Inside the National College Football Championship Tailgate

ABC News' David Merrell reports from Tampa, Florida.
4:30 | 01/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the National College Football Championship Tailgate
Hey everybody David Merrill here with the ABC news I'm live in Tampa Florida right outside of Raymond James Stadium. We're we're here for the match up it's a rematch of the college football playoff national championship. Between Alabama and Clemson and hear the official tailgate on the take you around as you can see their fans streaming and read out from the stadium here. Must be thousands and thousands of fans it looks like Clemson kind of has the edge here in terms of the number of fans there's a lot more orange. And treason and on that I'm seeing right now but it would take you a little bit of a tour all around associated gusts of up and got some really cool stuff and show your and one of the camera here. I'm here we've got the official. Corn hole field. At least that's what we call it. We've gone back toss with a real leg got people fleeing the bean bags. Where the real competition is great here it's. Cares about the game tonight. It's all about winning. Had been exhaust. Keep moving over here. Young people from Apollo Group talked to people from Mississippi. Alabama's. Poorest himself Carolina. Kids out playing on the fields. Over here. The Jumbo screens touchdown. We don't screens. Take a look at an. It's now not entirely sure it was pointless. Jumping into the school walk. I guess that's right. Trying to. Big long rose nearly backups and PCBs is does make throws. Yeah yeah. Thirty yards away. Of course this is not a Shawn Watson yeah. Jalen heard speaking is there isn't quarterbacks Clemson Alabama north. He's a regular fans trying to make his. The long room. She was done. Contemplate play gonna make it. It's big guys up. So close so close. Posted on moving here we're just wandered around the official tailgate of the national. Championship at the college football playoff. Phyllis lake. Fans are divided themselves this is. The Alabama. In bags months its name is over here hey guys I'm David come with ABC news united we chat permits. We're actually live on right now they'll come and all right. An hour days and hours relief through the eyes he's no. And when did you get here today. Yeah. I'm not yeah. Finally yeah well look at what's been your favorite part zillions of our. That was every capital. Yeah the start. I have no filter play yeah. I'm they get on that so we're gonna wonder where is taking a little tour on the tailgate right now. Starting over there at the stadium. Seemed to lose the bean bag toss games touchdown over here yeah wander over to the stage of there and yeah. Dirks Bentley is getting on at five Al. Oh great all right yep the famous million dollar billion lire. Yes and I believe lenses bend is going to be up coming up as soon. Yeah now are polygamy can and that we haven't. Are you that they give event you'll listen to the other teams banned list and making it here but they're not do I and I can make it go down there. Million dollar and that's bad you have there and maybe the thousand dollar event and I'm don't don't Lebanon of the terrible. OK yeah dozens of times we'll. Thanks so much for talking to a.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"ABC News' David Merrell reports from Tampa, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44659914","title":"Inside the National College Football Championship Tailgate","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-national-college-football-championship-tailgate-44659914"}