Logan Browning discusses her Netflix thriller 'The Perfection'

The actress talks about her new film and forthcoming season of "Dear White People."
23:39 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Logan Browning discusses her Netflix thriller 'The Perfection'
It's can't millions ABC radio her. Always super excited as often as an amazing talented beautiful. Trip Logan brown being here aren't foremost howry. I am really really well thank you for asking yes I got to seize my family and friends last night and we as screening for her and the perfection. And this is really cool also I love to watch them watch this movies yet I'm really. Yes and we got a jump right into it officially because. One of the things that I'm most excited about is that you're just delving into a new type of character that we've never seen you play before at least from my understanding because I'd like lots most of her stuff and I'm I guarantee you didn't know that this is brand new. And of course we are talking about the protections dying you Logan brownie and Allison Williams have. And she's a fantastic actress good while and you guys come together now just you guys know because I have to make sure to probable this correctly it comes out this Friday. May 24. On Netflix so there's no reason could any got a subscription RC definite causes of Brittany hobson's in the embodying a fan has drifted you don't watch list because it is such a better way of saying it's a creepy but yet absolutely. Great and fun. Kind of scary Haaretz into so many emotions that you go through the I don't know. And you didn't well you're very well. And a very difficult to really articulate the film without giving spoilers noisy thank you for the that's what makes the bills are fun is not spoiling yeah coming later we get this. Character what feels like multiple characters and getting to play she's going near a lot in the it's kind of a traumatize. Experience have never gotten to portray and that was really fun for me because it was such a challenge you know I've never been able to really. Lose myself in something like that and I just I thought it was freeing. But what it is really interesting is every one and I ain't because we pausing get out knowing that. Knowing who allison's character was in that movie they're going into this like Ocalan in. Are you sure at this would be if you share you wanna be the next person to we can't trust her with bank. I I think and that making a relief and snapped a film. Yeah and in your absolutely correct I mean there are some preconceived notions that one starts to. Formulate in the beginning of the series and then EP at beginning of the film and then all of a sudden that toll washes away. Because now you're like wait what really minded. Yet happen yes I cannot that's amazing did. Yet it's just one of those films where it's constantly turning itself on its that I remember. First at this rent and I was so excited because. I loved how many plots was there were and I really loved. How these two characters birdies really strong women who were on their own journeys but somehow. And did intersect teen. You through their pasts to get to the future and I just I. I personally wanted to be a part of that because I feel like you don't see. And a new look like me in the John and women who look like me and you enjoy it John are we enjoy it also it's nice to see. Com different people represented in those spaces rank. Let's talk about the layers of of your character Lindsay because she has so many layers and I really think you guys are going to be invested in this character who you. You know you think is just as our feet prodigy being it really has some deep dark things that she's also dealing with. No the first off you know she's this. Prodigy. A cellist and yes it challenges it's easy is playing our life she's not playing all her life now first off I prepare for this. Prodigy role because did you actually play that the cello during this experience or or was that kind of. Oh yes yes and when you watch the movie NEC house and I'm Alison and I playing the cello over really playing. And down and both of us it had. He panic. And of peek at I think the answer we played piano while we were younger but this hello is a whole different beast and so ended up training for. They never had about a month before it started filming to really learn how to play. And it was it was during Christmas when I was in Atlanta and I was studying there with an instructor who. I eight. I was intentional and seeking out an African American woman eke his. I don't mean to eat it and words but it was very important for need to. Find out if there was a unicorn like. In finding her it was or biblical experience in saint similarly with LA. And in Vancouver when we shot so that kind of opened my eyes and a new way but the chill is such. A hard instrument to learned so much respect for them. I mean you're like the way when we're learning we're recently eight on the neck of every guitar. And there are frets on a guitar that lets you know exactly where all the notes and skills are that when it comes to cello you're doing this all from memory which is fascinating and that when your leader teaching young people. You have to pick he. Kind of I let that person know where they're going to be playing in south. Yeah going from that rudimentary kind of west into pertaining to be a prodigy was. One I mean you know that's just one layer of of Lizzie that