Orlando Shooting Discussed on 'The View'

ABC News' Brian Ross joins co-hosts with latest on Orlando shooting.
7:54 | 06/13/16

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Transcript for Orlando Shooting Discussed on 'The View'
Hello and welcome to the do you you've probably heard the headlines hundreds of times by now its worst mass shooting in American history. And happen in Orlando Florida yesterday and here with the very latest on what's going on please welcome ABC news man Brian Ross Brian. This. What is going on what's happened it. This is a horrible thing crime of terror act of hate. Both in this nightclub which was refuge a place of safety for the gay community in Orlando. Reporter but what do we what is the authorities know about this the perpetrate their arm his name is up Omar act. Omar 1929. Years old born here in New York went to high school. In Florida his parents are from Afghanistan he worked for the last nine years as a security guard but long before the attack yesterday. He was known by friends by his ex wife is somebody who was violent. At a short temper. And was homophobic didn't the wife divorce and the first wife because he abused tack he'd already heard he's set on a regular basis she told us that she was lucky to get out of that marriage a lot from the way that he treated her. She described the situation the man who loved police wanted to be a policeman. And also could not stand the presence of people who were gay but. Dot also she also said that he was mentally ill. If we can't take that you know the father came out video and said some things but it's been speculated that he went to this gate club because he saw two men kissing prior to. Came here and retaliated. I consider this a hate crime. Then a terrorist act then. Horrible news to America in general but this hate crime how come. How other people are making at other things before it needs to be categorized as hate crime. First literally was an act of hate but we also know that during the siege. There was appear when he went in any opened fired probably kill most the people that. And then for three hours held hostages in a bathroom. Four of five hostages there were fifteen other hostages held in another bathroom during the three hour period before police finally moved in. He made several calls to 91 want to talk to police and essentially pledged his allegiance to ices which is why we get a connection to a terror attack. Can you talk about hate to but that connection to ice is that this is a group that. Brutalize its gaze they're known to do some horrific things to the gay community in fact they've bragged about the persecution of the gay community do they not. Only that they they put videos online showing the execution of a gay man in Iraq and Syria they've been stoned and that they've been thrown off high buildings. And they provide a twisted version of three law. They wish they justified the murder the killing of anyone who's gay because according to them that's the worst in that could possibly be of Gottesman. Kind. A lot of people are wondering how to how to market he slipped through the cracks because he was on the watch list of the FBI they spoke with him three times. And here he goes last week and applies for it AR fifteen. He gets a blocked his style slides right through the FBI background check no flag that the FBI counterterrorism. Unit. Has thirty spoken with a guy. They know him well they've interviewed him three times he was twice under investigation 2013. And 2014. Because of possible connections to known terrorists. He was interviewed by the FBI counter terror agents they concluded the connections he had where varies tangential. Not that important and he says he was dismissed as somebody who was not really a threat. That did not stop and anyway the fact that he could go into a gun store and buy weapons. That's that's the outrage. Outrage tonight and here's something else that's going on I don't know if this is a copy cat I don't know if he's connected to terror as well but we can go across the country. Because yesterday authorities detained a man with assault weapons near a gay pride festival. Should we connected to should lease cheek in this separate. Would he think. They are connected in terms of they coordinated their it had actions that there's a man in west of Iraq's actually rest in Santa Monica. But said he was going to the gay pride festival in West Hollywood. He was stopped their questioning him they're not sure what his intentions were but it sounds like very serious issue. Bullet could be it could be both homophobia and also terrorism of the upscale that would talk about it guys. We are killing American American amazed so let's. Americans first I think that's something this is an American problem. Not just in LG BT community and I think that it can't scare us from going out and and living our lives but we also have to watch out for each other and and you know raise the red flags and wonder what about survivors. Do we know anything about what they're telling authorities. We'll talk about the ordeal some played dead lying on the floor of that night clubs. The one described being folks by the gunman who just plain dead. Some of them barely got out most of them were able to escape. And the police chief they're described this morning how in the final moments. They decided to go in through the walls and they set off an explosive charge. It didn't quite take down the wall they drove an armored truck through the wall created this opening. And about fifteen or sixteen hostages escaped and ran out and then the gunman himself came out. And that's when the final gun fight took place that killed him. I'm asking you talk just a second ago read about the copycats Brian but. We know that he was on the phone with tightness are anti on the phone with 911 has claimed that he was pledging his allegiance nice as but. Crisis is owned radio bulletins and called Omar Mateen quote one of the soldiers of the Khaled feet in America and we know that these loans wolves attack. Are we at risk because this seems to be the new norm they don't want any communication crisis as money can any communication. They want these guys to work his lone wolf so our immediate risk from further attacks like this. We'll certainly vices sends out the word to Americans especially to act in their own country to attack here in any way they can't. They've sent a message of hate about gays that's in the most of hate about American military American police they sent a lot of hate us. And also they've been the guy that was in that was found in Los Angeles had quite a quite a few guns and his. Car and explosives as well so. Is it something that we need to remind people that as Americans. Gay straight yellow orange whatever that we actually have to. Now take a look and make sure that we're paying attention we'll. But frankly we are all targets. A vices from the point of you vices he and first and foremost in America. They like to kill Americans in the good yeah who whatever their gender whatever and sexual preference and whatever the religion black. Do think that the NRA a crisis or on a collision course at the moment. Hard to say in this case he bought his guns legally. As we've seen their support their problem with the system but even though he had been under investigation by the FBI counter terror squads. He was able to buy these guns he went through a three day background Santa. Now that has uncensored news everything the only and that's why I want loan works that's what they once again get there yet they take advantage of and let us not forget that this this is also hate crime. It's both and and yes but it's also because that sometimes when you hear is terrorism we sort of Sal and that's that's not ask for this this affects. Who you wanna be is an America. You're looked very time in the acts as the gay community yes without a doubt and we and between Los Angeles. And here I'm sign and panel Alando. You know this is his sense hits us all these are our Brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. Brian Ross comeback anytime that you are still the smartest man in new lesson. Outpace supply.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"ABC News' Brian Ross joins co-hosts with latest on Orlando shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39822704","title":"Orlando Shooting Discussed on 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/orlando-shooting-discussed-view-39822704"}