Senior Adviser to Pres. Obama Valerie Jarret Talks Racial Tension in US, Diversity in the White House and More

Jarret discusses Obama administration, the president's accomplishments and what the commander-in-chief really thinks.
7:34 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Senior Adviser to Pres. Obama Valerie Jarret Talks Racial Tension in US, Diversity in the White House and More
The president's first friend and his northstar. Please welcome one fabulous woman president Obama's senior advisor. About and Jarrett they. That you would there's the other one night he talks of cut and Iowa it's not said that he talks is right yes perks and asked what it calls the bars intimate how that affects tumble slowly start we have to note that because values here in an official capacity. We're not going to be talking about the common election but we have a lot of stuff we do want to talk to her about so let's get in until it. We have these crazy explosions. That attacks rocked the city rock New Jersey as well and when did you guys find out about it in Washington wasn't it was president make my. Away the president was alerted he's been getting regular briefings about each and sedan in fact this morning he's spoken went. The director of the FBI director Cummings also spoken to governor climb. Governor Christie governor Dayton and mayor and applause and there is an enormous amount cooperation. Between state local law enforcement. An RF BI which is terrific but there's something all of us can do that's keep your eyes open and if you see something say something. The president has been criticized for not speaking strongly enough or swiftly in half in cases like these. But we heard that he is Adam going to speak. Are you speaking right now okay. So my question is what what what what takes him so long white at T decide. Well he tried says nine get out ahead of the information and he tries to raise. He's talking about I think it's very important for the president the United States. To ensure he has all of the facts. These are ongoing investigations and see want to be very careful not to say anything to prejudice and so he speaks when he thinks it's appropriate in this morning he thinks it's appropriate. If nothing had earlier in terms of trying to be thoughtful and be a hundred incoming leader you're absolutely right that former prosecutor. You know how important it is to gauge facts for it's very important and I remembers a former prosecutor when I was prosecuting these cases it would just infuriate me when people would leak. Pieces of my investigation because it really compromises investigations it's it does they also. Is a way of saying to the public you know everybody if you've if you have any information that would be useful to the investigation. Make sure you turn it over as promptly as possible that will only help with the investigation exactly aren't standing at the suspect has been captured and so that's got some breaking. Salaries something that's always been that the funnels me is that two terms later we are still talking about our president's birth certificates. We are still talking and questioning the legitimacy. Of his presidency. And saying we. Not not. Not me I think is pretty clear on weariness born I think we all have this kind of unfortunate but the important thing that we shouldn't be talking about. Yeah I'm. Nothing much surprises me anymore but it is unfortunate because we William important issues and challenges that we should be all facing together and let's put our focus on the perhaps education. For Atlanta and got a bit. I mean it has since he's got. Sorry about it after it out race relations in this country. President Obama first black president I think a lot of people placed. On very high may be unfair expectation on and the because he was the first black president he was supposed to heal all these loans we've seen a lot of racial turmoil over the last eight years what's Condit when people say he hasn't done in operation at dawn wore it should have done so that isn't an unfair expectation was placed on them. Look I think the fact that our country elected an African American president not once but twice is a sign of progress if you look at the total iron. Celebrate landmarks like and the march across admin tennis mentioned Osama fiftieth anniversary. Other passage of the voting rights civil rights acts so if you look at it like that we've made progress but I don't think that we can expect. Even until elections to raise really decades of legacy of discrimination and racism hot country. The future president whoever that may be that maybe they can do more to take it to the next level course is a community issue I think it is a community issue I think you're talking. About two separate things one as a culture and a community that. That has to change and evolve over time and also think what the president can do. Is lead to make sure that. His Justice Department is fighting hard to protect the civil rights of all Americans. Under both Arab clap older and Loretta Lynn she's certainly has done that but the teeth back in. Civil rights division and so women and do our part he certainly gonna do hit as. But it's also want to families and businesses and conversations around the water cooler in the audience amid yeah. About a took office two thirds of his top aides were men but now it's an even split. He took awhile to get there and I've heard that we women need attended a ND get there and you played a pardon that to kind of make sure the waste was heard. I think remember when the president took office our economy was in a freefall with health care crisis to war is gone on the with a loss. Happening and will talk about the progress I hope before I leave I think they were also folks who'd come together you'd never worked with him before. And so I think I was able to provide a bridge because I've now known him for 25 years and so people would say to me sometimes. What is he really think about what did he really say to that's what. And I think twenty seen over the course. The last seven and a half here is as a culture full arm. They're really reflects is that is one where the White House is diversity reflects the diversity of our country. Where everybody's ideas and I he we used to joke early on that they were hesitant to speak in a meeting I think you're in a meeting with the president. You're their for a purpose and speak up yet he cares about aren't sure what you say you wouldn't be working in the lighthouse. And now I think we have a terrific culture that's not just inclusive where everybody speaks their mind but also. Reflects its funny for his working values said our families' needs so we have. Three months paid maternity and paternity leave in the White House. Every employer should have that for working. Isn't just about as you know many of you kind in the meetings where. There was talk about sports before the meeting really gets going. We'll talk about what happens when the child care falls what happens. When your toddler is sickening it's a very different chemistry and and that's because we have a critical mass of women. And a few good men and officially and finally it is have a hand back. Diana Picasso and will you come back because you know. Your voice is one of the strongest in the nation I would really like what you have to say thank you wasn't comeback. Please again I would love to and back hang out anytime I want it. Okay let me.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Jarret discusses Obama administration, the president's accomplishments and what the commander-in-chief really thinks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42201582","title":"Senior Adviser to Pres. Obama Valerie Jarret Talks Racial Tension in US, Diversity in the White House and More","url":"/Entertainment/video/senior-adviser-pres-obama-valerie-jarret-talks-racial-42201582"}