Joan Rivers Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest

The comedian, 81, was rushed to a NYC hospital, according to a law enforcement source.
1:58 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joan Rivers Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest
Now onto Joan Rivers you reportedly went into cardiac arrest this morning and was taken outside -- hospital and I would decision for a -- glass for his live at mount Sinai and the upper east side with the very latest we know now. Hope we can tell you that at 9:39. This morning the at CNN live reporting that a -- -- In cardiac arrest are respiratory arrests have -- me on her behalf from -- Outpatient surgery center an ambulatory center called work not endoscopy at east 93 street and that woman was transported. Here -- EMS to mount Sinai. I see the web site T and -- that would make -- east Joan Rivers and we are not sure about her condition at this point outside night. But it -- fact that she lives. According to TMC in the process of having throat surgery at -- work well endoscopy center when the call came in. Probably not a very -- it flying and that she would be in respiratory. Or cardiac arrest. During that surgery -- of course that's why -- is transported to major hospital trauma center. For an immediate emergency work but still no -- -- -- -- -- very -- -- Joan Rivers all that DNC website reporting that it is of course Joan Rivers. Famous for her comedy. Her acting and her -- -- she spends most of her time in California but she's been a big presidents. Here in New York City and Philanthropic -- that at that we know that every year. To participate any food donation program for God's love we deliver. During Thanksgiving she is allowed by New Yorkers for her wit and her acerbic comedy. But I'm still waiting I'm worried about her condition after what we believe -- was. -- cardiac arrest or. I've respiratory arrest following surgery. On the east side where I live in -- to mount Sinai laureate Oscar channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":25162243,"title":"Joan Rivers Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest","duration":"1:58","description":"The comedian, 81, was rushed to a NYC hospital, according to a law enforcement source.","url":"/Entertainment/video/joan-rivers-hospitalized-cardiac-arrest-25162243","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}