NYC Remembers John Lennon

On the 35th anniversary of Lennon's death, crowds gather at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.
12:54 | 12/08/15

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Transcript for NYC Remembers John Lennon
I came here watching. I'm outside the famous. On your feet up or whether this is where 35 news. I've been. And he's activist John Lennon was shot and under construction announced can't see it this is where he lived with like that I don't know who still live here. Today and every year people come here and to the memorial us. Parked just behind me. Soon commemorate John Lennon's life and legacy and impact that he made on music and pop culture. Before we go down to the memorial to talk with fans I want to show you the original. 1980s. Report that aired on world news tonight partly let's. Late this evening one of the world's great entertainers and musicians John Lennon of The Beatles were shot outside his New York home. So we begin tonight by bringing you up to date on that story. John Lennon were shot three times at around 11 PM eastern time. He was rushed in New York's Roosevelt hospital but died a few minutes later. Police have a suspect in custody when they describe only as a local screwball. Lynn. Just bring us up to date with you what happened how did it happen under what circumstances did compliment. Apparently Ted it happened around 10 o'clock this evening John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono I'm told were returning from a recording session or somewhere else in a limousine. Got out of a limousine to their apartment after Dakota where they were shot by a man who has been described as you have said by the police as. Deranged or a Kook or something like that. Immediately John Lennon was brought right here to Roosevelt hospital this is only about thirteen blocks away from his apartment so it was not didn't take too long to get him here. According to doctor Stephen Lynn who's the director of emergency room services here he just gave us a briefing. He said that Lenin was brought here this evening shortly before 11 PM he was dead on arrival. There were extensive. Resuscitation efforts that were made but none of them did any good if you're transfusions that were attempted none of them are able to save his life. He apparently had multiple wounds in his chest. The doctor said there were seven wounds but he could not tell exactly how many bullet shots that meant. He knew that it was a gun but he couldn't say what kind of gun nor could he say how close the shots had been fired nor whether they were from the front or from the rear. He said there was signs of injuries of the major blood vessel in his chest and that is clearly what he died from. Also the doctor said that apparently Lenin was dead at the moment of the first shot he could tell that. By the size of the injuries once again they tried everything that that they could to revive him and there was absolutely nothing they could do. And once again the suspect is in custody Yoko Ono was here with John Lennon when he was per audience she was at his side. And the hospital has been pretty much surrounded with fans and other onlookers since the event happen. Len what happened at the scene where there any eyewitnesses. There were described what happened yeah Ted apparently there were a number of Eyewitness News and the police that got everybody. Together rather quickly they are all at the precinct right now we haven't been over there yet. I assume that's where we're headed next heartland sure thank you very much indeed. But then the latest on John Lennon shot and killed this evening at the age of forty leaves behind his widow Yoko Ono and thus won't job. That was the original currently standing right now outside of the south and right where the spot where John Lennon was shot and seen people taking some photos outside here handing out. Flyers. Hit his death came in with worldwide mourning as well fan. Set up outside of the decoded here for about a week. I'm in an endless vigil for him and Evers and every year on an anniversary of the death. Day and I'm here and these strawberry fields memorial. Streets. Commemorate Lennon had actually been asked. Or an autographed by killer right here when he left the company found out about 5 o'clock. On that day and when he came back from not a great passion is when. I'm not man. The next let's go. Central Park right across the streets is where a memorial. A living. I'm very field. After. One of his. And the title I think you ever come directly from. If it was the other children. And his answer actually raise him did not approve of him going to play an important Altman. John would respond thing is nothing to get hung about it. And the famous clearance from that song though are coming up right across the street here. Our class. This was reportedly John and go to yoga favorite part of central part. And now you're seeing people selling. Button and posters. And artwork. Featuring John so and that happens all your route. But especially today we're seeing high traffic here of people coming to the thing and hunting together summit in the camera and you see. Sign we're entering strawberry fields now has been revealed his. The whole green area. And then. Most parents. He imagined Wednesday as. Which they Norman you didn't go to. Peace. That was given and again as a good evening we'll. We haven't picked Chapman's show because Paul these people here I'm not going to be able to. And I'm. The number. Yeah. Come. And you listen to play all day care. So you'll get people in London and more elements. Every day and we'll sometimes lake candles and flowers but you. And. Singers and definitely not have been. However on his birthday man the anniversary net loan. I think in Lebanon. Introduce. Someone being down here and the Memorial Day magic numbers may touch diamond rings and I. I'm tell me a little bit why anyone's worries me now here's. Imagine what it is clear that that all of these hands everything today from the bringing your little kids some of them already know the lyrics. And we have to celebrate its Q in the song's music feel it's often. And you and I don't let the number of teen mom and and none at all like pitches 56 timeliness and the message is I mean he was such an active. This is it just so important to name it we have to try to bring peace total peace. I can see you getting a much knowledge in an effort here crying. Obviously still very moved it's just a testament to John like it. All these years and I can you tell you what you remember from not ninety nights and I think. For our generation. Has dealt only Eminem 53 distributed free December burst. December were being so close my Burgundy robes and people celebrate their whole week for their birthday and someone passes away and I. December. And we're celebrating like this we are celebrating Chanukah. For injuries people whom lighting a candle. He's just it's a hard time to take in December when celebrating holidays. And sends it message to come together. And no matter what religion we are we don't need them to other. Friends played you'll go or don't and on Broadway in the minimum ratio. Julie and now and I come up fifty Broadway shows that thin boards that. I'm here today to witness spirited dominance. Music lives on and I even tweeted Yoko Ono child visited every loved doing hugs. And he did it's. Ellen is possible that Yoko end lodging and there. Still live in the Dakotas. Probably want the G is able to look down and even as well but he thinks of the message and John. Than John legacy film. Still obviously. We all have to be activist. Law. Have to try to bring peace in this world its music can bring these and other young kids going hearings today. That's. Simple message come together and music it's music and lyrics. I'm that activism of the wrong. Learning so much admired Jerry match. And yeah. I don't remember lands down here about a half an hour live it. It's it's really quite active men I was getting a little emotional myself early air when my favorite on any sort of playing my favorite moment. To see all these people singing along and even 35 years later it's. It's just obvious that John Lennon's legacy. Still very much of the cars it's. I'm popular and popular and caring and toppling of the missing men the amendment you're a tourist I'm playing next to meet him and that it you just happened to luck. Sony come on Monday night and then it's very exciting and takes me back and many years. Yeah aren't John Lennon's M yeah sneak up behind bars monopoly. They were influential in nine college like me kmart's thing. Insight and do you remember as the night than he was killed. But everybody went down what do you remember a night. And just this great feeling of sadness. Potential. Lost in the potential recipients that we're so lucky to have a. And what it please think seeing all the people here young doubled singing along on making behind. Very gratifying Tennessee and number of people that are my daughter's. I know in my. Pentagon. I had I'm I'm just really moving him. What do you think of the messages here today. We often. Smelling his arms. Thank you so much strange experience. Three. They'll let me give you another a look at the crowd Sarah Palin really getting. Does Claire from this. Musical chorus. Everyone still singing the lyrics. Message of peace that everyone feels. From John flag from God's music. That there should be many warm Mario like to come. If you are in New York visiting you aren't people be here all night like every year saying find out who joined the little party started its life. This is turning James from central art.

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{"id":35655922,"title":"NYC Remembers John Lennon","duration":"12:54","description":"On the 35th anniversary of Lennon's death, crowds gather at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nyc-remembers-john-lennon-35655922","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}