Behind the Scenes of ABC's "New Year's Rockin' Eve" Just Hours Before Showtime

ABC News' Charli James reports from Times Square.
3:00 | 12/31/15

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes of ABC's "New Year's Rockin' Eve" Just Hours Before Showtime
We're still waiting to ring in our New Year's picking taking live now to picture of Times Square where preparations continue. They see some folks to are probably among the early Eric to get down there. Right in front of the barricades. Ari pumped up I don't know how to keep that level of an idea for another five and half hours. I had no idea either and again about a million people expected in times later that impressive than this you have the dedicated the New York. Revelers. For New Year's. Let's take anything away from her has been there all afternoon reporting for at I think we can go now to eat her alive he would take time Ellen. I on nine welcome to the party Olivia I am inside now in the second floor studio out time's person yet. Which is one of the sat. Or Dick Clark rock and as you know here on ABC. And at 8 PM eastern time and continue through to the last coasts of what you're seeing behind me this is part of the stats for. Born when the parts of the actual business. Part right here. Is where Ryan Seacrest will be standing. As he brings in the news air until let me give you a little tour at this cents. And the conceit behind the scenes as well it takes. It takes a village to make this come together camera people that people this all built today I was writing. And what's also great up here is the view is though. It was. Luckily for us we are in I didn't warmth but let me give you a shot at what people outside. Sound you can CE ST. Thousands and thousands of people on. In times. You. I'm in Times Square we'll. And. A. A pretty good year to. Be doing that it's not that cold outside and I didn't know this but you get to actually if you don't watch a lot of the rehearsals. Four. Supported you're struck can you show all of the performers there's almost forty performers in total. On he -- are rotten eve special. And if you are down in the crowd you get to hear and depending Emory here. We are standing you can also watch the performers. As they rehearse. Not a bad deal in all he gets into their backyard if you watch and finds an amazing performance at the top notch. Former strength and gas have been collapsing a lot of fun yeah. Hey Charlie yeah behind Kerry all right unit through an area sorry go ahead. Yes that carry endured rehearsed early areas of course always a favorite. And I've personally had to go and watch as country star Luke Bryan. Rehearsed which have some pictures of that. And you know they play to the crowd as well known to stay on the stage with the cameras but no go over and and waved to the fans and takes themselves is let them. So you definitely get. More than just waiting in the cold they are also handing out scarves. Hat. And now all kinds of we have seen how says that have been shot back of the Bryant's for earth the what was that like any. There's already a huge crowd is basically a performance before the perform and. Yes so it you know they're checking the levels are checking on it the camera shot to make sure that. Everything goes great for the shallow and so they run through it a couple of times. And but it's like a little mini concert in and of its own. It's definitely a treat for the people standing there in the actually sat. He set up speakers all around and scores even if not right on the stage where that performed on. You're able to hear it and you're able to be a part of the action and for some of the performance they also put them up on the Times Square. The giant screens we're usually see advertisements. And they played the performance or that people in the crowd. So. Definitely something that I didn't president is the mustard down here you don't really realized. That he the revelers here is they call them get to also. Take part a little concert before the even the main concert. That's a Carrie Underwood and Carrie Underwood that Brian semi autos. In his or her earlier. He. With clean and turley who's there gonna be you're seeing there. There Grammy and Golden Globe. Nominated song and so there's. There's tons of people here. That could hurt their crowd as well worthy performance and there her so. That means it's a lot of and speaking of those radler about there apparently. I know you've been out there are few hours went back on my question is how do you think are holding out bit I'd treat checked in Britain where you went inside. But how are they getting it can't think bastion get an app would be my biggest fear being out there you know what howry it is in a monthly or maybe maybe they're just giving out well. Yeah I mean we talked to some of them earlier and you. That's that's the case you have to to stand one place there's no food. There's no restroom so you have to prepare accordingly. And but honestly am surprised at how brief the spirits are and I think part of that is that. You're not just really standing in place that there's always action. On around you do you think Jenny McCarthy and Ryan Seacrest came out and did them. Interacting with the crowd and there's on the show knows this and there's also from the Times Square alliance there's hoaxes that are. Are participating in activities with everyone so it's not as if you're literally standing in one place. With nothing to do for hours and hours and hours at. They do a great job here with again to our front mean special and the Times Square alliance with making sure people have things to do as well. So it's almost like a standing for four and a shower early and outdoor concert board thirteen now. Oh. They've been trying to happens to everyone on the right team here but looking back when he fifteen you've covered some of the biggest stories. That happened here at look at it had 2016 do you have any resolution you're gonna try to keep. You dialing up the same one like everyone else try to work out some mark. Try to get some others believe you know it's always hard for journal last year when you're traveling a lot and and when breaking stories it's definitely very hard to keep a decent sleep and it eating. Schedule I am I'm really looking forward to 2016. And there's already we know going to be some huge stories between. The election and the Olympics and SXSW. In a lot of big events. That we are ready now are gonna be huge news stories so. I am looking forward to problem and of the busiest. Here's my career and every night. Yeah. Violent big event in when he fifteenth just four anything personal life let you got married. You guys do it. Husband. And I don't know. I got. Everything that other public now continent. It was just a little over a week ago actually that. I am going to be having knight's first midnight New Year's kiss my husband's. What a way to spend your newlywed week highs in Times Square for a an agent and he's. Eileen game highly thank you so much spoke that there watney beat me you're either aces at early on but I think there can keep up better than him. I think he still might think they got a normal check back in the and they apparently. That they be eternally in five at times where I can't believe folks that they will keep up their energy we still have. I've hours to go. Teen. Fourteen minutes or correct when he sixteen here on the East Coast and there you have it chair. Live from how desperate some of those that you can went back accidentally. Called really. Beyond that I actually have smiled back I don't know what kind of energy drinks and you had to bring to keep up that energy level but they are doing it. Let's watch now. Live from Times Square as he spoke prepare to ring in the New Year's though I don't know that spirits are high. A high.

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{"id":36040223,"title":"Behind the Scenes of ABC's \"New Year's Rockin' Eve\" Just Hours Before Showtime","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from Times Square.","url":"/Entertainment/video/scenes-abcs-years-rockin-eve-hours-showtime-36040223","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}