Jordana Brewster Talks ‘Furious 7’ and Shares Fond Memories of Paul Walker

Brewster talks day one on the set of the first installment of "The Fast and the Furious" and how her first impressions of the cast were all wrong on "Popcorn with Peter Travers."
11:34 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for Jordana Brewster Talks ‘Furious 7’ and Shares Fond Memories of Paul Walker
I'm needed a save some of the revealing to a base that was Bob. Post and his family and the Dominican Republic that is the case. Anyone misses you too here. Who missed the entire country. You'll be safe. You know I money. Yea it here. Victim almost all available. Aren't in evidence the physical reminder this place is like a fortress. He Brian. And full FBI about his book the surveillance have been modest garage and everything. What about you finances after it slowed since plugged eventful school. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening that the movies and there's no bigger happening right now Dan furious seven. It's a movie that stars Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker and my guests danger Danner Brewster who has been through a lot with these guys. So if anybody knows the story of fast and furious. It's joint priest or so well. Paint you let them hear things what's it like. To be at numbers it's incredible I mean it's it's. Also blasts it's been fifteen years and it kind of like child you may be legal and now yardage truly a baby. Eighteen year old with no life and who wasn't Colin L license re yeah who really no idea that you are doing so immediately they said. To dammit can't drive a car let's put her in the fee so Rick is they cast may and then these that a pain now a life sentence and a like. Well it's not ready to infant had to scramble at lessons in the art. Managed to drive. I mean I was petrified and that remember at the instructor picked me up in new York and they had to get only ally me. He had to go get the tests done and I was just scared that passed. So you are licensed drive I am happy I had at any of this but was that go back. T that first. Were you walking on the set with everybody nobody really knows each. Now what has that line. Rob Cohen. And it and then just had so much of vision and really. Spoke about the characters and such. In such a different way you can really tell in someone's invested in the project they. Be they talk seems out and make sure you have rehearsal time and and they don't just treat. A film as if like it's just you know product they churn out and that's kind of been that way with every other. Film after that you know we really take time with scenes and with character development and we know that we can't discipline our audience can't take them for granite. Despite the fact that we're on the seventh one now so I think that's part of the reason so successful but. On that day. Talking about these two actors for indecent Paul Walker. Was. Your reaction. When you meet them for the first time. With the band and remember him being intimidating citizens they die and he still is he's still hot and I'm proud parent and I'm really well and or both parents I just feel like I just have this is that him but back then I was intimidated by him also very intimidated by Michelle because. I was the sort of prep be. East Coast are all. And Michelle was this tough girl off of the movie she had just done and I just remembered it's not being able to relate to her and yet and now years later I adore her and I'm the past rescissions can shop because she's so completely honest. And with Paul and remember this guy with blond highlights walking into this room and just thinking how gorgeous he was. There was all of these first impressions and an if anything this franchise's taught me never judge a book by its cover because. All of the first impressions of my Catholic that there'll. All they're all completely wrong truly I'll completely wrong. There's been a one of and still win seven in the script for said comes. But he says. Are you saying these days. Different than all the others that there was something more. Or less in this when you read it with carries films it's always about execution it always comes alive. In the found not necessarily in the script is missed analyst. You know I've read that about the fact pieces of cars that. Cars parachuting off from the plane and I'm just like how are they gonna do that and it's it's just you know aren't licensed driver were I don't think we're all of these things can. Likely me it's pretty chill and she she. What is she describe her because. She goes through a lot of changes wind from the time we first she is basically this center for. Dean's character dom this is for him he asked to protect. And eventually. Brian Paul Walker who. Gets to feel the same way and I think inflation is off to protecting them and in some ways she is the conscience for the boys she's violence in. Directing them and telling an and she's an extremely selfless person and or me I'd be like. You both are saying Holland while keeping faith and that's that issue now is the one that's like you have to go out there and and fight these guys come home to me she's just extremely elegant strong really admire. What you remember. About Paul in this last movies for different from the guy with the highlight human. Pollack you know Powell. I remember. One of the things that