Salt-N-Pepa and SWV discuss their upcoming 'Ladies Night' reality series

The two groups open up about their upcoming tour and careers.
25:03 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Salt-N-Pepa and SWV discuss their upcoming 'Ladies Night' reality series
Kenneth client ABC radio and I'm excited when I'm in the studio and I have a maiden people around me. Because I have I'm a little adult at want to think all. I women five talented exceptional women sitting all around me. I have been on the only thought in that lets. Yeah. Talent to be you'll V. Are all looking gorgeous yeah. You are common and is given Dubuque saying and a summit to get into first off I mean if you guys. Are a fan of hip hop have you guys aren't a fan of mythology from the ninety's and all the just moved youthful deal situation in the gospel toss situation you know grant. Then this is made for you perfectly gift wrap yes ladies not. Did I and these new BET theory that it'd be launching at the end of this month or April 3 yet and it and it feature you guys because it's part of its national tour that you guys are embarking on. Which is all and GE because. You get you get back the mold were all. Look at first talk about it I mean what exactly means you wanna sign on to this because you know I know you guys have just coming off of his. Crazy cool aren't you weren't Australia you were everywhere and the Las Vegas rather complacent on and that. Now I do you island ally if I'd let you know and when it isn't it all came about when it went by. This puts you know. NB knowing at this point and Adam I can read and apple Korea. Problem at WB career and what we have a lot about what we've been. It's knows aryan. Goal this X nearly in as. Women and impoundment. Lap while I the vision all the visual. It was a lot this year and even the woods on legality separate account Cummings again he's seen how this can work Ord. Enough work. I don't watch. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah iconic. That'd be not a legal got a long it was long grain. Exit and nobody added if they run out. I am on my little accident and he and it was all our home we didn't. Yeah don't get a little. Beyond yield being the owner why. Madonna's and I know you're loaded. But you know you know what's so great about that that. So iconic in your own right. And regardless you want to see what and a half you wanna tune in because it she got that people that we grew up with the people that we respect the people that we know bring good music. And so that's doubly exciting part although that you that meet with. You cannot let. No one on beat them on the show well. I don't want to come. And why I had an. It. I've got to have the bag but he added that he let it a little. I thought yeah. I'd be counted by the local. And that they threw I. Well let's talk about some of the great the elements of being on toward some of the challenges because obviously you guys are musicians and this is what you do businesses. Literally are out a lot of you should pay the bill he got a toy got to keep adding. If everybody can just kinda give their spiel on and what have been some of the best moments just in general from pouring and the challenges because I'm assuming being away from family is always yes the size. Biggest challenge has been reformed and we loved being onstage I love being onstage Easley is just so much on its exhilarated and honestly. At the end of the day as mothers and wives in whatever we are at home. We're not there to do that there's a void and you you have to get back in when you get back you have to catch. The Boston but it is worth it because everybody can't. He and say they can do we do. Is worth it but it's definitely about them. Abby. Angel. The company she makes. Me. It's. Now I'm Antonia hero and nobody different. ULY. Alchemy argued with a thousand herb dip and but it still hot on the levels. I'll eat and that the detailing her that the pain often on it you know that we deal with. Or out. And me as the lack of consistency of beanie you bluntly a long period I'm. I packing and unpacking Vietnam ends check in now hold Al. You know is conned that constant Levine and definitely. At age or me out like I ban. Insistent that you not a word out of this Pailin a certain diet we are on the road is hard to do things. And oh yeah. I had one thing and now an act that's why he had this that's partly have a voice that's partly. Caplan that awful what about yellow. Blouse. You know like pay the bills and pay the bill. The bruised right and build harmony we we we made it in terms we the breadwinner. In terms of oh. Well that all. I. Owe you. You and me. All of that. Lives. The road enough the words and I'm right policy lives for the Rosie leaves in the role. Is all about that role wouldn't comment Regis let me just. And I think Beckham's ice preview that I work body roll. Our home. It calls I'm getting so much of it this sisterhood in the element of I'm animal Terrence Daryn doing authority. The open enrollment among its own. Undercover. