Michael Moore on Flint Water Crisis: 'The Governor Should Be Arrested'

The documentary filmmaker discusses the effects that the toxic water has had on the community of Flint.
4:28 | 01/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Moore on Flint Water Crisis: 'The Governor Should Be Arrested'
Don't make up Michael more pits big tock since his movies. From the NRA to American health care and he's going global of his latest dwindling they'd next that's and it will be it's really good please welcome Michael block. You're a hero to many people Michael some make you some Lothian. Nobody hates me now well they just disagree with our pit went up. I think McLaughlin the room today he'll go by the way I'm really excited about the full house combat. I would love to hear. Any good Bob Saget stories. Like many embedded art many not all these kids all the. After all. Your eye witness sometimes at yeah simply called. But no problem and let's stop with it what a crisis in flick yes you all I know that that's your hometown. We have we have on the show the other day the mayor Karen we Barack intentional as she said basically that this was or raise the racist problem. I racial problem. That if it was a rich white community at this it happens and everybody knows not what we're talking about now in Michigan and it wouldn't have happened what do you think. Absolutely of course it wouldn't happen wouldn't happen west Bloomfield would happen in Grosse Pointe Michigan. It happened there because the anywhere or if we're people who are poor who are of color they generally don't have lobbyists they don't have a lot of money. And this governor of our state. Once he found out once that they all kind of knew something was wrong. You know they didn't know the specifics they knew something was wrong they kept. Allowing the people in the children especially to drink poisoned water these that you understand. All the children of plant have been exposed to lead poisoning which causes irreversible brain damage. Get a ticket I believe we discussed can never leave in the matter how many bottles of water people send. The flattening out those kids are permanently damaged. In the brain Sony should go to jail for that is not the government should be arrested absolutely I mean if this guy had. Yeah. The full right now we have a legionnaires' disease outbreak Bryant we we've we've gone from having nobody die of legionnaires' disease in years and plan. To ten dying now 87 cases. And now they don't know what other toxins and things are gonna finding people. And end this is just the understand the governor. Nullified before the election took the mayor and the City Council out of office. Sitting in his crony to run the city. And they say how can we save some money all I know we can let's let's take just unhook the people fort from the clean water lake here on. And have the drink from the Flint river for New Yorkers if it would be like you being told her not to bring memorable want to. That yeah or even the Mexican grill on these strip lot of people will say that that governments on all levels local mall they voted seven do want to do this look at state and a matter of Didier knew about it and are also welcome. All in any vote no there's only one person culpable and that's the governor who pointed. The individual who made the decision to unfocused from clean water hit the drink toxic water and then let let's let's let's take what are gonna break. Locate they didn't know what they're doing by having a straight out of the Flint river polluted 400 years by seven GM factories. In the area asked but but but once they found out yet yet once they found out. I should have been an immediate that was last February America EPA asked now what we do you build build build build actual person on the ground. Discovered this a year ago. And told the governor since this has got to this has got to stop. That that person was overruled by the Chicago EPA person said we have to follow protocol here we the EPA can't announce this the state has announced it. Well the state was is it's like. Giving it elsewhere over to the fox who's just destroyed the chicken coup. You know and and now what pres Obama is doing is great but he's sending the money through the governor the governor the cause the situation. And nothing is still happening tonight and you don't I saw the other day the Detroit Lions run a 100000 bottles of water plant which is which was already beautiful. But bucking there's a 100000 people would find. That's one bottle of water per person you gotta do mark Internet and it's like that's enough to brush your teeth went from three times for one day so one person so. Don't house that I know you're really fired about we're glad you're here to talk about really upsetting you know yeah I yeah.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The documentary filmmaker discusses the effects that the toxic water has had on the community of Flint. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36528567","title":"Michael Moore on Flint Water Crisis: 'The Governor Should Be Arrested'","url":"/Entertainment/video/michael-moore-flint-water-crisis-governor-arrested-36528567"}