'The Neighbors' Star Lenny Venito Remembers 'Sopranos' Co-Star James Gandolfini

New York-born actor reveals he sometimes feels like an "alien" living in LA.
6:07 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for 'The Neighbors' Star Lenny Venito Remembers 'Sopranos' Co-Star James Gandolfini
So I would order is dating and they'll. He's he's very sweet he seems harmless she definitely -- No C I can't do it because it can imagine my daughter touching content that skakel who sells car insurance. He plays they human dad next star on TV living in -- New Jersey gay community. Of aliens disguised as humans know it's not the real housewives of New Jersey if ABC's comedy that neighbors and it is back for a second season and -- any -- is. Hero -- today welcome Lanny thank you crazy premise for the show what did you think when you first that's at two years ago. It's just that crazy premise this facility. And -- -- really reading it and giving it the attention it deserved I realize it was also very clever and it had a lot of heart. And I wanted to be part of it you know I -- it didn't happen that quickly hours flown back and forth from here to Los Angeles. Different chemistry tests and different scenes and working with the act is and finally. Finally gave -- and I got the role and I was I was pleased and. This show -- had a lot of ups and downs in terms of critics -- some great nominations that you guys got. We feel about it you know having its second season. So -- it's nice to have the last word there with those critics. -- -- in the beginning it was it was hard done that -- not a received a -- and our little gimmicky aliens since patients what is this is going to be silly. -- and as. As the show went on and as we -- is as team. And the right is -- it became. A beautiful family comedy you know something with -- -- like I said earlier in you see past all that and the premise of them being aliens really helps to show you can do so much with that and -- that the typical that concerns your daughter dating the boy next door you like him so much but for different reasons this time I exactly actually that's our premiere. Friday night that's when -- -- of September that's. -- that we pick up where we left off last season with. The only next door and my daughter you know they kissed in the finale and now it's it's our that there are there Koppel and how to we feel about this -- -- -- -- -- asking -- the aliens don't like it. So we have to have a big family conference in the first episode two discuss this you know where where we gonna go from here. Like a lot of particular interest in becoming a part of the show you pat and guest appearances we did tonight will be Jerry Springer you'll see him. How you've never seen them fair -- -- -- very -- Ironically he's not a mediated during the conference so. That's that's going to be fun we'll have some guests come back that would that we hadn't for season Mike Stacy -- who played. Who plays my dad and they'll be back -- -- Thanksgiving episode we have. We're also combining some holidays the -- decided they wanted to -- Halloween. And Chanukah it so -- the Halloween and cut. Episode which is eight nights of being in -- costume. And and -- and he can't go wrong that. So it's it it's really going to be fun season -- great people coming in Wendy Williams -- an episode. It's going to be -- the review. Now that's fun yes -- -- you got to shake things up a little bit get some. Different people on the show that you may be fans. And I think people can relate you're from New York yes and what this show is filmed in LA -- I feel like you're living among alien. All men found -- about it that place is crazy how -- I love it there are eleven there. Because of the weather of course I think everybody like you can't really not like. Los Angeles weather and I'm big -- -- the golf call from golf and in January not to -- New York. But -- my -- here in New York this is you know that's my home and that's -- my my family and friends are and it's nice to have a great job like this though it makes being an LA even better so -- IA I enjoy both both coasts but if I had to choose. These little town blues that's that's where I am right here you know gas -- -- that's that that's why. Some a little bit about Iran -- the promise he played -- yes I was. I was Christopher Markus on these -- -- and I got to do that -- you remember when he went to sell the script and and LA. We're actually shot and in Los Angeles and Hollywood and I worked with horrible hold that -- this -- worked with Ben Kingsley. So that was -- and as we were instructed. If you know that was that was a great role that show and I still miss that when a unit James Gandolfini is passing the heartbreak -- that justice heart wrenching Susan. Never -- guy to me in this business and everybody's. You know that you just puts a smile on face you think how he was with. Everyone who worked around him you know he was that -- personable. Person he was there for you and it's a great loss -- which shows that a great actor he was because that's that's not the Tony Soprano we knew is that viewers right though I kept -- -- -- -- Knowing him in in in real life he he went out of his way for everyone's special conference. Back -- show there's an episode where the aliens give themselves names. The names of famous athletes young and. Yeah when they come down because they wanted to. You know name themselves out of Earth's finest specimens and -- -- with athletes. Can now so they have Larry Bird in the Reggie Jackson and you know it's funny because after clear these names and a lot of times I think originally was Wilt Chamberlain and then and I can work gotten. It's are people saying oh yeah I don't want -- -- like I -- get a little. -- -- Sonic you know they like it it's it's it's -- -- who likes and who doesn't it's kind of you know we get. He did some that -- reject the -- re. And he doesn't want his -- -- so it's a lot of fun. I'm still waiting for I want Lawrence Taylor and Keith Hernandez those and those in my -- -- or your single I want I want to see those guys come. All right listen thank you so much for joining us the show is the neighbors the season premieres Friday September 20 it. I needed a thank you so -- -- retired --

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"New York-born actor reveals he sometimes feels like an \"alien\" living in LA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20309666","title":"'The Neighbors' Star Lenny Venito Remembers 'Sopranos' Co-Star James Gandolfini","url":"/Entertainment/video/neighbors-star-lenny-venito-remembers-sopranos-star-james-20309666"}