we see you know her the lover of her craft a love of her art you know she says certain things that make you. Really understand the deep. Need for that in NY the she's connected to that. It then you also learned this this. You know. I wonder as an actor. Is it like a cable yeah how we got the script you know this is cumin. It would block a coffee in the depicted in Connecticut pain I pray you. Was there a conversation or level of you know a connection that you guys had to deal to even get into that space because it seems very authentic the fact that hey you know I'm playing this. Woman who you know. With Alison period was so it was so easy upon with her. Around one I was excited because Larry you're going into the project and was just so stoked. And in meeting our town at that when she's an ally to she's hilarious Berry she's super intelligent and we work similarly so being on set and as minor on set with people you have a different work ethic work vibe and neither is wrong it's just it's like dating you know like. People have different signs so. We have no idea what. When it came to filming more intimate scenes and being. Near each other all day. We we felt comfortable because background work was later around us you know our director was really particular about making sure that we were comfortable which is important in you talk about. Filming scenes that are that are nice easy on actors. I remember you know we had a love scene that we shot dead the only people in the room other than Allison and myself or. Our cinematographer who helped the camera are heard RDP or director of photography. And usually you have your camera a operator but instead we had our director of photography which was very important to me. Because while you develop a close relationship with every line it's just. Eddie in the day it's kind of his his way and it's it's so comforting to have him and then Richard the director on a monitor in the away from us. I was did no such an eye opening experience as an actor to learn like oh wow you don't need seventeen people in a room. In a quote closed set they people say it's a closed set and yet still somehow. I am looking around and seeing a lot of people. So that and needed. I'm much more comfortable you know and and to know that we are destroying the top antics story of these two women. That really wasn't labeled was. In meeting very comfortable uneasy yeah it it seems very open ended like there wasn't necessarily this is so. How can you guys got on this journey yet their connection is such a deep part of the journey because if the two characters are connected in the beginning in the story doesn't work. You know if they're not drawn to each other than you don't want to follow them and they can't go on a two week journey. Armed so and the idea that they are so connected when they first meet once you get to the end of the movie you're like oh wow I. I can see how because of your your shared experiences and you could be related on a deeper level out or that he really knowing it. Absolutely and and again this comes out this Friday so all this kind of anger and I had felt runaround what happens. Be alleviated if you just got this film on Friday that's right no that's what you need to do. Let I'm curious because again this is such a multi layered character of Lizzy you know I mean there's there's aspects of our fans ask aspects of mistrust and aspects of you know told the being discarded in an and feeling like the outsider when you were the insider and you don't have all these emotional range learn about yourself through this experience that it really teach you about Logan and an in kind of her arranging in these emotions I mean what what do you feel has been sexy. A learning lesson if anything from this project. Yeah I being. It's of really question I. I I definitely you know and very careful with the people I keep in my life and and how I interact with people in. I think that you don't really the very trusting and open person and she. She kind of was yearning for that because they can only imagine if you're someone who's been in a conservatory your been an ink program. Are most of your life and that's all you're focused on. That to have a connection with someone and so. So and juicy and in just eight it is shines in front of you so. Yeah I guess I guess what it right take anything away it's it's. Is still lean into you can lean into your those immediate connections you have with people. Even if it takes Ohio. And marketer and things you can lean into those connections and people it it's it's it's okay to to trust your gut. In some things but any experience of filming one thing I did learn was owning MySpace. As an actor showing up with more than just Royces as an actor. Allison and Richard vary. Collaborative in the film from prep to shoot to post production. And I appreciated that because sometimes you show up in new sanity your job and really what I learned was a lot of a lot of behind the scenes. Inclusive -- and feeling powerful. Yeah and that seems like that there are rewarding experience and I and I think animal actors yearn for that type of experience when they feel like okay I exec I did something that. AME now have never. It actually did not get up to do do as yet because really state and the range of your entire career you hope to do it also. But then also you leave with something new be but the deeper knowledge. But in that rewarding aspect what was the