Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo Talk 'Queen of Katwe'

Nyong'o and Oyelowo appear on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about their starring roles in the film.
18:09 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo Talk 'Queen of Katwe'
You can priest who went for might have. But please please no need for. And I haven't done something. See from the US he should know since sanctity of our children Communists. Whose behalf I'm not we never give up one. And you did it on. This. And drank something. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn and tell you what's happening at me and there is in. Called me when he got the when you do you get if you could of that. You can negate anything sugar coated but what you're going to see in this story yeah chess prodigy. And two people that helped her the most her mother played by you. And her coach. Eight. How convenient that you both here and talk about that lemon. So how that this hat that you can came together to do it. Well eight goat. The scripts has says you normally do and I already knew that the pizza was involved in Mira was involves about of course got my attention. I read the script and was then bowled over by the fact that Disney was involved as well because this is a film. Set entirely in Uganda and Africans country as you say. The protagonist is a very young Ugandan ago and it's had Jenny from being Korn sound business slump and again that's becoming a chance. Champion and that is just not you know every day Hollywood studios movie and knowing the people involves I just have very high hopes for it. Did you director me you're not here. Listen do you because he didn't you work as a production assistant. I did I worked as an intern for her when she was making the namesake I was a post production in turn. And then that did a year later in 2006. I worked. Administratively for her and her film the lab the mighty chayet in Uganda. So we have that pass and her husband and my father which comes from school so he sent me and he may now. With the script attack saying I have this written with you in mind the sticker competency you do it and ten pages into reading the script I was weeping because. On the page I saw this very new one story and an inspiring story. An engaging story and a character. In Harriet that was sold surprising to me. To play a mother of five with a ten to each of things he and to have sold much weight on this woman's shoulders and yet she was so and they hurt on the page and her journey to coming to realize that. Everything she's afraid of for her daughter's yes to that goal if to show which can you know. That was an exciting one and one that I was very eager to go on. You're tough on us. It's tough lab and eight it was payments. It talking before we started there's a scene where you're one of your daughter's in the movie night yes. It's pain which is wrong. And you make Sam and it's like. Mean this bridge is what what that everything you. They you know you've got does make a lot of sounds like a lot of sounded mean all sorts of things not was one of the exciting things about going and working on location. Is having access to. The culture and and stuff and so they make sounds to mean so many different things and so that was one of this perfect I think. Now you are tough on your children. Election time this and then he's trying to help these kids learn to play chess of that they can make another move into the world. Well you know how are you grew up in cuts way which is the slam where this is set and she had a very tough childhood she's a woman who. Has had nothing but disappointments when we meet her. And so she. She is the radically trying to keep her family together I mean her first child she had when she was fifteen tissue as very young mother. And he says she loses her husband after the birthing five children. And so she is trying to keep her chicks close in an environment that makes that very difficult. And so when the Lubbock attendee comes along. And is planting all of these ideas in her and then her children's heads she suspicious. Of anyone who has any interest in her children. And she's also. Distrustful of dreaming you know she's gotten to a place where she's been so disappointed. Dreaming is quite dangerous because if you want something. That is not in your beach all that lies ahead in her mind is disappointment. And that's what she's trying to protect her children from so her journey is one where she comes to a point where she realizes that. Holding her children so close is actually limiting what they might be capable allotment she house to look at it the world with franchise through her daughter. You met the people in your mind you know and we met them but they're there they're there in one ease the pressure. When me but. Yeah I mean when you'll doing these kind of films at a pace in the true story. No monies. They tend to be so as of happened a while back and certainly. You don't have the people write their own set we view which is the case to mean less so. For the pizza about Republicans and me who I play it was out says consultant on the film. And so was there every day and of course that that does polarism at an added depression because that. The one person on maps that whose voice you'd have to heat if they said I wouldn't do realize that it is the person. We are actually put trying thankfully row but never did that. Simien fats and actually worked in my head on stage and now a lot of the kids in the film. What pioneers themselves they have been told by rowboat to play chess and so in between takes they would keep on playing chess to the bulletin of that and he would. He couldn't help themselves teaching them what to do not to do. In terms of their moves on the bulletin so am I I costs and the access to my iris it's in terms of it's advice and playing him you're meeting Harriet to. I meant Harriet she did not come to set that has so I didn't have that pressure but I got to Uganda about three weeks before we started shooting and I went to meet Harry she was my name mean. Reason for getting them that radian to rub it attendee took me to meet her heel and he speaks who've gone this that he was my translator and I sat with her for an afternoon. I just got to know about that and what I found in that woman is this she's she's very sturdy. She's a very sturdy woman as she mills who she is she doesn't apologize for it. And she is a reserved quality to her guarded nature but also a warmth and wickedness to. And so it was really great to just be in her presence and she's also very practical woman asked her why she that he and angle. It to if they chests. And that's the first reason why she she allowed for her daughter to go. And it took Robert a very very long time to gain her trust because she is that tenacious. About protecting them. Talk a little about your cult it would be console me and who has no experience and my jeans parent. My demon and Wawrinka. The I mean you know. This is what what I love about this foam. Is the fact that in making the film. We creates it yet another. Story that reflects the story were actually tally. You know fear and was plucked from ups the obscurity of a costly Islam to become a chess champion. Medina who plays Fiona in the film was plucked from the relative obscurity of being in a don't suit. A local dance troupe in counseling Uganda and he's he is the star of this. Great big studio movie and them it's on the basis of talent and Holland was. She is a fantastic good Dellums but. Should never acted for the screen before and Mira who of course has a great buy. Explosive in what she needed. But you can spots it is it doing to come to fruition. In a timely fashion I'm in we didn't have much time to gain the confidence that should be with the carrier film. And boy did she rise to the occasion