Sela Ward Talks Women In Hollywood, Painting & New Show 'Graves'

Iconic actress also discusses working the last 30 years in Hollywood and how she didn't get jobs after refusing to participate in the "casting couch."
6:51 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Sela Ward Talks Women In Hollywood, Painting & New Show 'Graves'
Strange is to raise a shot at political sad time that a man hurt and needs right now I'm not I wouldn't be an issue Matt that's. Still what played the former First Lady was Edmonds suddenly realized how much his presidency messed up to content. You have political she has political ambitions of her aunt and was just asked to run for the senate. But then well take a look. At this point in life as soon. As an easing land. We want to harm people who don't. Company. To take some time on this for a couple of hours before Richard just come tell him for my moment. Oh my god. Thank I. Think a lot of people know this about you but you are a wonderful artists. Thank Europe and when I paint I mean excitement of that but why and said yeah I'm you know. What's sad my second first love for that was might major in college you fine arts obtaining I got a little derailed. And into the acting world yeah. And yeah some getting back into it. From level that I love it. Elegance field with that's something you kind of picked up your southern bell on your front. Meridian miss. I hate people would ask me to agree about this round Atwood to have to do anything to. To prepare you know that would guide and went to seniors to pick apart his story charms bill. At twelve they actually had that it in the south you know ballet and charm school lets them kid charms go here. We're all for all. Here gore men exit Mary would now join me and had a walk like a lady and talk like the lady get sit like a lady in. That's it my bands lower gamers well you you have been. Husband started in the business thirty years ago there been so many changes for Wendy do you think it's different for women in Hollywood now that was what you started. Oh well. I think there's still the same sort of ageism. Certainly. But I think what all the the new outlets for opportunities to work my heavens like their 207 channels. I think it's going to be. There will be more for a lot of ages and a lot of wind and for. Here a lot about the experience for women that they went in Hollywood and they have is casting couch moments where there turned into objects have you ever had that experience where you. They don't for a job at you've been need to feel like it was casting couch they're out the door. He yes. I. Asked to us with you like to take us down word. That they just finished I have to sit there while they play the whole set of tennis. To wait to meet on a project would. With major mega stars right the guy's ex takes showers and a thinks thank. But it did the biggest thing that ever happened it was it was so you've mongers movie would have changed altered my career forever. And I go to meet the director Hedrick advanced its seal I want I'm flown to London I go and meet with the costume designer I'm. Getting out my wardrobe in department stores with them I'm meeting with the hair guy. And I got back tailing the Princeton answer. The executive producer very powerful ones says he now normally I think I want sealant to come in read for me. At his house. And I. You know. I was raised really whale and I'm not going to his hand. And I sit I will go back and read and director but I'm I'm in the eleventh not going to win for this producer at this time. Did not get that part. Hey you know and really glad you did I'm glad I didn't Nader has there was worth it today it's it's never stated I typed and feel. I feel that if only young women were taught how to handle this situations when you come to Hollywood really night you're really not taught how do you deal nobody something. Asians for patent and you hear stuff you go in your head. Can't be what they'd just say. And you look anything up on my god here's what you just said yeah. And do what ever are. You know didn't have a lot to me but wants a lot. I. I'm out here I love this I can't tell you how much I love the show it made me laugh and may be so happy nick penalties Bryant you play Margaret grace the former First Lady who has served political. Ambitions her husband Richard graves as president 25 years ago and he makes the decision to try to write some of the wrongs it committed during his time and office. I mean there are a million questions but what did what what was the moment you read instead all now on me. That wonderful F word explanation she just had. Okay. I'm growing. All that reading out the window in his will be the most fun they have done in years. It was it was that it started. If race it's sad damn Smart. It's night and out loves more material and Smart strong women and she's she's a kick hitting good to see the underbelly of Margaret to just be way. I have to settle its eye you know I'm sorry sad and listened ya have to keep an eye out and they show it thank you for come come at any time soon love you. We want to see you can tell you wanted to Atlanta this shadow rock. Weigh in on FM. Now it might take it minute to realize it is a channel epics. Check it out it's coming on October 16 you will not be sorry I'm telling you you look at this sorry if he did you spent some time with the.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Iconic actress also discusses working the last 30 years in Hollywood and how she didn't get jobs after refusing to participate in the \"casting couch.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42620667","title":"Sela Ward Talks Women In Hollywood, Painting & New Show 'Graves'","url":"/Entertainment/video/sela-ward-talks-women-hollywood-painting-show-graves-42620667"}