most challenging of of this part of filming because again you know we talked about the great things that you were able to glean from it but was there anything where you have to. Old yourself at Daewoo and I get into that how to ID that. Yes it's some it's funny his the scene was ruling to film but oddly enough. Talk like. Realizing that I was. Known and grinning like the idea of of you know how to whenever innings just the idea of of not being wanted. That's that's Cephalon in the UN today in the tap into because we all have those. Under underlying feeling sometimes of being a feeling inadequate her her unwanted and today half to. Lay out those things in and play out trauma is that you. You've seen witnessed other people go through and may have personal connections to. It it is it its edges closer Harmon and own as an actor it's it's kind of like therapy when you're an actor because you get to. Unearth things about yourself injured you know going through those experiences. He had I'll say just the feelings of of being unwanted patent that's what was very difficult to kind of except you know did you ever you don't ever want to feel like from anyone else right. Amy you talk about them it's all relevant because you know it is they need. We're in this social media world where everyone wants to feel their apartments. There's how an avid. As an actor in Matt's face you know use you. There used to be a time where you could just be known for your crack in the work that you do now that's not it so much needed is to an extent. But not so yeah I navigate you know with all these things that your doing because I find that your narrative is very positive view you seem very astute. In your space of who you are as not only and I terror a a activists. You know someone who's proud to be who you are but also in the space of making sure others are aware of what's going on Q year year and projects and work and what not. Oh how do you navigate and and what has been. I guess from eking from a sense that generally speaking. On what has been your your conversations like with other actors in this case when it comes to trying to navigate through this as social media world in. Constantly be looked upon the people you got the role models whether you want it to be or not and they looked to you. You know for these type of statements and saying okay wall what are you saying about this and. And rail. I think that in conversations I have with fellow actors and and people who have. On the opportunity to have a platform is that you have the opportunity. And resentments that's it for me and even had a responsibility. With having a platform I don't think in my personal fate I don't and as in this position just eight mile pretty hit him and an in and say. Say lines on a on the screen it I think that. All of this has. Ring truth and speak truth to power so in my conversations with other people I think that no one should feel. Like they are. Charged with having to use their platform message huge huge choose to use it. You know now super heroes for kids you've they'd be. An aide to a group of people who feel unseen and unheard and yeah I mean I I. I deal attack but by character on direct it was she's literally right she's she is that voice at their radio show in and and a voice of a movement on campus and she's. He's done at a certain point in everyone's allowed to take you know to take their abs and flows of social media can be a killer. And me it's very important precedent you know focus on ourselves in terms of our self care. And he just did a perfect segue to Denard intelligent managing my hand multiple times ledge end their life people I love it that's. Important theories is theories that I think. Is used for literally for everybody we discussed this many times the idea that. It's it's it's a letter it's a love letter it's at the letter of of oddest the ends and being earnest about things that are affecting us the community. You know we aren't species of humans you know there's been this is what the race really is its all of us and we need to stand up and be able to have this open ended conversation and with that aren't c.s and coming back I'm so excited. And you know of course the Avant and reading in and trying to figure out what if anything it is going to be happening. This upcoming season maybe you can give us some light one of the things that I read and I want to just comment on is that there's going to be. A wonderful. A group of women and acting helmeted directing some of these yeah things so I love that. Oh yeah our. Women directing is at it I definitely tips the scale more than the men which is. Amazing does I love. I love all an amazing directors but having women is so important. Sissy because there are still many I'm stories of a young women represented on the show and it is because I think that they women haven't high. And and deserve an opera to those opportunities so good on Justin for taking that initiative and hiring people who also haven't done that it had the opportunity to direct television before and all it takes is that one person who gives them an opportunity. And that definitely is something that happened that its Arlington season but at a season is. Outs in a weakening. It's happening in the spring at Winchester the first two seasons happen in the fall within that three week period so this. The is in new everything is really new and fresh you're getting to see the students as they had kind