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Add all of. Ball. In the and it. Yelled at that McDonald an album how. I am. I going to at where I don't. Animal from the look bullet. You think she may be Levy seemed turned down. Only when we came in ties and you see that you look old tired. Unlike you feel what have all day every day trust me you would be very tired as well. Now. Alice you might that I life. I mean that the preview I'm in fort on the enterprise. Talking about reality he and jockey theory mean obviously you guys aren't you know you've been there you know geeks aryan. On and you don't think there's some great. Moments of some rough patches on what convinced it's a you know we need to do this again you know was there's something that use specifically wanted. People to get from this particular. Re. Theories than previous ones done. Before now at them like why don't we tackle on enjoyed that mall you know we can do like blogger something you say okay. When people probably open collar lives. And maybe. Was the spearhead what you'll. This time this president like our arms around. When when I was presented I was really excited win a that was all about girl group. What really picked my attention and instantly because I just. I think is such a need for programs now lives and Omar and it wouldn't be the ones that we got its home what what it's about how we do it why we do it so much fun. I was just excited to work well with other women especially found applicants. Olina I told me instantly. Com and on that well I think there's no real atlas grill there. High. It went I don't know why I. Think I'll tunnels some more than their night out. All NASA thought it had. You know what I'm not saying it is so hard. Being in a group. Eerie as yell all can access through a a year is being together and all the clashing in all the prison now in hand all. The drama I think we all can go back to the supremes. You know is saying we've seen what happened ineptly it out. You know and so for me ladies night a lot of best of lays out so you get to understand why it's a challenge. It be in a girl group which you also get to know. Individual women. You know what they're going through relate to what they're going through. Whole goal was going through a divorce during the show I had just gotten divorced man. So I know her and I had a moment where a lot of women are going to be able to release. In that moment watching that show and it might even a minister parents and them in a way to say that I got to act LA opening up the assault burden meet was a really really hard bounty think I was myself. It was so difficult but. On back and thinking about it is like this means that people can get. From just I was being that open and vulnerable I am human. It's me. Again yeah. Oh. And now. And you know you'd you talk about. Being in a group in the challenge of that incident seamlessly get along and have all these good times is their ideas of who regret perhaps I mean you know. And emerging you know the team tank again. I mean I didn't have any idea what they're calling dom some phone elaboration. We're back. Yeah. I looked around them yeah. Alone at some good. The group from that mean I. Don't yeah. I would say absolutely not. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And we thought it. Can't anybody thought I would've thought they had. No way any one of Bob Dornan and they. I'm Zain I. See gasoline and that is in the group known as well. No I can not and I've good economic magnet. I'm. Really look at him had dinner with them the advantage. Our aunt yeah I don't student group. What we definitely love to see you guys aren't on TV. Hasn't hasn't been something that you guys individually let me know your thoughts on it. I mean you know I feel it is a transition period artists. Considered it's an opportunity to X and what they do you. Whether it's being one of the camera in the camera getting into the producing element elements of that has that is Ali. Something they gotten beaten bout as you continue as artists like what is your next. They that you feel like okay I'm gonna really get into that means is there anything else that you guys have been dabbling in that you have yet. Well meet personally I've always wanted to be behind the scenes that's my fear he actually being in his video on on that was dilemma I have eight. Optic. There by a big. And I am excited about not being in front of the camera let have a month any act and even executive producer. And is helping create the situation that earned me in my. Ideal world I would use. Oh. And a good as them to me and I feel well it wouldn't felonies and Omar it's camera. I ME BO many show ladies night and another hot X. There on the Olympic credit watch it I did sorry the vote on top opera with the credit but the reason is something it. I. And the potential. And the camp and the vision is radio. And that's what is. And we've television. And that's muscle in front of the camera bridges what was going on behind and his plan that the creative. As it pertains that the and I just kind of fell Islam definitely battling and behind the scenes on them. We've we've been a fun and account before a minute and again. Oh. I. Let freedom ultimately that. Is anything. And and I and I know you know there's obviously family obligations and things that you have grown on the home front but you know as Ed we look. You guys as you know someone I feel like icons. And some of these premier artists to have dense and so much for what we consider music. You know. Is it is this the next chapter for you saying hey now I'm ready to cultivate. The next generation to next and our next group of artists. And who do you have your eye on if anyone at this point because look at the all the music you know that my. Don't think I'm Daryn though I am a law that. And the news. Me. And make them at reading area look at all the over the coming at them with them. Oh. It. Means lion. Com and eight and it. You don't like this out. Write it right. I like what are treated part of being insignia. I could handle it brings to this once they hit original amount it on his aides the idea. A lot in the beginning again a big story. Why I went to Latin with the studio yet when I am today or belittle the it really is and with. Oh. It's actually a mind. And honey goalie but a fall