Karl Lagerfeld Says Kim Kardashian's Gunpoint Robbery Could Have Been Avoided

The designer commented on Kardashian's social media presence.
2:30 | 10/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Karl Lagerfeld Says Kim Kardashian's Gunpoint Robbery Could Have Been Avoided
Kim card national. That robbery is still along the headlines. But designer Karl Lagerfeld said you know she couldn't perhaps avoided all of this you know he doesn't understand why someone so famous. Who posts her jewelry on social out weight gone to a whole tale with no security. And you know some people say are you blaming the victim and does he have a point you know. I had the ironic irony of this story is that this is the first time in the life of Kim car dash in. She's been in a room without a camper. It's tough have seen is costly being followed by. So how come there was no camera in this particular hotel whatever my two 'cause it's it because it's one of those hotels that. They've been and then vivid vivid DA and we welcome people. Stay act and that you'll pass and think it's a trash box and you goal and it's like. And yeah. You know when I walked him and it's you know one of the things one the great things about being in a hotel I. It is that they don't just let anybody in. You can't ask for women romance and they have security opinion to protect people like yourself now some people saying hulks. Hey I need a hoax but I had to think my first thought was and not just be honest. My first thought was is as a public said he sent because here there's not evidence to say it didn't happen but there's not a lot of evidence to say that it did I panic might be questions. If this is a boutique hotel really expensive where are the cameras there have to be cameras on the street of course there are no cameras doesn't work to come back. And it's you out. It just there and I have some sort of ideological headaches and why would she wound while they're no security guards when she sent her security team other sister and there's a lot of questions welcome. Down to the home alone lesson do you remember when Joseph Pesci key in the door and asked if people were traveling for Christmas and you don't tell people when you're traveling it's and you don't put your jewelry on because I guess why she got it right here you are showcasing that they can rob your house and and you know because you you you try not to say you China not to you know. A small lot of the tents. You know say China's stand a place where you feel comfortable safe and you stayed there before that's the other day he would not your comment and they know you always stay in this particular applies. You've given you know vaccines are not the Ritz bank dumped. Back after that. Jewelry if you can take that off and have been here. What makes it's like you said yeah.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The designer commented on Kardashian's social media presence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42591838","title":"Karl Lagerfeld Says Kim Kardashian's Gunpoint Robbery Could Have Been Avoided","url":"/Entertainment/video/karl-lagerfeld-kim-kardashians-gunpoint-robbery-avoided-42591838"}