Robert Lopez talks winning double EGOT

Songwriter Robert Lopez becomes first to ever win a double EGOT for Grammys, Tonys, Oscars and Emmys.
4:21 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Robert Lopez talks winning double EGOT
You have done it again. We years. Years it is very where in the middle of frozen on Broadway right now in previews. So this whole thing is just one weird surreal fever dream but it land. Unbelievable. And I understand it really true Chris that you wrote this. On the subway. Well I it. We talked and talked for months about what this on needed to do so it it would be false to say that I just wrote on the subway it was many many. Hours and then body sat down and wrote the most beautiful melodies and. NN and. And I took that tune and I had to get on the F Cheney go to Manhattan and the song just poured down. It's funny three when you least expect it if you're open to it. Magic can happen again half at an industry just places yes and in the treaty wrote that beautiful miracle of music in your boxers. Pain could research. And know that. I was not looking at your wind up until I did we got it's easy when you have the most inspiring and powerful and beautiful. We're. In your life and your your work. I'm like interrupting a moment here. We haven't tying up the smelling yet so. You're here with us just think we stared Frances McDormand and a highly our moments. Us do you have another song. Like that you that we know and love so much. You have another Oscar winning song and you know I just dating Sarah hopes nicer house and we just terribly different team. Everybody's got an idea that's what point do you feel like it's an honest someone. It's comes from the same kind of place. Letting go came from a very personal place things we need to say. Remember meat came from a very personal place as a mother I leave lullabies my children when we have to travel for business. Team out of me because it's something ideally every day and and we just roads. Song for presidency and also came from. From personal lives by Macy guys here sometime again. He greets W kill that it would be great but we never taken for granite we're so happy to be here. Everytime it rains in LA and the Winter Olympics it just happens. That's hard to lucky yeah him. May be to any twenty of it a major jumps like a team that hits you haven't is it. Is it unfair to ask which of your two Oscar winning songs at your favorite. That's it is. Leslie right now because we're in you are doing frozen broadly replete with keep them right now up so we've seen letting you know every night hours and sometimes twice today. And very attached to that still some. It's our favorite depending on who reached out to us and says it's a song that text them and help them deal with difficult time. So someone twitters me about and that's remember me. This is my favorite for me ask you a question here we are in Hollywood at the Oscars statues in the hand you're now seeing your show. Your song or music content like a Broadway. Which do you which then you'd you like better for your music. That's an impossible question. Both there are pros and cons to both. The movie is it's captured like that for Hepburn you don't have to worry about a singer having laryngitis scored the understudy going on. I'm noisy audio or noisy McCain with candy behind you and it's there forever on sixteenths. It's a different thing every night of the living breathing organism that 500. In the moment so they both have wonderful things and and also terrifying things yeah there are now. Enjoy the boat is beginning to you can say that you don't the both. It is anything guesses. So darn lucky I can't believe it's hard to believe it I'm so you know you've done your you're just so talented and really just nice real people painter was let me share a special moment with you. You know they'll pop Oscar go France's overall. Yeah I love it I think we should all around she put Oscar down on the ground and Stewart she really was I was all that and I prevent it hasn't that was doesn't. Who's right now I think this yeah. That keeping it real well let me. Got in New York unite her right.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Songwriter Robert Lopez becomes first to ever win a double EGOT for Grammys, Tonys, Oscars and Emmys. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"53532367","title":"Robert Lopez talks winning double EGOT","url":"/Entertainment/video/robert-lopez-talks-winning-double-egot-53532367"}