Richard Gere Talks About His New Movie and 'Incredible Life'

Gere reveals to Peter Travers why he took on the role of a homeless man in his new film "Time Out of Mind."
13:40 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Richard Gere Talks About His New Movie and 'Incredible Life'
If any movie. We're illegal substances view oh it's really. Nothing in this family. It. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now called time out of mind it's a bout. A homeless man in New York. And when you hear that he might save yourself is that gonna depressed me well will little. But when you have artist at work making a movie like this it will also. Illuminate things you don't know anything about so what I'm saying about it and my guest today Richard Gere who stars in this movie. Is that it's a movie that matters and I think we need to make time in our lives. That so Richard eyes dark bite can crack. That was a great intro thank you very much but I got to quibble with the I don't think the moves to principal that's good that's what you're here if you mercy to be on its immersive. It's it's challenging. But I don't think is depressing because as a very human man point seeing everyone is caught up and in a system. And such as to bureaucracies that we wouldn't each other. It's how we're stuck in this certain mindset that we're were all separate. And I think the way we did it in this film with something. Obviously I'm very proud. And Orrin Mormon who's my partner. I think we've done something that was even beyond what we were hoping for in making. The story of of a man homeless man by the end of that I'm not thinking homeless. When I see the smoke. I'm thinking hearing and feeling who loves me who who thinks that I impressions. Office. Particularly. Homeless it's all its well that your. What's the impetus for what was the first thing and it's Doherty view it more insane. Put this weekend there's a script came to me. Twelve years ago and as a spec script was written by very good writer and 1988. Never got made obviously. But there was something incredibly. Special and Harrington script that kept coming back to. And finally have audit and that looks don't take me awhile to figure out of service. But I'm gonna give it time in the there was an article about a book. By a homeless guy and Cadillac. About 45 years ago you're a book called in the land the blow whistles. Was his stories are more. And it was it was it had the feel of something scribbled on pieces of paper and someone put together it was astonishingly. Powerful in that there was no self pity. This has no point of that then this is how it was very hard world. And if you step back a little and realize what the guy was sentenced this distance with the trip which it. It's a human to argue for him personally but in them in our culture what this means. So I met Cadillac. And he became a friend and a bit of a mentor in how to do this movie. And had to be a version of near realism. Albeit he Hauser European it it it has yet you it has took him. It can't feel like this is a manufactured. Entertainment it's gonna feel like something's being captured fresh for the first time but you. Aside you and born to make this movie where you're gonna be out there on the street and the camera is basically going to catch you walking. Among the homeless and what's happened. Among the city and inward in the city I mean that's the biggest behind aspect of that. It. When orange that look. Force working on his films she's on Long Island slotting. He doesn't really like the camera in here and across her close ups and the usual way people make films. He'd like some distance is likes to step it up with long alliances we have no money. To make this movie you see it so if you saw that on paper using a little difficult finding the money to make this movie sounds. Became. Incredibly important to us and I and give them Alter or he just said from the beginning and need the sound of the city to be character. Well I cut your cat actor. Is a person who's not doing a lot of talk. He's doing a lot of looking at. He's got no place to go I mean that's the point the first day that we tested the idea of me. In the middle of New York City with no actors. We have no ladies. Who took. Stop traffic over the keeping quarterly shot him is he didn't truckers that we do was never chart we had them. In Starbucks that amounts. Tops of buildings apartments. We had men at work tents that that camera the footprint was never seen by anybody. And if it was minimally it everyone was so cool and moving so naturally the New York didn't paying attention to. You didn't get recognized. I have no 21 days or did not get written. Except by two people to people and this was in towards the end of the issue we were shooting in Grand Central. And you see the shots of me walking to parents walking downstairs. And walked on the stairs every day. Walking around and I was at that point I was. Feeling comfortable. Albeit still. Are anxious about the reality of it of me. Being the new York. And I'm in people's faces. I'm not being aggressive 1 I am right there and make and I can of people and no one's paying attention to people in this whole shoot. Paid attention. Noticed it on those immigrants Angeles to African Americans. As a woman and man separate. And walk by me and the rich. And it was later. There's little the tone was Lou electing hard time. Everybody has. Gonna work up for you gonna work out the Ingram back it's going to be what you think you need in your life. As you. Not to care when you disguise reduced to those Allen until things. What are the elemental things you'd think he'd need to