Sam Rockwell goes 'Way Way Back'

The prolific actor discusses new movie, his teen years and ranks favorite films of his career.
15:09 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for Sam Rockwell goes 'Way Way Back'
Fifth. -- I -- I keep asking me but when we get new employee teaches -- two years from. Self conscious program. Late Bloomington. This. When you're fired. But I just make a valid point welcome back benefits. -- -- aluminum. The suit up. Italy to -- My own -- did not. This is the. It it is all right. The Pentagon had to -- the unit that let you know well the. I love it. And we have a situation over at her command and is -- Tomasson. Yeah it's a homicide. -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there is -- happening right now called. The way way back a movie this summer that I actually liked in fact I'd like it plus and one of the reasons I like it plus. Is sitting right next year mr. Sam Rockwell. Welcome to you sir thank you yes thank you got it there's no reason to go on accent I've liked it you agree that -- -- it. It's a whole what's it what an idea yet we took that should be. Now you need that's due due diligence OK before we go completely off everything. Okay because we tend to. It and I think it's -- -- more weird it gets the better it -- it really that you need to tell the -- out there who you play in the -- would -- And why you're managing this waterways place. And to set it up force and -- People will have their -- Okay. I am -- and I run the waterway is park along with -- rough news media she helps Meehan. Befriend a young kid named Duncan and we've become buddies and come ma. And it sounds all like and isn't that nice isn't that sweet and it is sweet the this week and then -- -- Steve -- didn't lead those -- cord injury -- appeal those people. The other side of the film and that gets kind of squirrelly -- There was an interview with -- and somebody wrote something get behind Sam Rockwell's as you always see anarchy. Where is it -- isolation I should hope so. Well I think I think I think any good actor has a little rebellion behind their eyes I would hope. I think there's more than we're deadly and I think it was like -- -- happen if you help something is going to happen well he. Yes probably troops over there but not life. In life it depends. Few shots -- the -- you never. We could try it -- contract on hold -- maybe later we'll do that yeah did you get along with William day who plays this -- it went to corrupt him complete. Well probably -- little bit of both yet. But he he's very well -- just that guy he actually wrestles and ice crazies that competes. And his father was Olympic wrestler and his parents are lovely -- grades like. He's a well adjusted nice kid you know. What did you did you give him any advice because this is beginning of his career did you sit -- and save this and -- I did I every night I I was careful not to crowd -- you know. You know with kids I always feel like these night she's a teenager but. -- feel like they should let them come to you -- and you know when a crowd of men con -- But I I wish I did say his mom you know -- ever wants that. Still be an actor after eighteen -- you know. Talk -- man I know great. Places train and you know he really wants to get serious. As he gets older but he's pretty serious right now he's pretty -- -- -- But -- you want to guide. You can't help but -- -- regard somebody like that'll. This divorce happens to him when he's teenager your parents divorced -- you -- like we live just five so what were you feeling. What you feel a lot of things I think it's very common now and -- thing. We feel a lot of pain and anger about it and and it takes years to kind of deal with that in and and so there's there's different things that. Happen you know you can you can you can -- -- You know some kids I shop lifted a little bit you know is it but. Hopefully you anything good or -- you just thinking just like popcorn and salami and like you know the airline coolers you know stuff like that that's it just keeps up but. But you'll hopefully you find something constructive. -- to channel that that energy and that emotion something like you know. -- Or whatever -- that what happened for wrestling I mean you that I remember you lived with your debt Kenya can't Francisco. That's right and then your mama's back in New York she was back in New York in the summertime is so I would. I would go there and do plays with -- -- and you know and that's how I got an act. Who educated -- we did you go to school who -- the people that are responsible for you this camera on scene today. Well I went to a lot of public schools all actually I moved a lot around a lot went to a school for -- -- Cisco but. My main training you know for acting was -- -- -- per studio. Analyst for taught me the miser technique and I met my acting coach. Terry -- barker still workers and today a minute there's a moment and Maggie Flanagan is wonderful teacher and so those were kind of my acting -- but that wasn't until it was like point three. You know but before that it was a lot of like public schools and you know we're you really. Rarely got into trouble except for stealing some -- Yet exactly but -- yes sure. -- -- -- We had that was it -- That they'll what was what was he must have done more than that well have and his party getting into your eyes I'm seeing at. At Yankee town well if you know sometimes a few things you can look at my record -- -- I could see that you want to throw this popcorn -- do you really see advice as it might not violence anarchy. In. I see something else and I want to know where it came from I've never asked you and you well hang out and saying. Now I'm I'm in like I've gone through a lot of their here I'm Allegiant ensure our work to myself. But he only -- sure of course you have to fear factor in how they did under what damage do it why would you give it -- -- to with there. No it's not giving away its understanding or. You know instruments -- -- Understanding you have to understand. About human behavior -- your own. Human behavior or -- -- -- clear yet exactly I didn't get when you appeal for ambulances there a lot of people didn't usher. Then did he ever discussed with him. He never to -- Never did to -- -- -- she -- about an hour that I've been I think what but. You're you are. They're getting into the movie industry learned about theater doing these plays when -- very yet when you get I remember seeing -- First in team needs the engine -- I think those all of that all those years that you -- -- -- this school Fort Knox has -- what you do. Appear as in some places if you look it -- it says that you are head fog yeah in that. -- to play the role of head. Yet how what you you could -- of -- teenage. Not well I was nineteen accounts went