Did Bieber and Gomez Kiss & Make Up?

Rob Shuter has all the day's Hollywood headlines.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Did Bieber and Gomez Kiss & Make Up?
Though weekend is here it is finally time to rest recharge and reflect on the things that are important in -- -- like celebrity got -- you know you love Megan I can't get -- -- it that's -- -- -- -- -- that the -- at the op shooter to rob -- the holidays that you equipment diverted because you've got the dish he thinks it talked about today so contrary to popular belief. Bruce Jenner and Chris are not. Splitting up. That is correct I sold -- -- last night capping the deep that's musical. Opened on Broadway last night was opening -- invited me along also she is the difference with Christian we -- like that such a long time. Friendship she was at the wedding for -- she's now in the family -- Chris what was -- on this all these -- That I have in this massive divorce she's laughs that is absolutely not true she speaks the bristled a tie to that the relationship is great and she's looking like -- come from the -- -- was stopped in The National Enquirer -- The National Enquirer said that that that that divorce was happening. That is not true I think to. What might be be -- these stories. Is that they don't spend much time together publicly nights she was -- -- -- she wasn't with husbands so I think when you see a lady stepped. Publicly on red -- all the -- include. Without a husband via -- stock speculation and wondering what is up however if you know anything about this family they do not stop working they spend most of their lives I think and. And replace -- they are the holiday about it -- -- relationship that's what we are so happy for them now let's talk about another couple that is maybe not breaking up -- breaking up would have figured out Selena Gomez and Justin yeah. Stories that they broke -- very publicly last week last night -- Wednesday night that would seem to -- in Los Angeles Selena flipped into. Addicts at -- Justin was that with his driver to meet they went back to high highest. -- and zeal reporting that she spent the night that they -- photographers. Waiting outside and he did not -- that he was that all night and and then expanded enforcement in Beverly Hills Hotel that mainly infants coming. -- -- Of these cells the -- at the debt physically we added that by together as a couple -- -- today the very important part -- hard. To -- is that the activity is out today. If I hate to do massive numbers I'm dying to tell me it is open going to percent of all the tickets all tickets -- this weekend is twilight. And the couple -- still doing prance through Madrid's they just did London. Chicken in a little bit more affectionate to on this two of them -- The Kristen Stewart cheating scandal isn't going away not -- away people ascension feels terribly guilty about this. The relationship has recovered but he still is that it's still quite recent still a -- on this relationship how it's actually make them. More touchy Feely on the -- the with -- -- -- in London there was -- holding on to you think. To the red carpets they never -- -- Hester has not hurting numbers. This -- which beat back this week to tell you happy with what we haven't heard from an. While -- -- at the -- let's -- but not. Event it is -- Eight season at -- Bob Babbitt the miss an opportunity has sent the -- top -- -- -- -- recording studio to record a Christmas song. -- have -- today at a bloody happy that the it. -- -- -- Three years old -- himself records -- song and she told me last night we were texting and -- He said that while she was recording songs the kids really wanted to record. And saddened -- and you actually on why can't. Catholic sort of like an accident the Christmas is that you felt too seriously about our Aaron -- hypocrites I -- -- -- -- yeah. I don't get it back at the but a --

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{"id":17740883,"title":"Did Bieber and Gomez Kiss & Make Up? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has all the day's Hollywood headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-bieber-selena-gomez-break-stars-kissed-made-17740883","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}