be human beings in this society. Like I'm incredibly four. Move in the woods. Nature around me you're telling me that he walked what. It's good things meditating that would doing in the woods. What he's doing and nature of that nature of the ancient nature you can't force picture. We we have an illusion we're making it clear that we win we're in our world. River city we have harbored any. But the servers it thinks that where we make things we make our world. And it's it's of course it's an illusion it's some system. It's an echo chamber of our own head. It's just bouncing back Russell nature's balance that doesn't won in years story nature does what does. And because of that it in 1004. Vast more open state of mind. There's no illusion of ego centrism but in nature there is it but you get called out. You're like to job says yet come that we want to make movies for actions. And I am incredibly fortunate I don't have to doing it. You know I do it because it's something I want them. Known grabs but I just wanna get this sense of you may be looking at the work that you've done. Previous. Ruling that we have war roles that you claim that you think you learned something by. Which is very much what I'm mine news. Because we see you at least I'll remember pretty women you know I he's great to. You did this and we see that movie star kind of asked. Thank you but we need I mean I didn't think about this at all and that those who rolled roles and their characters and I do them to the best of my ability. But I'm not a fool I know that anyone who columns at this point. Has the baggage of every movie I made it did. When they see me in a role. And although I didn't go heavily into. I did think it was okay for them. To say okay that's Richard gear. And the baggage of all the movies and whatever it wants to think about it. And then relies even him. He could be mr. He could be in this situation. And that was is my job even he. Could be there and I'm telling you now I honestly say I would deteriorate the same way. Were all built to fall apart. Because of how we've structured ourselves. Think we it that's if we need to many you know if we. Lose it like the character you played an arbitrage is the guy who has every. And once more and wanted more but interest in case he he doesn't want more because. He he wants it around him he wants it because that's how you tell you win. You're the winner because you have more stuff than anybody else. It's the same mentality. Any kid playing sports in school it's that it's this is than the bills I need to win. And the way that a businessman in our world is able to tell he wins is by having the most money the most stuff but it's not the stuff that's the winning. Is it the same for an actor. You have to have more apt to. I can't generalize our way a man who has much to you like it would be even today. I can't I could give you six performances you should have been nominated for an Oscar for. And you've never been. The united avenue bitterness about how are you kidding I have them incredible life I've been blessed you're in the war the Angel was nature. I have an incredible song that's my life is my son and my friends and my teachers. My fellow men of traders and if that's. That's really. That's my world. I the I have been given a free pass in this life. Two for need to complain about anything from San. Among them not try to make you complain. But are not reason they character Billy Flynn played Chicago comes back to this movie to me because you sing a song called wrestled that. Okay. And he said this lawyer it's. Basically god can get casting process. How can they see which sequence in their allies. You made a movie here in time out of mind that there aren't Steve. You know it's it's all removed from Brussels that they've got to know they've got to confront what's actually there. I don't. See any precedence. For time out of mind I don't know what the references from. It was who we didn't have money we didn't every time we had clear creative. Directions that we want to take it. Without reference to anything else you know the only revenues may be would have been neo realist films as the closest that we could. Have a language she used to talk about what this film was going to be and can't. And making Cadillac and knowing. I always in this show. With some kind of musical thing that I can go there they wanted back and I always look for some little bursts of something that somebody because I find it. He when somebody things a little bit of something it means something. Even if we're nursery. Even if ward doing here even or something that was in here and while you were plain. Skipped. By member who was not that long ago. Beyond. Yet winner has passed a bunch of people listen what is what's the song that you couldn't live without. And it's visions of John. Think just like the night. To play tricks when trying to peace and quiet. Degrees siren it. Well let me state it thank you for being here talking about it and I wanna say get the people that are doing this it's not a movie should be afraid. Not at all to movie that does make you feel. And it makes you talk to other people about you deathly American waste to our is your time they usually are richer thanks. I enjoyed this.

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{"duration":"13:40","description":"Gere reveals to Peter Travers why he took on the role of a homeless man in his new film \"Time Out of Mind.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33683149","title":"Richard Gere Talks About His New Movie and 'Incredible Life'","url":"/Entertainment/video/richard-gere-talks-movie-incredible-life-33683149"}