not phoned me in the work in preparation for the film but every day you so hard gaining in confidence. Gaining in technique. Gaining in stats are gaining in that quote to you need. To be quiet in front of the camera and you know and so young to be to be doing that with such. So it's confidence and and humility as well I would I was really really impressed by what. You want weekend where I gave gave it my own private Academy Award movies. Some hidden. And last year with everything was nothing to the topic of diversity and this year. We seem to be making them in. And with including queen did you see an improvement in the in what Hollywood is doing and the kinds. I mean I've I think we're having a moment which we've had the full I think that the danger wins. Everyone passing themselves on the back about the fight that we have. Currently have a slew of films of people of color films that being directed by women is that what happened about three or four years ago could happen again the year in which. Live pizza game and that's rides he where we had. The Butler twelve is a slave we had prevailed states and we had Mandela had one thought oh here we go it's a Rene silence. And what happens is that everyone becomes apathetic. And then literally the very next year Moscoso white begins. And so. You know I think Walt what passed happen is that we need to talk less about diversity and just not doing it. And the way you do that is just stood rather than everyone to have a found there were moments like this happen is distill it. Think about how can this be consistent how cold we have a world where. Mirren I have a female director directing the studio movie is not anomalous isn't a rarity that should just be a normality. You know I've had this wonderful run of working with four female directors in the road it was Ava for some than it was mask on for five nights in Maine than it was. Mira for quick cuts in than a month sentence for United Kingdom. Now that's in me there was nothing abnormal about that I just constantly and looking to what with the best people out that. But it's been made a big deal of because of this program not. Just foe. Female directors be working before one act had to work with that many in a row but no one ever comments on nights and as well with fifteen man in the and you know. Women half the population it just should not be. Something that we we we celebrates in that way I would love to get to the point where it's just normal that we have films that reflect the sides in the. But there's still some distance to go yes is that you consular I mean he did her part on Broadway and clips where that's the first time. That and all. Female. With a cast color. Has their hand right that's kind of shock you when you're that then. It is it is and yet that we haven't and it was on it was a first Sunday it was an all female cast and creative team period. The bemoaned being people of color on top. And and that's what I mean by doing it that is north. But it seemed like it's a major stride in when that happens in two shots when you find out its first. Drag and you know what when we set out we didn't set out with two break that record at all it was that I fell in love with this today and and I thought it was a powerful. Stories something very worthwhile. For us to reflect on and diesel Tommy was the only director that we could give this project too because she was the bright person. Not even the right female just the right or person. You know and then then we break the record so you know I think it's about that being in intentional in the inclusive stories that can tell. It's interesting because of what you're doing indeed it has movie coming out shortly go to United Kingdom which is. With heat cramps it was a prince about to become king king waits here. Who. Causes the shock in 1947. Marrying a white won't so we're used both now looking at what your next project is. Two movement that eagle along in terms of what diversity is what do you just go forward grabbed you emotional. Well you know I think for me personally. In let the pieces speak for herself. You want to be in narratives. That reflects. The world you live in and the world as you see it and in my life I am the Santa oh my narrative and on the periphery of it. And a lot of the films that. What coming my way. Initially as an act we always had media or people who look like me. On the periphery even when they were films set on the African content. And that. Just doesn't make any sense to me there'll all sorts of excuses people give. For having it that way some of which is though it when translate to west an audience. And we need to have protagonists who we can relate to so it'll be an African story but we've went protagonists and you know for me. Having produced a United Kingdom that was very intentional and that I wanted to see the Africa kind note to be reflected on the big screen. You know I'm from a royal family myself in Nigeria. I know what it is to fall in love and for that to be a driving force in my life I just wanted to see. An African love story that was an apologetic he romantic width. A black protagonist of the center of it which you would be so how rarely that happens. And so in a sense that's intentional but I think for me. It's also of course as an act so I want to do the most challenging work with the best people and the best scripts. And I want to I want to be at the center of the narrative because that is what you aspire to you know when I look at sitting points here when I look at Denzel Washington when I look at. Daniel Day-Lewis was shown pant Ol Ryan Gosling or its home home audio Michael Fassbinder. Acts this way I really admire that's what they're doing and there is a reason why they're doing that it's because that's way. He gets a really bite into what it is to be a human being. On screen for the world to see humanity reflective the four. And you said that before too even in your Oscar speech it was basically people looking at you young girls growing up in wanting to be in this business. Rule can CE something they can be mean to. Well you know it's funny because I grew up watching. TV and film from all over the world. Australian Mexican Brazilian American English very ready did I get to watch myself. But still ice find myself in all those stories because you know we're all hungry to relate and connect. And there is things we can share I mean not know what I went to cope feels like to Wear but I know what it's like to fight with my sister you know and so. Do you find the bid that the that the common ground and so to be in the position now where I can be. A mere two people like me there's there's a there is such a healing. And when you see someone like yourself reflected to you. And it's not until you have that experience that you realize how much you are missing. So I didn't know that I was missing it until I saw the color purple and then all of sudden a night. This feels so much closer to me. And then to go from that to seeing an African film from Nigeria South Africa that's even close. So to be in this position where I can be that mirror that more immediate meant mirror for someone like me. And is very useful but I think there is also. Something very valuable about experiencing. Other cultures you know add there's an empathy. That happens when you're able to experience other cultures. I've got to let go but because this show always dance and song something's will leave people feeling good OK I'm gonna serenaded oh okay. McCain race he knew he'd. I once commanded code name is. And today's. Buying Lyons said and loan to his Dave been. McKay with I think that's the chemical right well what he Obama you don't get it collect and give me. Anywhere that he could thank you. I didn't candidate. Good. Metavante if when oh absolutely.

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