Seth Meyers on Stephen Colbert controversy, doing comedy with Donald Trump

Meyers discussed working with the now-president on "SNL" and criticizing him at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
9:12 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Seth Meyers on Stephen Colbert controversy, doing comedy with Donald Trump
Rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. Find them with the refrigerated desserts. National security adviser, H.R. Mcmaster defended trump saying, quote, the president wasn't even aware where the information came from. Well, that doesn't surprise me. I would bet trurp isn't even sure where babies come from. So Seth Meyers has been spending his time on "Late night," trying to help America make sense out of craziness in D.C., and he joins us at the twa table right now. Please welcome the fabulous and very funny, Seth Meyers. ??? hi. So what's up, baby? Too much goes on these days. Very exciting, isn't it? It's been pretty breakneck for a while now. I kind of like it. I don't know if I like it. I like being able to talk about it. It's a way to process it. I think if I didn't have a show, I would be upset all the time. Of course. Maybe that's why I like it. Very cathartic thing to sit here and talk about. So -- We have been talking about all kinds of stuff. Yeah. So I'm -- memos. What's happening? Well, I mean, you guys have as much knowledge about it as I do. It is funny to me that Donald Trump thought by firing James Comey he would get rid of him as a problem. It seems Ike that just created a bigger problem because James Comey no matter what you think about imh seems to be a man of integrity. He made a mistake. He made some mistakes, and everybody did. But he was the kind of guy who his whole career has been, you know, writing stuff down. Memos. To get ready, and so again, I bet that Donald Trump -- I'm going to say this. No memos. I don't think Donald Trump has ever had a meeting and said, give me a pen and paper. I want to make sure I remember how this went. So even in the he said-he said of this, I think most people would think that James Comey's truth is more likely. Do you think pence will corroborate they were thrown out of the room? I think they will put up any corroboration as long as they have to. Phone call stay in the bush. Bushes outside the white house. But there's not enough bushes for the staff. What about George W. Bush? That would be the best push. You hosted the correspondents' dinner where you roasted trump. Let's take a look. Donald Trump has been saying he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke. Donald Trump often appears on fox, which is ironic because a fox often appears on Donald Trump's head. Ipdonald trump said recently, he has a great relationship with the blacks, to unless the blacks are a family of white people, I bet he is mistaken. Obama. I had a grand old time that night, and I look back on that fondly. He showed us up so hard. Obama? No. Trump. We made fun of him relentlessly, and now he is president. He got the last laugh. If he laughed, which he doesn't, he would have the last laugh. This is what inspired him to run, so is this all your fault? Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Over the course -- before the election, people kept saying, you know, Obama made fun of him that night, and that's why he ran. And I felt overlooked, and I said, I was part of that too. When he won, I realize it was Obama's fault. Absolutely. But interestingly enough, you have a very long history with senor trump. You parentally starred with him in a couple of stechs over the years. When he hoesed "Snl." Let's take a peek. There at's why we're here today on fathers and sons suspect that right, dad? You could cut that instro in half. It was way, way too long ??? we'll make you happy ??? ??? you know our wings ??? ??? ??? if you want a taste ??? ??? we love the chicken wings ??? Oh, no. I spent so much of my career making this man look unpresidential, and people voted for him anyway. I feel so ineffective. Did you get along? He was fine. He was very, you know, I didn't -- he didn't strike me as someone who had a great sense of humor, but he was game. You don't say. Held always ask people three questions, and the three would be the same. Where are you from? Do you like this job? He said, did you see "The celebrity apprentice" ratings, and pull it out of his pocket? He carried around. Stop it. He was a young 57-year-old man. I'm sure he changed. I'm sure he changed. I made him laugh one time. When he was on "The view" years and years ago with ivanka, that was when he made the remark, if she wasn't my daughter, I would go out with her, and I said, who are you? Woody Allen? He laughed. There you go. House of wings was an incredible performance. He was great in that, and the father and son thing too. His timing was good. He didn't get why that was funny until the audience went crazy, and then he was very happy. He needs the reaction. Yes. Let's talk about Stephen Colbert if you don't mind. He was in trouble. He was in trouble. The FCC is looking soo it because he said something that they considered to be extremely vulgar, but funny on his show. I thought it was funny, but what do you think? We all make decisions as late night talk show hosts, and I celebrate everybody's decisions. I think that's what bhaks comedy interesting. Do you worry about the FCC? No. I don't. It strikes me that's what they think this is outside the norm. What the FCC had. I know this because of course, I have had the conversation. Yes. About what can be said and what cannot be said. And people become concerned because there is a new guy he has appointed. Shouldn't that make us uncomfortable that it's not about who we're talking about? It's the words that we say. There are certain words you know you can't say. But if you are making jokes about somebody, is that something the FCC should be looking into now? Look, I don't think about the FCC that much. I find a lot of other things I'm more concerned about as far as this administration is doing, and I will probably wish I thought about the FCC the day they kick in the doors to of our shows, but I think comedy is in a pretty good place right now. Lots of material. Certainly. If you are talking about vulgar language, there is someone else who is using it that everybody seems okay with. Trump has had words about you by the way. He has had a grudge since the correspondents' dinner. Yeah. One of which, your secret Santa embroidered for you? I thought Seth Meyers, his delivery frankly was not good. He is a stutterer. My secret Santa knitted that, and it's on my wall. We had this made for your 1-year-old son. That's great ch. What does it say? Just as I predicted, Seth bombed. Donald J. Trump. That's amazing. And here's ago one. I only like doing shows with good ratings. He is not coming as he said. He is not coming. Two is fine. No. How will you stay warm at night, Seth, without this? Seth can't help it. He is really trying hard, but just doesn't have what it takes. There you go. And one more. Because we want to make sure it's actually touching you at all times. Very awkward and insecure. That's very nice. Thank you so much. We love you, Seth. You know -- we're going to go

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{"id":47463947,"title":"Seth Meyers on Stephen Colbert controversy, doing comedy with Donald Trump","duration":"9:12","description":"Meyers discussed working with the now-president on \"SNL\" and criticizing him at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.","url":"/Entertainment/video/seth-meyers-stephen-colbert-controversy-comedy-donald-trump-47463947","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}