Kelly Ripa Discusses Her 'Broad City' Appearance

Star Abbi Jacobson reveals details of Ripa's new role.
3:02 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Kelly Ripa Discusses Her 'Broad City' Appearance
The city would saddle. OK I have brought Sidney is about two middle aged politicians. And T. Trying in me now. It sent out. Two twenty something young lanes in New York City I play one of them named Andy. You haven't tightened versions of me and at my best friend ironically is there we came out that the ECB together and they are web series for teen years and then. We pitched at around me on TV show you two are my favorite couple I have to tell you are my favorite Koppel and I know that the entire show it seems like. It just seems like you that you are my favorite super couple you'll have my Lucy and Ricky like act well thank you so much you war. So my meeting sentiments. I'm yeah. That looks so tell me. Evening tonight sept snapped. Out. Okay. And HM. My guys yeah. That anywhere despite an actor I'm an app I. Episode. Oh my goodness you guys aren't beaten to act I. Basically an episode my storyline tonight is that we're working coat check and for whatever reason didn't which you'll all watch. You've seen that act Kelly's co accidentally gets you mean to someone else and she your plane I play nice south American ice and play. What I like to refer to as my Alter egos Alter ego yeah. And Alter ego twice removed because it is at very different version of me on set me had to call her. Kelly rip is three here. OK don't a lot of time McCain easily elected evil yeah. You bill. It has Carney. Kelly yes. I ain't yes yeah. There may be bruised or maybe things who. Yeah. And so it's and I just basically I eight have to find her coat. And returning to her and she's nice enough to write me Elmer Allen today are being on the show it was. Okay my. Earlier Abby in the great lesson for everyone out there who was always told you know you give looking for the way they get yourself out in the continent you create your own thing if you've been great. Story about. The new snow. Rod city goodnight Ed trivia on Comedy Central.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Star Abbi Jacobson reveals details of Ripa's new role.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"29555585","title":"Kelly Ripa Discusses Her 'Broad City' Appearance","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelly-ripa-discusses-broad-city-appearance-29555585"}