Roger Ebert Dead at 70

The legendary film critic and author battled cancer for years.
3:42 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Roger Ebert Dead at 70
He was a wonderful man a source of great inspiration to me is a young man the first film critic ever to win the Pulitzer Prize. Right -- -- died at the age of seventy after a long battle with cancer just one day after he revealed that recurrence of the disease. Just one day after the film critic wrote it really stinks that cancer has returned. The news of his death came from the Chicago sun times where he reviewed films for 46 years but he gained national fame during three decades on television. Most memorably sneak previews at the movies with the late. Gene Siskel Ebert had planned to take what he called to leave the presence to slow down and review only those movies he wanted to review he said that was a long held dream. A hip fracture he suffered last December led to a new cancer diagnosis. And he had been treated with radiation -- lost the ability to speak and even they -- -- -- earlier bouts with thyroid cancer. No good movie is and -- too long he once wrote no bad movies short enough. Country. Continuing until the very end. To review as many as 285. Films a year despite his physical challenges. His website so popular and a source so often for me of information this is a big loss to me list -- Certainly so to so many people he knew that you said that how -- he was -- it was interesting in his. In his book he he is gone on to say that he was not a brave inspiration in -- said you play the cards you're dealt. What church -- -- I have no pain I enjoy life. -- why should I complain but. He was arguably the most popular. And one of the most famous film critics that we have really ever seen any. The trademark was to thumbs up yeah I mean this -- -- -- neck -- right that he is left on the industry and the -- on the movie industry. At and -- well one of us now would ever use the two thumbs up they just would be disrespectful to things to memories for you left. Couple years ago at the Academy Awards when he would still go. The cancer had robbed him of his lower jaw and he was no not self conscious about it at all and he -- Couldn't have been nicer could have been for. Friendly -- his wife Chaz and I had a nice talk but. Well before that in 1985 I was -- young reporter going to the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France for the first time. And Roger was like the mayor of -- the US -- can't he wrote a beautiful book about it than I do commend to you it's called two weeks. In the mid day sun and it was about the craziness of camp and also the beauty of -- how. The festival honors so great films of course but also it's a market place with all sorts of people bandits in the light from around the world the -- a great sense of humor about it. Never took himself too seriously long before I ever reviewed films. I was inspired by -- and in actual fact to this day he is my go to guy analyst check his. Reviews the first you know I had a chance to get to know when I worked in Chicago for -- -- -- -- known as the man in just a great guy a supporter. Of so many people but especially the film industry he was involved in so many festivals and they set up so many different operations in different opportunities for people -- -- It's going to be in so miss an -- in Chicago but across the entertainment industry you're gonna be seeing our tweets. Now -- just lighting up the editor of the Airways as a result already begun and of course is great rivalry and friendship with Gene -- -- started his rivals on separate papers. And they kept going and they love to argue about movies. Even off cabinet that camaraderie is legendary and so much fun to watch -- it was only be missed yes.

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{"id":18882541,"title":"Roger Ebert Dead at 70","duration":"3:42","description":"The legendary film critic and author battled cancer for years.","url":"/Entertainment/video/roger-ebert-dead-at-70-18882541","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}