to North Carolina sure I was a kid for sure to him. But I had fun I didn't know what teenage mutant and do whatever side in the with the that was but I just you know played well again you know. Did my best again -- -- that work you know -- did my best pollute good impersonation. You know I watched all this you know Scorsese -- -- that when I was nineteen everybody wanted to be dinero that was the thing in that was everybody's doing an -- -- person nations in New York City all over the place and then Chris -- impersonation you know like. But -- was that that was the thing. Chris Walken was here recently he was and I tried to force and -- -- -- Chris Walken that impersonation he was armed. I hear he does the best interest -- -- person. Is really bad how does -- -- -- from. Equally bad you know say. -- -- -- That's shy hair in he's he's everybody does -- -- support this idea except for him and I told him to stop because it was just so pathetic. But the best he had is the best he is the best and he worked with him I don't mean -- -- -- onstage in the -- in Spokane. Martin McDonough right it's just like he did both of those things that you're talking to two people who don't on. I think that standard line. In their careers or line. -- -- -- -- takes all the punctuation scripts which is a good thing to do us you know it and -- -- wineries. Have your interest which you know. That's -- he has these amazing line delivers. And what do you do with your -- I do a little bit of that like -- -- like to pay attention to some of the punctuation but -- it -- for a way you know. The -- a little to -- record. Your. I lines and I didn't listen to them I do -- -- record the entire script stage directions but I record my lines monotone like a robot that's very important. So that you don't memorize an inflection you have gotten go to work with a lot. People that you mind. Yes I -- that's very lucky -- you've been through all of us it's what I see you -- -- Sundance because you are in many. Ways in the beginning mr. Andy yeah who do these movies that would made for two and a half dollars yes and L Parker Posey. If you've -- oh and have you ever told -- that -- Toni -- I think bush -- Parker and I went to -- finances the movement you know. And Tony's analysts advanced. Yeah I remember the last time I was with you attendance you had said -- had talked about what it was necessary to bring their and he said a lot of condoms. Basically a crotch less -- -- -- -- a -- And I forget what the fourth one was clearly drunk yes. I think you -- yeah -- -- -- if they had you've been drunk. I would've been fine about it but I think he would just really sober and said this was what review required to doing so. Well that's for all those things are probably good you know -- this -- the whole thing but I think the big making is yet to hydrate. You have to Hydro hydration I think that was the fourth one that's a big -- -- -- -- -- and especially if your booze in an accurate to get big. You hear that people so if you're going there. Listen to say yet -- that. What is a day in the life of Sam Rockwell. When he's not working this is that elect it is not -- every day is that what you don't hang in case if the acts that the great. At and the White Sox are hope -- like it. It's a good look this is her tribute to Fred Astaire that's that's that's what is your parents because they're constantly you dance like to have and try to get -- saying a much tougher. There's a thing people should look at you or audition. -- confessions of the dangers -- is screened this three and your dancing formal and I am that they like to shake details. You know I just it was a way to meet girls in middle schools I really -- insurers and usual that you. Well you know I had the crowd I hung out with. Who was was that more dancers you know. Since the Paul -- now findings so -- hanging out with. Well yeah I mean I was at a school of the arts it and I was you know there were dancers -- that it. You know. With that way to -- girls to dance. That's -- that's why this is lessons from -- I think this is for Italy it -- the -- because it continues I mean Charlie's Angels you're doing yes that's very. Then. -- moon where you think it would be the last place that there'd -- dance. Yeah you're kind of walking on such. I know micro for economy -- just on the big -- I just can't help myself but that those people those benighted souls that are out there. They don't know all of the war option. Yes and you wanted to give them a crash course in. I just wanna know yes what's that recent movies that you've done this three with three I want that -- -- I don't want for that's how far do I know I want to give me five. I'm not giving -- My hat than your hats and that I wanted to tell them what. The kid that didn't really like Kidd I don't think you've hit it great San. If you get our active for -- confessions. Of -- -- moon. Conviction. Snow angels. And its galaxy quest. There's so many others -- so but that's fine you can be proud of them and -- I kind of beloved island -- because I'd love that put galaxy quest and this -- -- -- my favorite comment at this so many others but the you know what really loud at the other ones who are playing guys who -- come and upon. -- -- yeah I mean in moon moon I think. Might be the very best and others thanks thanks I mean that's just a thanks a lot incredible -- Where -- -- kept talking to yourself. And talking to the voice of -- space. Yes I guess I Syria if they get very lucky with them but as so many others like there's stroke -- -- all kinds of movies -- are really product. A Denver elected. So we end always -- song. You know this on I can remind you the songs and she -- -- before but I am hoping that you won't do one again. OK so that when I -- to do the same song that's what I mean I'm hoping that it doll voice that could be some things in your head now. A decade a finding it -- yes. OK so ready I'm still -- -- -- -- Did you have a Sidrane law can -- to. -- you this is drained -- Balkan. Well to there's your that was his rings through new oil laden. -- is the time I have never heard us sing that song that's from pennies from heaven. Only thing then and I can tell when -- -- -- it that you want -- dance but we have carpeting constantly it's just it's just. Excellent I can ask for no more. Program Peter thank you -- the -- thanks again -- hit it that was that lets us.

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{"id":19713686,"title":"Sam Rockwell goes 'Way Way Back'","duration":"15:09","description":"The prolific actor discusses new movie, his teen years and ranks favorite films of his career. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/sam-rockwell-interview-2013-actors-film-theway-back-19713686","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}