struck me the most in years different but the stuff that he would keep to himself. And in this film specifically he has this remedy action scenes Tony via. And he does most of himself he's truly out of while most of us are faking it must've passed on to our own stunt. But he'd like he it was truly a black and I didn't know that until theory. Five. I kind of stuff like he just was such. Humbled. Do you think you just wouldn't it not boastful mean which is so not Hollywood and I think that's. Practice. That speaks volumes. But then you know halfway through. He has this tragic accident what's the reaction what's you're reaction first when year. I just can. And really really. So what's the mood on the set when you go back. It was very supportive and log. In. You know. What was the most striking to me and even now happen like it's not. Wasn't just about the cast banding together but it was about the crew and people went known him her. 1015 years and what was beautiful about the sat was that like everyone try to maintain. Offensive day quorum and and professionalism and and it went off lost it all listen and make that should bear. We support Newton you know that's kind of like. So what about you just use you start in this what you had you have quite the upbringing born in Panama long. Then you wind up in London and then you're in New York. I looked back and I saw a clip of view on a soap opera called this in the world turns. And it's amazing to look at you and. Because you don't look formed the act. But I your this. So wait was this big deal to you where you enjoying it does a huge scale. I eight I was I loved it and loved and when I really loved was also balancing work and school just love juggling things I think it helps to it to not. Be fully invested one cassette it I think emotionally it just help because. As an actress I wasn't Al always had school as a student now he's had you know my career and those especially grateful. As a senior in college and I realized hey Aaron you know an island do like I have I'm and sat. But when you do this first movie when you do something. And you look at yourself on this now big giant screen what was your reaction is just. Cool. I loved it and London it was for Merrimack and everyone was just pounding the film is like the next big things have just I was so excited. It was it was one of my favorite saints alive and remember the engine one until the highest with an aunt -- I'm Jan sentiment was physical passed on Stuart. I'm Jones to learn and you should get him he's free now of pocket and you could do faculty tea. That would be amazing how about you analytical about your own work like is there a scene in furious. That resonates for you looking at year not that is the best scene of the hardest one the one where you can look at you and say. I got close in that two watt I wanted to achieve. The phone call. Between Brian Anemia. Like I really loved that scene and I also about seeing if I think that for the first time. Until sort of making references to past films yeah and so was this it was especially sweet and in this case bittersweet evening really loved that scene. And when you look back at the five of the seven you've seen is there a moment then one of those movies. He said to yourself I'm in a period of my life where. Something has changed and I. Have achieved something in one of them that I really wanted to move. The five is definitely my favorite and that there's an there's an ease between Brian and me and upon Manhattan I think that transferred onto the screen. And it's sort of explored her transition from being the sort of doting. Sister are and the bit of a wallflower to more of a woman as she became a mother and I like that transformation. So what's the fastest in the most furious thing about you. I. My inner temperament is pretty fast and is there if it is. It is it doesn't seem like that today opening today I'm lucky kids hey guys aren't emulate making Dallas and you were just. You know reading you were watching TV show yeah so was kind of laid back and cool moon and now with a kidney have to meet faculty staff and a bit of a new hair style and still. Might attempt those. And you speak different let me speak Portuguese Portuguese well entered any don't know this that the show always goes that song. Oh it did not know that did I can tell by even if otherwise you're just really giving an academy. Hits it but we do we just do a snippet of something. Do you sing keeps on to you do. I give us a little of that we do wheels on the I love you do in Portuguese can do you know due in part. A unit and it let me well I grew in that would wheels on the last go around and around. It happened and. I think that was viewed I gestured and I think he sing yeah yeah. And he didn't even tried to eat I tried but it notes that it. It's eight and everything in lad deal it is completely wrong.

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{"duration":"11:34","description":"Brewster talks day one on the set of the first installment of \"The Fast and the Furious\" and how her first impressions of the cast were all wrong on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"30086031","title":"Jordana Brewster Talks ‘Furious 7’ and Shares Fond Memories of Paul Walker ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jordana-brewster-talks-furious-shares-fond-memories-paul-30086031"}