Was Natalie Cole Snubbed at the 2016 Grammy Awards?

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether the late singer should have been given a musical tribute.
4:24 | 02/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Was Natalie Cole Snubbed at the 2016 Grammy Awards?
Watch the grammys aren't quite upset that there was no musical tribute. Two Natalie Cole who passed away. In December season nine time Grammy win. And I'm just I don't know they pick you know that chemists sang a couple of hours I mean I just show her single letter debt you know this is a big that's. That's a lot of Grammy she's also the first African American woman to win best new artist award which how to Robinson. He's also get a musical royalty that is not a wild and think oh. Who is very famous it's unfortunate but they did a nice Islam oriented her yeah have led still no. We'll let him and not any shouldn't even nominated 21 times there was only one person that Scott as special tribute which was beaten and who won more than her but she's the person writing. I haven't yet he has won the most grannies and why ever not to be singled out to get her own tribute was such she ate I think he. Are wondering why got I got to do David bully and I was looking up a lot of the pictures of David Boies passages and his career. And I don't condone it all up obviously I want net Natalie we'll get her say and do but. David boy was fashion he was art he was this if he was that along with everything else I think maybe they got since he knows it's good artists. He is in grammys are music. Yeah that Boeing was a lot of. Things and he Clinton there was nothing wrong with its tribute but I think people are saying. The woman has been part. You know the Grammy community. Print months all our life yeah. And so I didn't carted it includes I think maybe sometimes people forget about time and think what we don't have time lord know what is gonna give it. But you know I just. These are these are your people Grammy folks these a year people when they pass and tension must think that 8 am attention must leave. Plus see him. How. Funny how time slips away you know. People who don't sometimes get respect. During the grammys or after the grammys to him easy shot a video of sir Paul McCartney getting turned away from an after party thrown by wrap back tied up. Now it may mean that we didn't. Recognized and it not. In Kansas and was our. Saying I think somebody what does that always at the guy from wings I'm excited. Medina avenue in any way people treated dashed this guy singing with kind easily talent to hit. There are people they did know at Eaton confusing to me because I know about Paul McCartney and I'm right before you start getting into that generation in on them the last. I'm a thirty salsa that but I'm about Paul McCartney and on my parents listen to other Jackson I've not really The Beatles but I knew about it because The Beatles is such a staple in our music industry and also you have love which is on which is in Las Vegas right out and I just I find it many people are joking with apathy don't know him but now. His daughter has a wonderful line up a cartridge. You know hundred. Joy and I aren't content closer names. What we grew up radio stations. Played everybody's music you listen to WNCAARWABC. Out. You heard you know Chuck Berry you heard the fifth to mention you heard. James Brown you know you heard a lots lots of different fox. I think now that you don't listen to an array of music that you are focused on one thing that's at that point may have don't maybe you if you don't have that extensive. So them. Knowledge or interest in and things that you don't know and perhaps this is a big wake up call because you know. If you're in music or you are up balance our person you should know famous people that should be like aquae it's. Yeah. Are you go to any red carpet they have she has every pensioner and every means and his party. And I love that god and I'd probably get some pictures of the contact.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether the late singer should have been given a musical tribute.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37004147","title":"Was Natalie Cole Snubbed at the 2016 Grammy Awards?","url":"/Entertainment/video/natalie-cole-snubbed-2016-grammy-awards-37004147"}