Nickelodeon's new 'Good Burger' pop up

Sneak peek inside the home of the good burger!
5:06 | 07/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nickelodeon's new 'Good Burger' pop up
Hey guys it's Roberts beta for ABC news live here at the good burger pop up restaurant. After you don't remember what the good burger restaurant why that's from the show all that on Nickelodeon my whole childhood fantasies come to life. This is one of my favorite skits. That start Keenan and cattle and now it's brought to you here in real life for you to enjoy and experience in just unveiled. Last night celebrities came to the end revealing including L Mitchell Nick Cannon was here as well as his kids. Rock and Ralph. And also the new cast of all that which has just been premiered. Just last month here. On Nickelodeon and to a whole new generation so it is guarantee that there'll be a lot of people. Trying to come to find out what the good burger restaurant is all about. Here we are out to be opening. The restaurant here where you can order things like the good burger of course being the popular burger. But if you're like me and you don't like move from the carved. Then you can also ordered to be on good burger. It's actually really need to see it. This place come to life it is exactly what I would have thought it would have looks like. It's here in West Hollywood on Santa Monica boulevard. For you to come and experience but it's not just about the food. But it's also about a lot of the little instant drama bull moments that you can take here. If you come along hear us a little bit more here's that burger that I was talking about the beyond a burger and also adds stops here that you can try. This sauce was also made famous on that scant. I never knew it would taste like and now you feel can triumph at the little. Spicy and where there's a little by little ketchup in there but at the secrets I don't really know within their but I could only assume that that's within them. They topped the restaurant tour chef Albin who is famous for his burger show on YouTube. His expertise gained burgers. They called him and said hey. Would you like to make a good burger for rats he did and he created the rest of the menu as well I spoke to shut out an about the inspirations. That he took from the show. In creating the good burger burger. I accepted the challenge like you with open arms look at it was like. I watched this movie so many times felt like anyone who wore who have seen this movie or has religiously watch this movie. Dale and it's our every nuance is on the spur south. You know at this point it's like Spain nineteen good prayer. We're making it with the best beef. The best priorities of fast funds and so then the rest of the men's sort of followed and hit the small menu but you'll have options for everybody yes and recruiting everything to order. So that's what we kept it small and condense everything to be perfectly have a good pickles. We have good onion rings we have good Fries. All of that select the best site this is. Shakes. We're making our own pies banana cream pies a good that he I was also on the menu if you watch a movie and it's snicker deal. DOS yes head Sox. Also a challenge for gosh this of this is something that. I had my entire career at the usual like Macy's chefs and my my shaft of parties we all got together and we meet six different variations of this sauce based on what we watch them. Because in the movie there's certain. Elements where he starts to see what's in it and then. Key in their absence. And so we as is incorrect yet the secret sauce. So we took bits and pieces of that and then we just started sweet kid like Oak Hill meetings for the love of abuse and you were wrong there's little that. An enemy turned it into this sauce that's. Smoky. Spicy and having a little onion flavor to it sounds almost like. I come barbecue. Flavored shift. And I could sour cream and onion chip but to your father. Frantic a look at some of his those of their amazing. Elements here at the restaurant which is the all that game room. After your eating. After you're done eating you can take a look in there and play of some of those. Old school arcade games and it become this way. You know you've got that all of that garage door which is also famous and that television shall. And last but certainly. Not least. We've got a few more. Of those iconic scenes from this was on the packaging of the all that movie. And then if you with the orange soda who loves orange soda. Robert lies orange soda and last but not least we've also have. The good shape. You can't leave without taking a photo here. At the good burger restaurant he can make reservations good burger pop up dot com and they will be open until the end of the year I hope that you have a good day. And this is Robert that they then you're watching ABC news five.

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