Among Oscar documentary picks, a film about life understood through animation

ABC News' Lesley Messer speaks with Roger Ross Williams, the director of the Oscar nominated documentary "Life Animated."
21:44 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Among Oscar documentary picks, a film about life understood through animation
I had it mostly math and the anti. Editor for EU's technology and I am here with Roger Ross Williams titans let's Ericsson are. And it accurately and an Oscar nominated documentary. Congratulations. Call you expect the announcement obviously this movie and their impact on. I'm know you never sent me an Oscar I mean it's an honor you know I got the call that. I'm really began. Because we commuted. I'm here a year ago over a year ago and I was lucky and often. And I absolutely screen. My producer Julie Goldman and Chris Cobb certainly kill him down 66 thinking yeah. We are jumping up and company Marlins loaded. We want to get tough business. Read it ready to see her party. Exactly. The beginning and through its content and alien and what about her story. Is that keeping us you don't. This story about family sign. At age three really became non verbal Atlantis he began through did that happen and. He isn't a typical kid in that he. Boston's ability to communicate and I contacting them. Steadily for years. Watch these Disney classic films over and over and over again uttered his first word which was accused of us and they were. He accused them and then they he kept reminding part of a Little Mermaid Ursula test your fridge. He and their. The both and they realized that he and I don't even want to me he didn't put this whole heap absorbing and perhaps how he learned to speak so. They all became animated characters from animated. And they all started speaking. So. Poignant about his father learning how can I Wear any I hope that yes this popular you know blues room and take the outlook. And in the voice of dual shock treatments are not going to do Gilbert. And 600 UV. Who says Owens who. The person was instantly the sun. Reach him. In real life. He. Didn't the next line the accident he he. All you want you to do absolutely and to bar yeah. 880 and yeah. Emotional apparently. Good. Livni and here. And talk about the candidate and their son. An article how yeah. Yeah. It's. You know it's it's really easy because they Wear them. There isn't the only TV. And realize that this is the way we're gonna connect with their son Anthony stop at nothing doctors told them. On. To restrict kids don't let them watch this you know he did you come I think they know. This is the only weak. Hands. And we think it's matches. Well. It. Who knew how did you kind of become captain Shannon and what about her story that. I'm not Ron Ron and we're together it EC. Fifty years ago and we see friends and when it's. Sentiments. He tummy hits this story and cry. Four runs an amazing story teller and consequences later cracked column. Split then when he sent him instantly by an old thing I think is credible. Is my next film. And thumb insulin. Really quickly after that began. Jeremy was filming. On his it was Valentine's Day 2014. And he was announced Wednesday Anthony and I think that sweetheart. Pursuant to think he absolutely incredible. Unearthed in the edu port witness you that I imagine that speaking prospective. I didn't even an incredibly challenging cookies and burned hand and at no panic going CT I wandered from her perspective I'm sure part if you wanted to pay top talkers out. You have to sort of let him. To his parents you let him started anything. There are pieces like his Bronx doesn't own needs. Following Al east and Africa yeah. Trunk when things went. Whenever it is. To try things and still. I was able to below them it was like let me now present more active but the but it is like you know they're making cookies. And I just stand back I think that's my journalists training you know I was and is able to. Document what was going. And you know involved and that's. Well especially when you're talking to run with whom my movement you have a close friend relationship. Passage and I don't work here that I had been a challenge in another pumps you. Not want to reach out to your friends and free him and him. But Ron is and journalists there and he understood. That. This had to be happy that this species that he is now. Which is very Hartford silly like. He's announced that it owns and my Hansen conference. Like my arm he's lucky he's he's. Talking. Head. He he can depend speakers. And it's absolutely. Right Brian thanks to them this house in the country. He had to say Hamas and its owner clay you know just in hand him over who are really gone to really go back to that moment. Com when Owen was diagnosed him when they went through and tell that part of the story. But the heated arguments in the dogs who look like he's he was buried. Meaning they understand. And end some distant. I had to tell you tell the truth can show tough times. At times so they may exact minute when me cited threat. All it. Ran tough and how long were you document and at ambling. A loop here. And this really transformed his life and where he runs out to become. Didn't oh yeah he's graduating and so all inclusive. Of the universe and that happens. Don't historic moment when he was the most important. Poppy on. Owensboro. Consultant. As he so. According these immigrants the company story three. His. Yeah. And who. But with really someone who live on inside story. And yeah. He the suit lessons you learn from these constant animated films and apply them. While and prevent you haven't seen the movie I really neat thing part of it I was furious and nation throughout the movie. There's. There are moments where he's talking about being bullied. High school student and youth. Yeah and it really does drive on the he's trying to he's tackled about the created decision to bring animation this story. Absolutely the last chapters of the book. He has written violent. And it's the story through his. It's really about this global equity three gets what by storm. Into the land them locked back. He's and the site keeps them off the heroes don't think that they must battle these these bills. And find inner hero and so and one create the story and the site kicks. Q and finds that only sidekick that not accurate is he like Nike Tsongas wins he'd sidekick. The panel these monsters and one who thought he creep these villains to correspond to the challenges. Like being bullied at school he created a monster. That's a great way to do you created though and he drew and then he. And human Stewart we've. How to overcome. Overcome that challenge in life so this is own stories that I was always. It was screaming out to the end and went through me. Yeah. That's strong views on us. Yeah that yeah they are. Song homeless. And they are being human and we just here we want the and he worked. The news. Who. The team in. I I. You know only that speaks. I mean yeah. Yeah yeah it was incredible. Ninety since. His reactions he himself and it made I mean for it didn't mean. Fan like cannon house and then just the biggest tree. It was he was that he says he was amazed I want to know watching over and watch the film he's right. He knew something really captured the chrysanthemum and the and two yankees he just was just so probably diet. And he