Jason Aldean to play 1st concert since Las Vegas shooting

Concertgoers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, talk about attending Aldean's first concert since the Oct. 1 massacre.
8:00 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Jason Aldean to play 1st concert since Las Vegas shooting
This is Stephen Hubbard I am coming to you from tolls Oklahoma. This site Jason LV's first concert since the Las Vegas tragedy. You beat the Oau peace center on the front of me in the fans filing and he's talking to some of the locals after I got to town nasty in the house say the name of the venues they tell me that. The tour is called the box under the locals. The cases. We are still a little more than half an hour before show time tonight. The antenna leisurely filing yeah. We'll cover your conceived the street next to the venues closed down. There looked on the street C. Some more officers. I don't know that that's necessarily unusual for a concert setting like this. The Bridgestone national was in the comparable. We need to this day off and shut down. Six which is the street that runs. Was cited for any concerts because of congestion. The UK sinner is right in the middle of downtown Oklahoma. Told the counting our beliefs where we are. Courthouse. Sheriff's department just about a block. We'll win. John console there's a sign that proves that. As about imagine life. Greatest state television station. National media recover that. With the closest and there. Let's see if these nice folks in front of us might talk to me. Hey all I'm Stephen Howard for ABC. And what's good and scary scary it's good to meet you. So if you go on the show tonight I assume you're all dressed up looking pretty new year to see case. Are you a long time Jason fan site. Did you have tickets have you had tickets for a long time yet Adam and Christina. Did you think anymore about come we reverend doubt about whether they come tonight after for what haven't we fears. Tell your bottom of the night. In Vegas. While don't know I never had a second thought about coming in right now so you're there at the root now anyone harvest festival. Goodness and that's incredible. I guess you're like it will be hard to take that'll. Now offer easy. Some day Sunday. I tonight special night and I'm glad he made it out I was you know Amos and her pick for him and his family. To go through something like that. It was terrific for us I know and so I'm glad that. We made them. So you where you in the crowd. What had happened. Now let her know what we're Tom. Coming on it was like I I can't imagine as. An improbable. I go to Vegas has been about a week every year covering Academy of Country Music fans. With all my friends and colleagues he did the same thing and some of where there that night I just kept thinking if it had been another night all of them there so. If it would have been anybody that my husband let me my sister. Coast concert meal time and we are always in the program always we have always been proud we are always come for an hour always urgency of and I just think not let us where he and senate and legion ambulance. I'm and at least there's pictures and congressman. Went on tower. Might it and an. Active. Seats and it burned about lighting and campers and stuff we were beside it. That's incredible I just can't I'm just overwhelmed talking to you thinking I can't imagine life. That you were there. It did hasn't. It's getting more real. All the time for the last ten days this just in time Robert the news that the gunshots and seeing them but it shouldn't. It's like I look at it and say. Yeah I was there. Though the fact that your composed enough to be here tonight is incredible. I'm a strong person I was thinking you know I was gonna say you're clearly made excellent deal Doug. And the right. Well yeah. IA fully expect that Jason's gonna do something terrific only if it's just that he does is normal so we don't don't know expect that we'll have some sort of. Some great tribute it is very hearts. There it was my heart goes and it. Why I just keep thinking that he's expecting his first son in just a matter of months. And he had girls with them like. The other hand over all the all the entertainers that he that was and horrible. I'm good friends and stormy who I think was singing. You do is. Hiding under a bus like everybody else we got it's just about two hours to get. And it's is there's hiking gates just for him. Where we were still where we win it's only 15 o'clock. From the Standard. Parking lot and down another parking lot and countless. Snow but you know we made. It's a wonderfully it to me it's it's quite an honor and I've I guess talk to everybody and guns. Q well that's incredible got to tell you to get that needs the money he really was there and days. I don't know if you can fiercely zoom in you can probably see groups and snide. And you walk around CV. Other side there is the little larger lines inside before you can see little good news. Police presence and that's exclusively. Choose to. Okay. Take a look at the solstice. Skyline again. Souter Stevens. Tonight. Yeah. Sue we'll head on and certainly. As we talked about earlier all the flew to Iran are on his own being they don't know two or at the entire time here tonight. I DJ still heard. We'll start then we've got me round. Coming around. Chris Young will take the stage drugs were seasonal the end. And we're guessing that Jason Allen come. 930 tonight personal thanks and what is tribute will be a student victims. Soon stay tuned for more from Tulsa. And Stephen.

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{"id":50455841,"title":"Jason Aldean to play 1st concert since Las Vegas shooting","duration":"8:00","description":"Concertgoers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, talk about attending Aldean's first concert since the Oct. 1 massacre.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jason-aldean-play-1st-concert-las-vegas-shooting-50455841","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}