Jimmy Kimmel on health care critics: 'Am I supposed to just be quiet?'

Jimmy Kimmel's war of words with Republican leaders over the party's latest proposed health care legislation continued Thursday night.
6:18 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel on health care critics: 'Am I supposed to just be quiet?'
If you go watching Jordan had few days and you haven't I've found myself in middle of battle over American health care. After my son Billy had open heart surgery in a Babel as the senator bill Cassidy from Louisiana came on our show made some promises and assurances that. He did not keep. The reason I have a throw the first place is because these are telling people that any plan he supports would have to pass what he called the Jimmy Kimmel test. And then he teamed up with senator Lindsey Graham to write a bill that most definitely does not pass that test doesn't protect people. From having their rates jacked up for preexisting conditions doesn't prevent insurance companies from putting lifetime caps. And how much will spent on a person would medical issues and it cuts and huge amount of money but maybe even hundreds of billions of dollars. In health care funny and Americans understandably. Especially not like the idea of being priced out of insurance for preexisting conditions of the president got involved last night. Via Twitter of course he wrote. I would not signed Graham Cassidy if it did not include courage of preexisting conditions. It does a great bill repeal and replace which those are the key words repeal and replace because for Donald Trump this isn't about that Graham Cassie bill is about getting rid of obamacare which he hates. Primarily because Obama's name is not a he likes that his name on thing. Means. This. Point T. It would sign anything of it make getting rid of obamacare he'd signed copies of the Koran at the Barnes & Noble in Fallujah. It made you get rid of obamacare. Senator Cass city African Oilers a lot of interest in this he went on Fox News to fight back. He gets said that I don't understand what I'm talking about because we haven't spoken for a year which is not true you so much so for months ago. But he I don't know what the Puerto speaking to me as we spoke he told me one thing he did another are we supposed to do that again. Some people telling us to give the benefit of the doubt and you know I do given the better for the doubt. I doubt all the benefits he claims. Okay. How happy I could. I admire what he's done with most of his life he's a doctor. Gastroenterology. She found at a community clinic in bat roost he's done good things I just want him to keep doing good things this plan is not a good thing. His supporters say. What you know he's a doctor and you're not what do you know well to the MIC all of these very reputable organizations. American Diabetes Association American Medical Association met mayor Katz is right. American Heart Association the list goes on our all of these groups populated by doctors saved his health care bear bill is bad. They're against it we. Haven't seen this many people come forward to speak out against the bill since Cosby okay. Okay. News me. I the president did it protects people with preexisting conditions. But it doesn't guarantee them protection only need to know is this this is how the vice president himself dodged that question this morning on FOX & Friends. We have folks like Jimmy Kimmel are worried about the pre existing condition thing. Because this will be up to the governor to decide how the money's dispersed to gets coverage every state will determine what's best for there for their folks. But with that can you guarantee. That these governors will make sure pre existing conditions are covered. Thomas Jefferson said government the governs least governs best. Mean the question the people ought to ask is. Foudy who do you think will be more responsive to the health care needs in your community. Your governor your state legislature or a congressman and a president in a far off nation's capital. Is neither an option because I would take that. Bravado I think he just told us we can't trust the president his argument there argument is that it's better to put these decisions in the hands of the states. Have you seen some of our state if Florida could make general decisions it'll be legal to bring an alligator to a strip club. 200 billion dollars in health care funding the bill would cut. Even if states didn't get to decide that money and go away a lot of people would saying I'm not qualified to talk about this and that is true I'm not qualified to talk about this but. I think those people forget. Bill Cassidy named this test after me am I supposed to just be quiet about that. Some of these characters they drag out of the swamp the defenders this morning fox had the other senator from Louisiana. John Kennedy no relation as you'll clearly seeing. He had to say about me our biggest opponents appear to be at this point. Senator Bernie Sanders and Jimmy Kimmel Marty Kearney. I don't know mister Campbell he's a funny guy back I don't think anybody would confuse him with a well respected. Health care expert. I wouldn't take advice for from Charlie Sheen either. Okay. Who is a lady. Yeah. Okay. I'm not pretending to be an expert I'm asking why people like you aren't was need to actual experts like the American medical. My. The fact that Charlie Sheen is still alive means he probably knows more about health care that any. Okay. I should not be the guy you go to war information on health care if these guys like. Inbred John Kennedy would tell the truth for its. I wouldn't have you here I see these comments from these angry people they say what call by viewed. To talk about this stub your comedian go back to being not funny. And I feel like it's my duty to remind people were so concerned about my called engages the guy you voted for for president. His job qualification was this we loved. He fired. Love on television. And. It's more important than ever to call your senators and tell them not to gut American healthcare. Not to turn their backs on.

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{"id":50026231,"title":"Jimmy Kimmel on health care critics: 'Am I supposed to just be quiet?'","duration":"6:18","description":"Jimmy Kimmel's war of words with Republican leaders over the party's latest proposed health care legislation continued Thursday night.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-kimmel-health-care-critics-supposed-quiet-50026231","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}