Kelvin Harrison Jr. discusses his role in the psychological thriller 'Luce'

The actor talks about the new film and upcoming projects.
9:26 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for Kelvin Harrison Jr. discusses his role in the psychological thriller 'Luce'
It can't lose millions ABC radio now and I'm always excited to have an amazing talented. Wonderful. Handsome guest with me city rent roster me I have V wasn't the only. Only tell Lynn Harrison junior howry you know in good thank you. He admitted tumor today he's the docket everybody about the amazing thing now Duluth. And I'm telling you it is amazing I sigh it. Psychological thriller. I'd be guessing is designed to this guy and what's going on I don't wanna give it away I want you check it out it's available yet out of theater is excellent it is it collects. Theaters now. And I'm telling you play this dynamic character. Who captures you from the mold EC ham. So first and foremost I have to say I see quite a few projects and you aren't very talents it's charity song and monsters unmanned. And I sighed and iron into the got Arab Hartmann I've seen quite a few things actually and so. I'm very excited about the so could you really shine bright and it's. I'm so let's start would be any hotter this project come about mean you're working with the the talent of and I Naomi Watts and you know I'll steroid era previous answer. About how this out. Opportune came up. Are you home I just moved to LA from Borland and at the art man you know settling and I discovered new exam was all excited and they said it is script and like no other than that house addition of a lot of things that the CW. Reform effort bat and then house late and it was never my taste. No not know the site but I'm from. I was reading. It was like this incident intense this at the seventeen year old as he's incredible. Profound views on like power privilege and our country and how he'd eat it too institute XEQ that. Witten the confines of this and credible entertaining script that Julius and Jaycee Lee wrote so I was I was excited I read an audition then that would Julius than a bug to autism yet and that happened. It happened so beautifully because again new largest so dynamic in this film where II to question myself I think this I was good or bad that we are going back and forth. How did you prepare for this role because I feel like one half to geeks sold to eat to get to this character and his you know. Ideology. Or site holds this I don't know it could be cycle and I mean how did you prepare. He's all the thought that through I was removed for the personals like how could he do certain things and go to those great lengths to prove a point. But in the study were doing the research it was like I had to ask myself what is it like for Kate to grope as a child soldier what did he have to see Woodard you have to do even. And so. It's taking them back story to two to really understand what does he want most abolishes speaks sent it to be loved and what is that what happens with with that win society tries to tell you who you want is not enough though to its all these teams so I read fans phenomenon red black and white mask a red arm rest of the year. I I I I did the research I'd look at the documentaries I I wrote the paper in the movie that we that the at scandalous paper that we talk about. Arms there was almost brings to prepped to get his psyche in and and and the heart of it off. Wow I mean literally went to work like history class and that it really get divided his character still aiming artwork obviously it. It in Hideki and it's is such tenth. Kind of goal through those emotion in Booth. Especially that's eaten and again it's all that but that debates beats two new entities that can kill amazing. Now YouTube does is so good you see I feel like this is just that human to get to see him shine in this that so that's why we're talking about the he's on the X click here is right now but this been a kind of RAMP up to all these amazing things we have going on another couple other prize Emory site effort to see is one being on godfather Harlem. Very excited. Because I know the one the only fours when her aren't as you know bumpy and I am just. Anticipating this project to drop its going to be a series on epics. Talk a little bit about your character haven't famous Teddy green top brands you don't talk about this guy. Yes those. Teddy green is this young musician who isn't Harlem in the sixties and he's. He's trying to figure out his voice as you know it's it's hard as he has this is. It's it's a black artists at the time to. It to coming to check in and it he kind of mirror is Sam Cooke and a lot of ways. And then more vote present day spin that we try to to. Of race bring to the show. Arm what's Garrick aug junior kind of you know we just wanted to kind of messed those two salute to those still relatable to younger people mom but he's yeah he's in the dating tell you mom's daughter and and I hate to see here they don't wanna see you know. You know interracial love they don't wanna see with that looks like and east navigating that and also fine and his political voice. In what that means to what does that mean to him as a young black man to date this woman and she really understand who years and does that matter so he's exploring a lot of those gains with in the show and it's exciting. They about about behind the scenes because you know a lot of people see these actors on television but not all the app where if they don't know about the grueling time. The most challenging part of fill me in with Lucent and now I obviously a series wishes got father of Harlem. The most challenges will look at what would you say has. In the most rewarding for you during this process. What I appreciate the most is adamant I've been so blessed and switch into your work with some incredible actors and my first big job is called mobile eco monster and -- Jeffrey Wright and Jennifer Hudson. And Jennifer Yu Lian Aaron Bruce it was seeing their work ethic and seeing how they approach how they approach coming to say in how this boat to the direct they spoke to the rest of the cast had a spoke to the crew and TV did the same Naomi did the same Tim Roth at the same you know on horse that's the same. So kind best actors of the sweetest. And they come in early they're never late. There every day there's no X uses. They know their lines it's it's it's just it's the small things is like we all know how to do the work would go to acting class we don't quit acting class. We watch interviews and we figure out how to make it the performance that he got the job most of Tommy doing something right and that's between you and the director but it's it's it's how you approached. The camaraderie amongst the team looking filmmaking as a team sport and that's after Oslo and the most Leanne and a nice present. You I mean you you like a life and anything that I'm just super excited to see about is this. Call for you had. I been writing a lot about it so I have to talk about it easier way. I mean she's my Pereira in my mind. That dynamite. Why not let. You have a live. But she's such a amazing creative obviously it's Q Oreo lot of other things that she's been involved in the woman knuckle little bit about you're all and that's now also keep paying another one of my -- talk about you all pitcher Allen is working with these due created because again I been all over the place and love them. Also. Yeah I mean it starts where we have an amazing writer director name's Alan McGee and sees this is the amazing Smart cute black. Ranked sees this little Q Justine is no so much and does deceit or write this story for us to be able to be an advocate. Annie get this made a universal is a huge bite eat and so starts with Harvard institute she's friends is that it could seek as easily and is beautiful part. And to see I watched insecure for the first time when I got apart and seen it before lobbed into last like coal mine got like I've never seen so many people like about relationships. And Hispanic social dynamics in a way that I saw myself. And Eric and as a dozen out of my friends I'm glad it's governing not sound like you know emulate this is what we sound like in it was a -- guilty to critics means that. With Aaron and see how she worked as well and she communicates with me in the keep that our members in shorts from twelve. On the was like his first breakout role in I was so enamored by Foreman has his vulnerability you know raw he was so. It would work with these two with an outlook to and then in intrude introduced these new artists that summit was like. It was just like life in your criticism. Yet of the Mellon in poppy. That's the best thing and it's all so excited for you I mean again I cannot but speak volumes of Duluth this bill is such a good sound and literally used I again I went back important yet I've been. I don't hustled down the much. I know and is. Do it so congratulations to you even gradually everything you have coming up I haven't large the hatfill is the bats thank you so much help them for stopping by a series shocked me. Regulation and check out lose elect theaters very.

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