Move Over Olivia Pope, Scott Foley's Got It Handled

Scott Foley on who he'd call to get him out of the tight spots.
2:54 | 05/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Move Over Olivia Pope, Scott Foley's Got It Handled
Olivia Pope obviously. Handles everything so when I have a phone with you on it give you assistance in situation of this. You know what to keep a good situations. Who he would go to to handle these various situations in my life for an insulin rely OK in in in your life. You find a last minute baby sitter. Finding a lasting debates there I've got to my neighbor. The name again. Good trustworthy folks I don't know don't know OK well and what if I help good with online trolls on line trolls I would go to Shawn Ryan's. She said she -- I think that they asked that question answer that answer with which dyes are yet how to bison much mutual like forget advise them when moderately birthday gift you know what I might go to Twitter. Really yeah but that's usually invention might have no way yet that you think that was a good guy. Which in a position on that I was thinking about it actually be for the day and she's getting it. He shivered adjustment mean when you get that kind of adoration from all the fans out there and in the so while we've been together for. Twelve or thirteen years now she is. Notes as need to spend more she she understands that it's if she's an actress herself and she understands that's part. Success and and when it stops shall be word. That's been with the employment that is accurate or here's a situation. Helping you get in shape fast for a scene is clearly you've let yourself go from officer was seen that you guys have played wouldn't notice invited and while those bean -- the craft services trust me that you more than I think. Who I go to you for that yeah. I would go to my local crossed that him OK you you've crossed that is you heard about three months ago and love it and you're usually that it took is that the what was such things with the U giving you go bigger ego with. I love it I guess I was worried about it rid of what's bad stuff online about a but I wanted to try anyway and I went and it's fantastic and get you know in an hour hour and fifteen minutes and a great workout. Both Carpio and waits and it is close to my house it's. You know there was and that's where as when you do this morning. So when humans and rivers openers were there are a restaurant recommendations would you be handled that. Aside from Yelp. Well let let let's go to right there you you know you go Yelp all the reviews yesterday and T sushi restaurant in my hotel but now do you contribute to yell or you just one of those takers don't think. You can easily break that it yeah because I you know. If I contribute then like. It's tough weeping as an alias yeah. I can rent an alias it just feel it's cheating that went with from using Jake. Yesterday grant all right and assert certain helping under yet there does he keep an -- president are now got to change who last when making you laugh. Would you go to who would you get to handle make him laugh my five year old. All the time. Spent passed all the time.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Scott Foley on who he'd call to get him out of the tight spots. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31044620","title":"Move Over Olivia Pope, Scott Foley's Got It Handled","url":"/Entertainment/video/move-olivia-pope-scott-foleys-handled-31044620"}