she's don't want that I will. Today after a bomb my much about the lit in all it was merely. Tax Levy. Come up with. Much. Studio weight aren't thought that he. Not one of in my studio in my Holcomb I don't know about what people don't know about half. Am saying is that I sit and stopping ability think what you all what. Examiner noted that the moment right. Okay. Thinking it will piloted even in the acting is the fact that gives it to demand for ninety's. Regardless you know you keep going back to the icon on the classic on eight people and Oakland about on the high criminal feeling airbag off thinking along. I think there's a demand for its right now I'd like even though there's new artists new music local back. There we you at old and they'll move. On time it was on I'm and music in the ninety's. And. It was you know you can have your four grounds out. Add voice to me and Jozy and with that they owned it and it was not what it was going to be like this are alienated that you can. We all have now we want me line it was just a good. Moment out of me and playing Latin and even some have even a brat when you know you have to train you know in the brain and you know. O'Malley and the and old it would go on for the lit. The myth is so many outlets and they'll. Yeah it is damaging to. It's happened in. The end up in the same thing one and moved in. On top of exile. In on me and asked if will we name. The way you know movement for and I know we have to go there could clearly when an intimate and I I had cataract at but what you'd like to see happen to music as it continues further because again. You know. Initially when you guys came out there wasn't a big the united mean now people say over jury. You know we're just so much so what would you like to see as far as. Eighties wind making music whether it's hip hop whether it's RB what what is your vision for the future of news. Outlet. OP would again was obvious that ends up tonic colossal. I announce that get a I am tired of us is they consider Minas olds who don't we play it out now now these young honest that they need to really do their homework and have some respect for the people that we have because we did we done. You know weaken the supremes the walk and right now we're gonna let almighty god and I love you. You know on a main. Reason he goes on nice big deal where it is this is not enough of me but. I just had to say to add on that but that's why platform nightmares and Q. And having a voice built in balancing. So ladies night. And then in the Mo. I have a wait. And let them. 88 the. Yeah. Say that it oh oh yeah. And the and god. And them them icons. Avenues supremes and actually in June will be the ten. Year anniversary since his acting like Jack. The oh briefly if anybody wants that just give their thoughts on kind of what he meant TU. You know he's obviously. The greatest. You don't just recollect Dominic ten years I. Now it's unbelievable time has asked do mob personal Emmys to mean because. Its when he going back. On the ball in the post on wolf and meet. It's just didn't get as. But it out our debt held argument pan am on my it is open. And edit. And I remember my good at. It. Obama might suggest that go with them not at a lunch break not remember it with him and that. Jackie will mean an army Allen and Michael. Seeking two. Lines on Michael and limo. In it was on and they and we would. Now obviously that's already let you it unit from New York you know I had to turn around. If all of Michael label I think it back to work at this aid fund and now way out. But the man in America. About us. I think tax code is eight. There will always want thing of artists like Michael Jackson there will always be as one. You know and and we see artists like beyoncé amblin Oman as those beats. We always reminded of my act like he's done some interviews and not be due. Chris I'm not initiatives that yes. As I'm all of humbling and let you ready to get going. Down we will never be the same and that I don't go. Before we go tell us anything about this biopic coming up. And if you can even give Sharon more information and also probably need to know what the Puget old beat up because Alan. Have you guys thought about that he could opt. Out or not the only young yeah we got talk about that still fresh information in and it and you talk about is original and on. And it. Com. It's going to be on lifetime and we can make sure there isn't a dark skins on the lights didn't get. Actually got to look like I. We are real executive. In their in the eye on you know it really is a lot of people don't know me at work friends. And for a very long time and we have this theme kind of mind that we came on how to manually act only. Really based talk at Abbott Jake yeah that the best Alan how you run each state and not let me go. Outlet but then years come back again but on it's really the foundation is the friendship. And the music that comes. Forth on the it and managed it. His mind Stan. So what school and. I. You know that the oil is the Long Island mes acting. The actually. In outline out like. Me you know. There's no all right yeah. Right out the oh no no don't. I'm not a commitment in the he would line. Accuracy. It's. Any how did. Idol so you think early. I. Oh you. I. Think that we need. I love that island hung out through. You I'm. Not about ladies' night which comes out eight. ETP. I. Think you the donate lifting for the Asian that Allen had an on going you know he's. Polls went gold paneling and on regulations honestly he's. Geithner. He can't we see more of you guys. The and a sign op. I thought. Good. God. I believe got him hey.

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