Jenny McCarthy Talks Wedding

How life has changed as a newlywed.
8:16 | 09/16/14

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Transcript for Jenny McCarthy Talks Wedding
New marriage new projects new life actress comedian model Jenny McCarthy isn't -- busy woman. And we're delighted though that she has time to stop by and talk with us hi -- studio today we wanna get all the projects that you have going on our -- first when -- congratulate you on your new marriage to Donnie Wahlberg. I'm just so exciting to be a new it is you know I I said to -- managing currently in Nevada when he read Mary like. You were stopped in the -- -- -- -- -- primary against. Actually it's part of Mike. But -- still in that kind of -- honeymoon phase and I I hope it never ends but of course now it's a fun days before you were engaged to -- you said that you sort of knew he was the one did you ever think about -- the -- -- him. Yes you know I talked about that is and would fight proposed studios I would totally say yes sir and I that's -- -- you know what I need to be the girl. For once because I'm so independent and -- single mom raising my kid on my own. That you kind of force to kind of -- this kind of male and female role and for once I went and popped the question to him. I have not been able to be the -- this relation is it hard to let go like that yes. In fact that's one of the things we talk about he says -- don't remember where we. I've got issue like I can help out -- Before when added -- he was having a hard thing to break that when you're used you know it's it's really hard but it's also wonderful blasting I just have to get used to it very good now you just recently tied the -- of course what's it. A whirlwind sort of trying to whip up a wedding in four months and beer on planner I have some help along the way I did I did what most girls do which was concentrate really on -- -- and how I was going to look and I relied on and you know should he I should succeed is named to do the rest of the -- that wedding coordinator you also can know what you wanted to you know why I'm running what I wanted to like red roses and things like that and. To get in shape. You know of his I'm emotional eater X so I was afraid of ballooning up some comfortable where not but I -- the Tennessee midwest girl to eat eat eat. -- Gas attack on us -- -- And my girlfriend why is tricking these skinny sticks for charities like five -- which is why I'm here today to right can you raise. Powers that you mix of water -- -- throughout the day and she was. Looking fantastic and not eating the way I eat and I said he needed to give me let me try it. So I had been using them all the way up into the wedding which I fit into my dressed beautifully. I called the company in sad I loved it so much that I want to share the information because a lot of times. That you know celebrities go out and endorse products and they don't use it on the opposite I use it. And then I call the company to say I loved it's all much tell a little bit more about -- I mean what worked for you you know I hate this is the perfect way to explain it. Madonna isn't what are you doing -- -- against Kerry is using skinny six on a try to drink get up like fifteen minutes before me now we go out to dinner we're talking. And he looks down his -- -- got -- -- I usually eat everything on my plate. And I eat a quarter eat what you're supposed to -- is a normal human being so it was cutting down my portion size which really. Does helped -- -- up with weight management. Which when you're busy in your thinking and you're all nervous yeah -- you know how that -- -- -- client and easily eat Donny sued and likely thinking. He is amazed by my inability to eat so I knew I didn't at this government I think I don't even sent assistance. In how to. Help me out with some portion tell everything requires working out there is no magic -- people you know you still have to work out. But I needed to and then the really help me down with not gorging as much food as I usually do so if someone is considering this obviously you know worked for you you've got also like -- said have an exercise plan and how plants exactly have a plan. July and just one thing -- that he things takes takes a lot to the village. To get yourself looking great he got at least try. So other than saying I do what was your best moment also from that de ice my son happens walk me down the aisle -- Allen now -- PM -- my cry and I don't ever cry stuff I -- last -- you're thinking that he's management plans aim at the moment but after Iraq's on the Ohio. -- I -- sorry he's sad to me. -- thought about what this kid is gone through he's spent my warrior you know it's been -- hand. And I think very guarded about who comes around my -- and who introduced into he did not meet every Tom Dick and Harry -- Even a couple of men since his -- are. And that was it and it ends -- has then. This archangel in his life and to have my son. Actually stand up for the wedding and give spontaneous test which he set on -- supposed to test. And stood up the microphone and said I love my step dad and I'm grateful he's in my life. How can -- do not -- a special moment now. So let's talk about. -- things you have going in your life you are getting back out there are starting the -- you tell us a little bit about that guilders. Is so many great opportunities. That. I have to be grateful you know on the serious radio had offered me at full time job so after Howard one -- the -- I come on Monday through Friday -- -- twelve in the afternoon and then. Also started comedy -- it's dirty sexy funny also the name of the radio station. But I wanted to kind of empower female comedians and looked at kings of comedy a lifted blue collar group -- -- these dudes. Doing this like -- no one's -- for women sell. I started wine -- to find even -- across the country -- in Clearwater Florida this weekend even made its story and -- Fisher island to get back out there again in this way so I'm I'm not a standup comedian so it's also fracking. I think I am like the -- so I host the night. And I have the women do what they do best so bad to me like a live performing is nerve racking but also. Completely -- finds that instant feedback. It's hilarious that I took it to -- three years to find -- women. Is I want to find that funny it's so everyone is left whenever shows that as one of the -- -- of comedy and governments so obviously. Female comedians are looking to youth as inspiration and a big influence who influenced you. That's really great question I've had so many different people right go wow I want to be. Like her the one that. May mean when I was a little girl going -- and moving to Hollywood was a living and John increase. I first saw her and thought my god I want to do this relating. My grandmother always told me. You know Jenny would watch the news just like you know you -- use Smart now and you're cute and you can do that like. Think he did he used up. Well I only went -- two years of college. And -- -- -- still though found a perfect avenue for me so there's like you know hosting with a little bit of entertainment. I couldn't ask for a better job. Give us an idea of who's joining you on your tour that you're excited about oh my gosh -- hopeless and I tank -- to -- -- -- -- would be following this. Also person jacking my husband a lot of it along further ride. So he joins and sometimes on stage to perform a little Olivia Newton-John John Travolta but do a little -- apparently -- -- -- have to -- senate super cheeky Q but it's let me affordable is 62 dollars for tickets south. Check out dirty sexy funny sounds like a lot of fun you've got a lot of things going on best of luck to you and thanks for taking time to stop buying. See I love you know anything for. If.

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