knows this is someone who understood. He got that he he flight. Way to the governor and this is my story and any and seeing it come to life surrounded by eight of the first times that isn't the the list redraw the characters and Owen solved that Allen's interpretation of the site. All they need and want us truly eliminate them altogether. On that would that would impress. What was that experience like when Disney excited Steve part of the project. How do you react people hotly. Really supportive and in we. Julian homeland and who hates him. And them. Our goal that we had a marketing and keeps them on the to monitoring who is well not much. Only nation. And possibly child. Care I don't so they could mount to the right you're really tears. DNA. That you didn't under the process that we let the age and Omnivision them right. So that was the process. Back. They weren't part of the and it will profit them and they just. You don't supported us and that's great bonus. Justin differences here and now I'm on the enemies and oh win. The second home he's going through the end he should live his life. He loves it he loved. Talking to him in his while talking. I. Think of anything and he tells me or if he's walking and business. So it was really it's really the most emotional them because they. I was just there just to the screens. He was enemies saying that they don't. You know that their work is. Our peoples the the American teen's. Rank and and and lot of people. Yeah the whole club called club out there isn't a lot and I can tell you how many parents. People who you know. The enemy and eat it. Jerusalem. Without in the world and there's so I'll obviously a lot of the first one in every where he. So so knots that used. Z spectrum that's a lot of people com animation. It's like it's. It provides less than likely that the emotions and expressions of exaggerated and so it provides news and I understand the war and you. Heard from people laugh at the film came out to say I really not to let this war. My child in that battery to communicate. Using his near other parts. Oh so. I mean you know be happy. Rehear lutherans. And and so. In front of audiences seventeen. People and that's tough guy and weak and it's been income. Optional. Hands and guidance. Who will it. You know he has so these you know enough you know. This and think he on some some. Special. And we want my own people on the spectrum people looking. Huge sums to offer and own. Alou thought that people look up. That's widely. Here and and he wanted to. Yeah. I really want to kill him so important that. He went out. Please ask. Especially. It's really the path everyone's. Country especially. When we. Oh yeah. Come on them patiently. A place. There and in. Why wouldn't it that's each sent there's this this act and that people and I want to be left alone and that's not true I want friends I want people. And he. And he wants Sharon but did he enemies as well. There's nothing like theme man. And on and he has had. An audience he loves humanity. He looked branding campaign he'll call he likes to keep the Colin people next question over there. Com and hostility and questioned them and they're headed that fuels and teaching them. So. It's part of though he bought from he loves the Eagles after it is believed that he won't people complete. People and he will talk to engage with them and tell him about this month talked about. Now he's expanded their feelings it's our enemy and he likes the it's not just. Hancock he he'd need first connected to him animation because it's the emotion when instantly artists. And com he'll blow sort of connection RTC's. Use a mere object asked to look in the near Aiken facial expressions ops. How to draw. And emotion and character. Not scary. Oh. We've seen it to the animators who animated hit men. Original enemies may be an appetite me that they Eads the parent. It looks similar to what you're ask. Yeah om DMG. Me Owens they had. Tons of drawings and only have stuck with its own. Self portraits silicon. The wailing gets. In the way. And without heating and images. On himself and free them away. It's not just that they did it by handy did it by hand according Cedar Fair. Hemmer who is really important that this does this really create. It's. This is the world he lives in the land from our society. The sidekicks are only entity that only mom I'm. Do what he's constantly stilted. Day watching clips from classic films all the involved to deal with and situations and emotions and their situation in the film when he. But life. Given away and it's really kind of wonderful the way health and parents figure out. What's going on his hat and couldn't process. It's it's really anything. Else and he really they had to really be. Accidentally. Becoming. It is. His different very compassionate actually quite. The Gilbert with us do what's been with the salon in the evening Gilbert was let them. And the only in children Austin. And John and are you always go in. I. Didn't with the economic news board. I don't think it is more who told me. About the these line. They don't Huntington. Read the Gil told. I think it's that they. Developed. So what Owens reaction by the thought and action is different Oscar. Oh. Team are happy because. Now. People get defeated. Both kinds. Really how important mission you know hey you. I want people to understand that. Public only in our house since leaving so much to offer the world and and and that they want people to bill. Who went. And how people will get to know Owen who wins. Hugo his own story that would become heroes to many people expect him. Constance mean they come right. Hey you you could possibly. Become a hero but whisper our community. And that's really but. People who gets its way. Here. This. Is an act. We wish more people here. And it only it meant less than two weeks out now. Today yeah. Yes and he knows. And a chance to do. Guys want an exciting everyone has their links to them so. Hopefully you know the world get out people who watched the film. You're really lucky. Ito and story don't normally you. My question he's going and he is here. The other day at this until mom. Very Al yeah. I think he will be and it's really. There. That's pretty. Walt. It's. It's rather. Let me go through all the. That the little everywhere I don't think. So it's great. Just pops excuse me. And I went field. And for immediate latter area no better. Renewal better event sweet and film about how. Is that this movie out of movies hangs about what. Look at these whenever it does Hollywood that bouts of weeks ago. It's an empowered to change people's lives. So that constant that was you know called on her opponents now. Yeah the world. I don't know count me out and congratulations on. So. There thanks to be yeah. I heard joining act and Honeywell. Eat more at you throughout the media and during the Oscar. I've treatment.

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{"duration":"21:44","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer speaks with Roger Ross Williams, the director of the Oscar nominated documentary \"Life Animated.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45482147","title":"Among Oscar documentary picks, a film about life understood through animation","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-documentary-picks-film-life-understood-animation-45482147"}