Behind the Scenes with the Cast and Director of 'Aladdin'

Aladdin cast talks what it takes to make the magic happen on Broadway.
10:54 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes with the Cast and Director of 'Aladdin'
Disney's -- the new musical comedy based on the Academy Award winning animated film has become obviously -- go to performance of the year. At broadway's new Amsterdam theatre and today we are lucky enough. To have two -- the leads from the show Adam Jacobs who stars as a Latin James and morale idol heart starts this -- and Casey Nikola. Whose genius choreography helped bring this whole life guys thanks so much for -- but a lot of questions -- -- want to point out. Obviously ABC is owned by parent company Disney which makes us even more proud to have you all here with us today. Okay but at -- -- first you go back taken back to the addition because clearly you -- god -- the pressure. Seven year olds and seventeen year olds and seventy year old that want the perfect Aladdin to come alive it's -- it's and. It's a lot of pressure it's an iconic role it's the role that I loved watching as a kid going up and everybody loves Latin so. -- big shoes to fill but you know -- I use the movie is a guideline to sort of gauge where wanted to go fed and then Casey was great and -- helping me exploring and bring myself to the role in. And creating it from over the north -- over three year period to -- area today. I mean what what is at that point when you when you're casting -- you're looking for some -- for those qualities that are gonna translate from what you saw on the film but at the same time out. It spans that there is variations I sought it's an amazing amazing production. But there are there are some differences and there are some editions that really kind of spanned generations right so what makes these guys stand out as being able to bring that Disney esque quality. To the case for one thing they both loved Disney he had what is actually. This stock was selling the -- you have to visit but these guys love it you know when Adam walked in the door -- he was it and his voice is having you know I think he has the most. Court just glorious voice. And -- -- musical theater right now he is so it's fantastic and also he got it. He -- he's he's a really good company leaders knew what to think it's important for the -- to that he of that quality you know apple wants the deal that. You know it is one of the guys wanna be -- and that's kind of what you want it that's what you want -- -- -- -- eat a lot of enthusiasm from the audience as well let me just as soon as you walk out -- -- -- -- The crowd the crowd -- It happened at does address most. Actor director and choreographer mean that -- that's a lot of pressure to deliver that through -- Absolutely you know and also limited the biggest not pressure over the biggest challenge and then you know hopefully try -- Is is to take something that was that was animated and first of all make it. You live. And that make -- theatrical you know how do you take some of those things that you do in an animated feature and make it stage worthy and make it. You know justice magical. With what more limitations you know you've got your account some wild success -- book of Mormon -- things you. But again it -- to to to bring this for Disney equality that Disney magic there is you have to have that ability to to relate to him -- something different ages and and really kind of death because when someone comes to Broadway and they want something that it notably pop out. -- obviously doesn't mean job he -- A little bit but I mean I mean the thing is is. When -- created something I want to create something that I wanna see right you know and also I'm a big kid. As well as being a fifty year old you know hope you know having -- -- -- -- at -- same -- which I think makes -- a good person to do so -- -- but. You know the thing with something like that and what James who is so. He's so personal you know he's got such a crazy energy which is so right for this means -- like me it was with eight it's eight minutes. You know. My dream of being able to create something and -- someone that is -- can do so much. And it was so much fun to have someone like him that -- -- -- -- he wanted actively OK. I'm here important I'm there you know and and between that we were able to shape that's this fantastic number that just never stops and it isn't -- This is a good way you keep going. Tomorrow there's a the act at the inactivity and a friend like me and obviously I think evidence waiting for -- Like they have a CPR. At the great evidence that seriously it is is you get a standing ovation midway through. Every performance. And the energy to bring it every single mind I'll all of a very energetic person. -- About these they would call at eight BHD an editor said enough energetic. Yeah some money -- -- that -- but. Like like he's saying. I just Judy but their character in his. And so when the parking lot of slack I want -- do that -- I think that -- enough to pull that off. And I was just he felt sick sick total anarchy at the same time though I mean you know everyone always here's Robin -- voice their head right -- so think that. When you got this -- expect that your gonna get Robin Williams on stage it's not you get. And this is -- -- Robin Williams you get something better I think different in the -- really you had a different sort of spin on the character that -- what I was I was given. A wonderful out. You know there's that little river goes you're gonna be in Robin Williams shoes right -- -- character. And I was given is great out by this wonderful man Alan -- and the -- great Howard Ashman. The original vision for the character for the film was supposed to be kept Callaway fat -- Field. And when Howard passed away those plans changed it became probably if you -- to -- if it can -- -- -- -- -- but. Let's look at these old things easily that are by the -- -- it would -- let's go back that old character -- Of the song and dance man this cotton club like leader let's see what happens there. The cuts won't go that direction so I didn't have to go the direction of Robin Williams I could go my own direction. What -- of the songs that was cut from the movie is product your boy. Added in to the theatrical production and essentially really -- around you. It's so great it's the moment where Aladdin gets to express who you really is -- -- -- song. And people can see you know he's just a guy -- struggling to beat a man he knows he can be. And he seemed to his mother's passed away and it's just a great moment in the showed it that really grounds that and I and I love that they've that -- decided to bring back and. I can judge for hours and hours but this wouldn't -- which means nothing this is what some of the critics have been saying about this. Maria yeah. Enough about him right magazines saying dazzling and eye -- a magical wonderful extravaganza and USA today saying it's -- -- -- might happen -- the rush that will surprise you. I mean to be able to have those kinds of accolades you guys read do you read the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe that -- the right here let me -- -- it's that the all right you be. Fred like me as you pointed out prints leave it just high energy impacts -- Disney Productions I think in general I mean the the stage crap. The this the sets are always high value. But it is the actors and actresses that really have to -- with delivery kind of create the whole package to kind of give that. Ultimate that we experience -- that we have won the most talented and fumbles on Broadway right now yes and not only one of the most college ensembles. But. We also have twelve Broadway debuts so we have folks who what is the first Broadway Show and they're performing like they've been on Broadway for years. Are cast works so hard. That we did you think that's what's -- from us and always will have to look at those kids are updated their butts off from start to finish -- and it's kind of what I've that would let. There -- walls and other cities. I guess that's obvious you guys are recovering beautifully seventy stars -- right there are that you're picking out your picking up these hidden talent yet -- that that -- the dances are amazing and amazing looking you know we have a sexy group of women the guys -- everybody. -- seventh throwback like these Gregory C. You know that it's it's -- I think that there's something for everyone in the show without us going we have to make sure the -- for everyone we're just telling the story what it's supposed to be. And it has to be that kind of high energy because you're taking something was animated. That can do all kinds of things energetically that humans don't always necessarily do so you have to sort of bump it up and and you know like you -- with with all of the into the glamour of the sat in the and the production values you know it. You have to find the balance and people -- to make sure they're not sort of swallowed and that I think everyone really keeps the energy up. But also with honesty that -- like which is which is what you guys have managed to hold on to. You know that it's you've got all this honesty and innocence of this real thing happening in this heightened world and I think that's the nice balance. Out of practice and you have to -- to -- this for you but obviously Europe for some nominations very big nominations. Tony the drama desk the outer critics circle the drama -- No pressure guys right. No we never think about. It is clear that the regulatory. -- -- -- which is obviously keeping in the nominee gave each -- you wish Adam. I'm gonna guess I'm in -- four. World peace right now I think be. -- -- -- -- Yes -- will -- -- be nice guy when this news. I think what people you million -- every. On average oh my god it's everything that -- okay so it. They both took with them and -- -- I'm going to be selfish I used this before I -- I don't want for myself. I want that giant legal sat up to it. I want to feel like I want like the main -- among the stuff up it would just be fun thing happened I think what. I do that I want a big -- set of of Disney World I think we're Disneyland -- -- of what -- -- -- You remembered him you know it's interesting that if you got one wish that's -- it's gonna be case yet not until that night after a -- Well I don't want world peace and that the -- Tony first. -- you look at what we've seen I don't actually expect it happens until the rules don't like it like any public doesn't -- -- -- you're cheesecake which in the bathtub at the wrapped -- -- and Arctic night -- games these guys but -- continued access. Those the Aladdin it is amazing guy -- -- close.

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