Phish Fans Prepare To Rock In 2016

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Phish fans ahead of New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden.
10:37 | 01/02/16

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Transcript for Phish Fans Prepare To Rock In 2016
Now what I RE dot all. Opting out. High he. Group at me. New Year's Larry they're now treating him. That the way. Right now eight. It is. 401. Back he's back OPEC. Oh yeah. Kids got apple doesn't live from New York got me. Where you are and out of celebrating. Now I'm at a bar right near Madison square garden and of course everyone knows. New York city New Year's they think at Times Square but another tradition. Here is good jam game did. Please our ninth and that's where bargain this I believe the sixth year that they're doing this New Year's run. Their 33 show tonight and it works around this time the area Herald Square and they can. Get invaded by. Guys like him at and amp. Now I gotta tell you mark right here wearing I don't mark what is the you heard that on the all of the spirit of this. Mark it went through his first show last night but he seemed to be converted and just give you a sense of what I'm finding here Eric Kaplan right here it's one of the show. Track makes it okay and I think is now on the dot I'm here with that with people that haven't been studying. All on that this phenomenon. We'll just put the ball just to be clearly that I was though it's best with a PH correct if they had the eight. Doubt this with a PH then with the PH pretty much everything. Bradley. Family with a PH Phil. There's a lot of kind of quirky thing. A lot of court I think it's around vision I have to show you. Did young lady dressed. But throughout this. Fisherman. Yeah. Drachma. Every sounding even when they're gotten a lot of business. Heard that on the. Yeah do you think that again sorry we instantly I think there. Oh no I just wanted us. Show you love her outfit where she left would you cut in half it will open about fish. It just so let's say we want it to be a fan won't what does that mean the welcome. With their. What's the most important. But that it spam were the most important. Over most important element is seeing them live it's not a band that's going to be releasing a lot of album. They are just going to be playing live every summer every new years. And oh yeah I don't know if you know this probably don't when you go to this show there's a bar code on your time. There you go home after the show and fish allowed all their fans the PH to download that showed Greenfield. The band that is built upon Newbury slightly guys have to come down to a show. See what it's all about and you'll be converted just like I was five years ago. Not just one of my most important questions why. Fan. Not in the laughable thing. Question and you know it's funny when I was talking to some fans who boarded night and I told them what we're doing here previously did film they said. Let people know about this let people know that we're not a budget he weirdos that we're. And that this is a great man still. This is done everything they can't really to stay out of the spotlight on what I mean by that is you don't see them on late night TV a lot. You don't see their billboards. Don't see. Commercials they're not going to be the you know playing. Sort of free concerts are being sponsored by. AT&T or Verizon not there's anything wrong with that. But that's kind of the essence of vision if you lie there and on the rock and roll hall of fame is that. It's they're showing the kind of just play for their fans and give back to their families. But not. Bees showed the New Year's Eve shows these different of the recent tradition they started right health suitable for more about that how many do they have play where did they play and how did they come to be. That's a big deal in Austin. Definitely something that's going to be cut through about issues they have so many songs and they do a lot of covers. Hit me never play a song explains. So they're gonna play for ninth your math and square garden and out of those four nights he spent. Hours of music never going to repeat his soul and that's what's special about these were night runs as. People feel like you tonight's different they have to go at all for it flake of. We think how lit a bit of signal trouble with dot aptly live there for a in midtown Manhattan. He of course is giving it insight into how out of a little football is so at one PH ends up like PHU. Boat he has everything p.'s family. I think we got dot that they got. There. I'm here you know I don't know I don't know what's going on in that far but. This signaled its capital through much fun we needed to come down. Stay in position that we get popular principal and what it creates jobs with no. You're. Exactly. So tonight it's your question on the little bit about New Year's they also do with kids. They came out and a hot dog mobile one year they thrust up so no one really knows what's gonna happen tonight that. The excitement when he thousand fans inside MSG a block away and as you heard many of these fans have been so over a hundred shows so. Hate to say it again but this is quite the family. OK got I am not I I'm not among the initiated. It and I will admit that. Right up front I don't believe you are not inherently. No that got you are sent me what it's like. Inside when the fear is even going to a number of them have been left everything here is right it would actually like in that room. We it again then going on everything to fortify our sun times for their. That's correct and as he said I am working politics. Somebody go take a leap of faith I might get hunted. Parade but there are some aspects of the unpredictable miss the Donald Trump in his events and what he's gonna say. Did you find it fish concerts. Which we've got many felons. You never know what they're gonna play and you never know the key thing is on you never know. How long unit. And all right. And mama taught me. You never know how long they're gonna play songs for Philip song that might be five minutes they end up going on for fifteen minutes. And so what I like about it shows it's a very social experience. A lot of friends in. We need look conversation during the show's and you can kind of tape parades and it's not like. Vote go you know I'm in my seat I'm gonna it's my favorite song. When their plane for three hours you're kidding when he songs. One film never makes or breaks her Phish experience it would really kind of sort of a fun party get together. And here's some great music and it really is great rock and roll the same board members been together for 32 years. And their government even something right field. Joining try a little harder to beat you guys. I'm and a. Are but dust up a little bit more convincing if there was one show one feel that I'm wants watts on line. What's with that. I would think it'd be the 2012 New Year's Eve show where. I actually don't know it's appropriate for me to see the name of the song don't knock the weekend but gave a famous song kind of business involves. Hot dogs a little bit this happened anyway. They came out it cost you brought some Broadway dancers. Singers. And they perform the song singing it in ten different languages. So it's all over YouTube I was not happy show but I've seen this video many times. Data Klezmer bands singing it in Hebrew Anna Marie Cox you can. They needed in Spanish. This same chorus of the song and then that's when fish famously left the stage while the Broadway singer performing. Gun inside a hot dog mobile were elevated up over Madison Square Garden. On a track into the circle of Madison Square Garden came down so I'm sending you that show. Sense. And I also got to tell you guys. I know you're on the upper west side right now but there's definitely some excitement building on the streets here around an ST there were people lining up. Three hours ago for a poster fish releases 250. Special posters for this exact show they've already been lining up for tickets there's also a lot of people around with a the number one in the air they're looking for tickets. And so it's kind of a party like atmosphere filling your way home one when but I am ST. That's it that's and really. Solid balance apple trying to bring more people in CA that they Stanley we're gonna continue to check in with him. He's gonna take us outside of Madison Square Garden with older more about what those super. And I get more fit. Family fun. With the PA. All of that with the PA's he's like you're on a giant hot dogs floating over the Mets is where they are accurate that I was. Open that you job.

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{"id":36057171,"title":"Phish Fans Prepare To Rock In 2016","duration":"10:37","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Phish fans ahead of New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden.","url":"/Entertainment/video/phish-fans-prepare-rock-2016-36057171","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}