of like. A break from all of the insane and needed you went in says the viewer. And down and you're gonna get to see characters who seem like he might have and and it inconsequential to the story line get to really see how the in pat. Oh Winchester and whom they are in their own respect in their own rate. And I loved that character development that's something that Netflix into people's separately I think has really well as developing specific characters. In an episode and without ruining. A format Asia. Yeah and I mean there's just so many literally at the there is full acts. It's. I can't begin after Vatican I really do enjoy it as that might. Not matter to me. And that girl but one thing about your ear cactus and is that you know he he really. You really take she's. All of our shells a scene he peeled away you get to some degree the core of our and we meet scene the core of who she is and what she's really. Dealing with an and I love like he said the character development. Is there anything that you envision for your character I now having played her for these life and you finished shooting in this season grant. Assuming that now you know you've seen her in full body three seasons of course I don't know what can happen its third season but is there anything specifically that you hope. At this series will yield for your character. Overall. I would love for Sam tune me V. Row of old to Jurassic Park and play right dinosaurs in and then. It'd dinosaurs get wings and into flat into the sky and dancer turns into unicorn and then she turns into fairy princess and she falls into the ocean and the mermaid in seasons away Asian area villages like girl I do give a joke at that insulates of that man and then she becomes a whole does he princess and then that like. Turns though does the idea and has us on their heads. That's what we'll be really cool. Yeah yeah I have. It went down main that. DNA authorities say in the world away desert it then IE I think that I'm what I love about the show is that it. What is it like when she is. East winds. You know. Exponentially more issues and people who need be you at least maybe where her voice doesn't have an opportunity to naturally be heard. I am in is she still into broadcasting and you know if if her relationship but gave continues all of that stuff outside of college would be interesting news. I think. Authors and others and offered something where we're still in college that I haven't already and I sober literally we're still I seanez and she's not grant immunity zone I did diagnose an idea. Or even go. Then there as well we're so excited about all the things that you're doing I mean obviously we have seen news weather. And down. Whatever it may he always use. It due diligence that we always thankful. Talk to you about it again on the perfection at Edmonton when does it come out at the if it didn't happen now they're pregnant and all Friday morning at 120 wind and ice while little of what to do an had trouble quitting and pentagon. Logan babies alive thank you rack and it really mean anything else you have that we you know I got caught up of these two things I know you have a clapping going to want something is anything else you have to and a beacon teaser what is known about. Not necessarily and. And indefinitely in pay and enjoying the price of it all but in terms of lake creative process have been kind of in a hiatus. I say unfortunately my manager passed away and in March so that was a ET Hughes huge part of my life so. I am and I do. Now that he's. Lugo now that he's moved on. I'm. This iteration. Of life experience. Yet lorries and it's it's me bring out what I want next from myself yeah. Well you know eat you mentioned we mentioned need to FEMA director's. Would you ever step behind the camera for a moment is that god is my dream that is my dream and I am. And actively working and prepping myself so that I am feel ready it's interesting is a woman I think that. As women in general we tend to hold ourselves back until we feel ready to do something because we don't want to get out there Indian barrister. People tell us that we're not worried me and so I am doing a little bit of that trying to make sure that I feel V Lee. Secure but to be honest I've been. Acting for more than half of my life and that means I've been watching directors from more than half of my life so. IA I am ready to tell my hand stories and I respect director so much for the captains of the ship they are the voice they are the lens and I'd love to. You be able then to share my perspective on the world outside of just an actor being able to choose roles that I'm drawn to him. And I and I can see already are cut from the same cloth a verdugo you have you have a good you have a good lens I I I about you where you see things in and specific narrative that is important. And I hope is the one that claimed not you know she is doing Netflix that Yucca Netflix again thinking why anyways Netflix under. He hinted well thank you so much for signing by adding you radio to talk to me in this line and please you guys this Friday is now taking all over the lazy just go like you lottery from way to be divvied up all night outlasted a distant and sent me everywhere. Logan Browning the perfection. It's out this Friday think you so much once again think he's going to see yes absolutely can't explain signing off the next time.

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