. In less is now beat the brits which we did not accomplish back in London 2014 but. So it looks like in terms of gold that's the that's what the race right now it's what is it fifty. So fifty US all 48 from the U and then it's looking likely that wheelchair basketball the eight US UK finals it this afternoon. But. Still depends on the senate. All right so we're gonna let you guys go this is that I'll come back later maybe in when people start to pour in this area and it's. I went and can watch live the opening and closing innings lines don't forget the SP.

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{"duration":"8:45","description":"ABC News' Bob Woodruff & Erica Scott report from ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39069263","title":"Inside the Final Preparations for Closing Ceremonies at the Invictus Games","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-final-preparations-closing-ceremonies-invictus-games-39069263"}