LeBron James' Future Remains Unclear

Free agent LeBron James has reportedly narrowed his choice to Miami or Cleveland.
10:09 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for LeBron James' Future Remains Unclear
King without a court that rain at LeBron James any hair as the four time NBA MVP -- two time NBA champion. Decides if he wants to stay in Miami -- take his talents and show elsewhere I'm Michelle Franzen in New York LeBron James has a decision to make. The NBA superstar contemplating new offers -- Miami Heat management sat down with him again today. Trying to convince this day ABC's Karen Travers has been combing through all the rumors and speculation. And joins us now for the latest Karen aside from Philly obviously is there anywhere. LeBron won't go. -- -- -- -- -- -- Out and that's OK we'll move on from that that -- your right do you rumors and speculation and the anxious anticipation are in overdrive. The only thing I think you can compare it to -- is. Every four years here in Washington political reporters get all excited about who is going to be the VP nomination. The stakes as we call it here well this is veep stakes. Times a million because I'd bet more sports fans care about this than political fans. Will LeBron James take his talents back to Cleveland. LeBron is that -- point -- his career. Where he's just gonna do what he thinks is right I just got a text from the LeBron James can't nothing. It's the biggest question right now in sports and basketball fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats especially in the bronze home state of Ohio. For four years cavalier fans have been hoping their prodigal son would return. And then last month LeBron declared himself a free agent raising the possibility that he did leave Miami and head home. It's no easy decision LeBron won two NBA titles in four seasons with the heat he can offer in the longest and most lucrative contract. But he's made it clear he wants more talent on that team. More of an uncertainty young players and you coach -- never coached team in the NBA. And of course there's that lingering bitterness after LeBron world Cleveland's heart. Is now infamous statement in 2010. And is long wanted my talents to South Beach no surprise that -- to overwhelm. -- burn their jerseys and -- LeBron would never be welcoming Cleveland again. Well times have changed in this T shirts sums it up even as Cedar Point amusement park -- it would renamed -- roller -- after him. I think it'd be just. -- for him to go back home -- there are just career. Michelle and Ron James plans to be in Brazil on Sunday for the World Cup fine also an announcement could happen before then. And sports fans are anxiously awaiting anything couple minutes guys checking LeBron James dot com couldn't even loaded it's -- he's -- announce that there. Better get that site fixed. -- got all of us talking here and then the virtual world how big of -- deal would it be for Cleveland. If he does decide to go back and without an unwelcome perhaps it would be huge you know back in 2010. Cleveland was devastated when LeBron left you know you could blame him for leaving he wanted to win a championship he's done that to damage -- in four years. This would seem to be the cherry on the top of an amazing career go back to your hometown where there of course -- -- -- embrace you with open arms and try and win a championship there. Everything Cleveland in 2010 the week before that infamous decision and people were so optimistic they really thought he would stay and then their dreams were dashed. -- just in Cleveland a couple weeks ago. Now lot of relatives out there to my college roommates are from Cleveland they're all very excited they really think this could happen it would just be harmful. If LeBron James -- to break her heart again. -- I don't think this has anything to do with LeBron james' decision but not going to badly for Cleveland right now the aren't seat picked them this week to be the host their convention site when he sixteen. Maybe that's enough to lure LeBron James back its we will -- if the ball is in their court ABC's Karen Travers in Washington thank you for that. And right now I want to bring in from our sister network -- The end -- -- and Livingston New Jersey Daryn are still a lot of rumors swirling afternoon increase. -- -- home Akron. Think they'll be keeping order at a welcome all -- Well Michelle you know obviously yet but people are trying to speculate it's almost like anything -- Happens. He's some -- wooden -- and 330 that when it means that were important activity here. People sent us an ethnic group period net. And it was just -- lets you run games dot com crash scene at 3:30 home yet the -- -- hands on his web site. I have been covering this work for fifteen years there's an -- never ever see anything. -- now -- bronze a lot of black heat for that says the collision are you surprised he is setting up such a dramatic. Announcement this time around -- -- -- LeBron being taught. You know I don't know if you've seen tape fuel or not to build drama -- assumed it wouldn't be eighty million. -- -- as to what the right to his business. Now most important to -- it -- obvious career what it does seem a little bit strange. -- and how would sit up in 2010. That whether he intends -- or not there's. Obviously. -- -- So -- if he doesn't lie. That it's night and builds up your peak loading up only one game but -- -- comment. It's you don't think that you go back to -- that what people think. That's what even been reported property if you terms of making the person's chances not definitively. -- If he doesn't -- that need -- the way it's been at least -- up what are some of Ron's fault for not. This would just be the Dead Sea walls times -- -- -- been here since June 2010. All right so let's talk about the scenario if he does decide to stay in Miami do you think it means. -- Dwyane Wade -- Chris Bosh have to leave. And you know he looks like -- fox would probably. Even positioned to go to Houston that's what people are thinking you know Dwayne wade is more of -- city's scenario in terms of the fact that. -- he's a little bit older and what to make more money -- -- in Miami. I think he did it once you were staying -- anti flu the issue were turned do you -- certainly wouldn't be for the next -- -- about five years. And it is. Didn't rule well we'll be doing this thing over again in another year. You -- even talking almost exclusively about Miami and Cleveland of course -- -- or anywhere else that you know love. That could possibly be on his radar surprise here. -- -- I think it's he needs between those two ladies that you go to Warner the other. I really don't think we're gonna see anything surprise. As form what is going to -- -- that that we need secondly he won't get. How that he had set up their roster. -- -- -- -- clear -- -- to me. Salaries to be important within the rules all the TV status as well they're reporting winds up to one -- one year ago. So fewer taxes and Florida had more money on offer. How much my decision to leaf cost him and it doesn't come down the money for LeBron James or any feel an obligation to go back -- Well we're Florida that state taxes and not to get team guts earnestly taxes yet see income taxes not. TD EU but that last year tweeting about being curious you know -- it. So that -- It is that you are ready for -- resident -- -- was EK in taxes for instance decision doesn't matter. Yes. You would print more money. How in Miami he could get an additional U back to Miami. What that would only on the plane really believe that his career it and spent five years. All right so -- call. It. How did the money really coming into play I think he wants to he's going to be. -- -- -- I think I think the decision is going to be very. All right real quickly a look over at Carmelo Anthony some word he was set to re sign with the knicks is that India. Had not done yet. From what we're hearing I think are -- reported missing -- he's closer to the but but but not done yet again what will -- because he's on the -- -- Hard right back to LeBron James of course wears you mentioned the -- not working right now so much interest. Where and how do you think -- will eventually make it official will appear. Let's not that Smart and it probably is Smart enough not to guests at this point and he. -- -- really use identical then all he signs literate. Police scanners police doll parts and -- themselves I think we've reached dramatic proportions here but. I'd say it's -- yes this is -- but now I just hope it does soon so lightning. You'll feel comfort and indeed moving on it hit it pointing out how we react to this -- -- -- and millions. Well we won't -- that announcement ESPN's Daryn about thank you for that. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and -- the story -- with updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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