Seth Rogen and James Franco on Why They Made 'The Interview'

"The Interview" stars talk about their controversial comedy on "Popcorn with Peter Travers."
13:26 | 12/19/14

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Transcript for Seth Rogen and James Franco on Why They Made 'The Interview'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and I have a special message for you before. This edition of popcorn. Which has Seth Rogen and James Franco oh who stars in the interview a movie that was pulled. From its holiday release and probably will never be seen now. Because of threats from. The guardians of peace affiliated with North Korea since the movie is basically has these two guys. As television personalities who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jung Hun. Obviously there's controversy here some people think the polling. Of this by Sony because they were hacked. And had to face threats is a blow to freedom of expression in this country other people say well you've got to. Care about the safety of people who pay money for ticket in the movie. And don't need to have the threat of violence on their heads. What ever you think I really watching to listen to what Seth Rogen and James Franco have to say explaining the interview and why they made. Kim Jung and is now capable. New eating all of the west that's the point is we're talking about nuclear nations. At what with why telling us all this operation we're telling you this because you too. Lucky gentlemen are going to be in her room alone with him congratulations my name that's right. The CIA would love it if you two could. Take him out. Men taken taken out for drinks Canada he can figure out like to dinner meant to mean. Taking out moment I don't party known. Take him. You want us to assassinate the leader of North Korean yes. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happened and that the movies and there's a really funny happening now called the interview. Just because that's at Rogen and James Frankel lay. TV journalists who are recruited by the CIA to kill the supreme leader of North Korea you might think that that's gonna cause controversy and indeed. If hands. These guys have been condemned for starting world war three and terrorism. So I believe that. Because I think they may spend the holidays in a North Korean grew. I'm happy to see them here today they accused. Be here. This is our last. Certainly demand busloads of this here don't look afraid. Now. I don't feel free obviously. For my safety at all and via ivory Solomon it was a really should you. That are your phone towers that relief. I that was true I burned runs it's gone now. Yeah when you started this idea of doing this with so while it yah he's going to do it did you think all of this kind. Would emerge from know the other all of them. Our goal. As innovative as we like to think we are we are also very aware of them all what we are not at all in the news you know we're in a lot of ways. That's good this is not it inundated. The public is likely to solve our guys have done this and do this on a regular basis with living people in the navy and killed every liberal Hollywood actually they'd kill everybody you know from. Maybe for moons we were doing so that was unique but overall it wasn't something early buyout weight of the world sees someone. Using humor to comment on what's happening in the world and it'll blow their minds like it's happen it happens on a daily basis on countless programs. James and I am assuming that it was Seth and Evan Goldberg who came to you to do this so we use all their it was all. What I was waiting to witness. I didn't even yeah I'm not even aware. That was a real didn't. I'm will read this book. And this. Resop do you know they. They'd been working on this movie for a while this idea. For years actually before. You've done with even in power. It was really nothing personal conduct looked like a we have to make a movie about back I was really this concept. What if you had this job where you interviewed you know. All these people and you know you had a kit like you are in that situation with the CIA ever say like your in the room with this guy. We need to do this and then being that gang that couldn't shoot straighter the least equipped person to actually pull something like this off would. Probably create a lot of situations for you know laughs. And so when. They figure they didn't quite know who the interviewer would be would he be kind of no respectable gentleman like yourself would ease the you know or would he be at complete. Idiot like you can't put. And once they decided that he would be kind of and Didier. I guess they thought I was perfectly governor kohawks. I'm right in Ivan Villa played dumb really loves. I think it was kind of been innocent sweetness about the well that's always the key like for me with these rolled. If you don't have Whitney faced weakness or. This other side where they do have some sort of emotional connection with someone or he. In this case Mino my connection would with sets character bandages he columns. A caricature of all surface. These. I'm actually like from two back games. Nice. And so that's that's why the buddy aspect of a movie like this is very important. Because it. It does grounded emotional. Your that the faces on the screen so basically. If we don't know this but North Korea was behind these guardians of peace. Who have hacked into Sony. Then. You guys did this. Consulting on its boldly acting doing that would. It's. It's totally bizarre and surreal and and it is like I don't remember anything like this happen. It's really