When Otis Redding met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jonathan Gould, author of a new biography about Otis Redding, tells ABC News' Amna Nawaz about the meeting between Redding and King on an airplane.
4:29 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for When Otis Redding met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You started this journey was very little to go on yeah. And this is such a beautiful of di tale and it's also an exploration of sir devoted his life and contacts. Yes to the rest of the country do you feel like you understand. The man a little bit better now. Yeah a little bit better I don't think you ever feel we've completely missed that and I know you. When keeps learning things when I keep thinking about things that the dimensions of him that I might have emphasized more strongly that's just. A writer my right early mine or Cisco's I've never sort of like done. Learn to stop. But at some point after Jeff a solid but I don't know that I never really done. I think what what. I have a much greater understanding though is it's that period. And how important it was and when it's of that period and notices career was. Paralleled the civil rights. Otis was fourteen years old in 1955. And it throws with fifty with was fourteen years old. They were the same age he was he was child that matter that generation. He lived in Georgia. Martin Luther King with another Georges a leopard. That's great story actually the two in the went that no. They were. This was actually flying through the spring of 1967. This was flying to Detroit to try to convince wreath at Franklin to tour with him in your head. People he and and Doctor King clean and Atlanta connecting flight. First class stock picking with coach but it. As one would expect. But they greeted one another and king was actually flight. To Louisville to lead day. Housing rights demonstration there very well known what because it put it. Correspond with ducky derby is that he was he was intentionally sir. And king said this is have you noticed what you come with people who do immunity you can you can participate in this and Otis who. Was very leery of being overtly political. Otis still lived in Macon he still lived in in in this small Georgia city. He was just careful about that. Otis is responses to it to Doctor King was what it would exit of the standards have captured Mexico doctor if you look at Louisville and march with evasive but. I gotta go Detroit make that dollar. And that was his it is he was in essence an economic map and this is one way to describe them. But. Very much creature of of that. The aspiration. That that he was giving voice to in news literal in his voice and his career. What is part and parcel of the same sort of aspiration. That this whole generation of African Americans work world where acting upon. And so what he wasn't overtly political. The very idea of an African American singer. Exerting that kind of control over its career exerting that kind of control over over his music. Putting himself across in that way is is completely in keeping with the win. The whole ethos of of that period and and and the incredible sort of you know significance of that period to me and so finding the connections between those two things I mean I proceed. Those years as the trial as a as. The young it's reported young teenagers. An enormous resonance for me. But to really understand. What it up. For people to do that and anyway. Just to put themselves forward. In a world where they had been told they must never do it with. It was very powerful. Well there are some very powerful stories. In this occupant covered some incredible details and just congratulations it looks like a reasonable work. So the book right now is Otis Redding an unfinished life it is out go check it out. Johnson cool thanks so much for being thank you for. And thanks to all of you for watching as well you can always good abcnews.com. For more on annie's story thanks for joining us the feedback you're thin.

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{"id":48156601,"title":"When Otis Redding met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ","duration":"4:29","description":"Jonathan Gould, author of a new biography about Otis Redding, tells ABC News' Amna Nawaz about the meeting between Redding and King on an airplane. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/otis-redding-met-dr-martin-luther-king-jr-48156601","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}