strange you're making a strange kind of history it's that people have to get past in order to watch your men I know and that's true but again I think most. Bought like from my experience the average person going to watch the movie as a bear easy time getting past all I think if you're in the media people writing about the movie. People examining the movie I mean I think they have a different. They. Just the average birds you're paying thirteen bucks to go watch it with their friends you know aren't so we'd gotten past. All of this that exist so that people can go in and see this and you alluded to before working with sat. Now did that start with freaks and geeks with that the beginning of you to. Yeah I think that was set first professional job he was to a school at a high school I was on that ship you know. And it is I'd only done a couple. Episodes on some. The blue to cope with the big blue room and 04 like optional with Mario it's. Negative or wireless. The boat basin. I'm not and identity in. Yes my first real kind of equality project and then it got canceled and then you know there was an. Five year period or so learn you know so much I. We did find them into thousands and that's when we kind of that's what that was a great moment for me because I realized. I had such a great time doing comedies and it would felt like something. It I could you that I had. In neglecting that hadn't been doing that had this idea of war with the kind of actor I thought I will. And when I realized. Oh I do comedies with sat in this group of people. They actually will be good to be movies that I actually lie. And I feel like I can actually do and so that opened up a whole kind of new area of you know for me to working. It was actually Judd it was like what if we put Franco and Pineapple Express and I saw how he was. Experiment and trial was stopped and it was for us varied you know educational just to see oh he's his own Ford cars and everything like the news. It pushed us two more weeks he's doing in the interview yeah I think we really I I don't want to give this away because there's too many spoilers. Except the stuff we reading in the yes exactly it's that might entail about visit my public email I'll explain they've ever gonna happen definitely need it when you get to this is the end and play. Versions of your cells. Is when a very special and unique thing happens. Nobody complained that you destroyed the entire. Go well known that mean about it that was okay that was a two if yeah I was a Jewish. And according to variety and it now it was Jerusalem behavior. It wasn't. Rea that's what the guys that are bills review of the interview Edwards just shows how. W. If that is the Jewish. Jewish comedy. This via. Yeah people do things differently obviously I was. Actually if I was surprised that there was more Christian backlash on the Slaton is the end but. They seem to have a good sense of humor they get so. In the end what do you two want from the audience what do you what would you say did them about seeing. The interview. I'll just say it's a funny movie and if you like her you know and that's what we intend to make an entertaining. Hopefully hilarious X like being a renewable movie about. Was more. Yeah any lingering within with toll and yelled I think. I don't I don't really do comedies others and you know the companies with that and and breakers in the way has come are certainly you know I've learned the value of comedy and like now in all my dramas. Even I hope that there's just. A little bit of comedy is so powerful it's such a powerful tool to. In audience on your side on her character's side comedy is so. Great but. I don't you know as a viewer I don't go and see tons of comedies but I feel like I've just out of this can that's just like. Genuinely. Funny and I hadn't been to a premiere like. The premiere we went to you know last week for this one since Pineapple Express and it was just like. This is why you go to with the fearful of a bunch of other people hearing them it's just like. A wry it is so it's such a great experience and. I didn't he spring breakers a little laughter came out so all I did was regal. About how amazing Franco. At a what I saw lives I've loved her apartment like White House so much of this is the stuff we tell him not to do you or the swap that will hold down and stuff like that. And watching that movie made me realize that they wouldn't know someone. You're not owes the ms. Jones of their act. Because sometimes you see them do things that the average person would never notice him doing buttons and it also made me realize that the general public at a much higher level of acceptance. Were you acting. It's way outside the realm of what you're actually like. That I would have thought honestly. And after seeing that movie I think is one of the reasons that in this movie we pushed his characters so fall because we like oh people. We'll go with him on the rock like we don't have to keep in the sixers we can open up to only way to earn a third people as other have people like you know an and they think it's funny and as long as we take care written edited in Hampshire that's not too much of any one thing is that it via Elliott like it's legitimate areas reported. Super Rea. It's all their talk in him yeah and now it looks at lax. That he there's something. All right I think let me leave Kenya and all right then the end the message to North Korea from both to watch it's it's one mistake that. Nothing. No I think comedy just a comedy just this comedy listed on the Korea are I thank you both I wish you well in ways I don't used. He takes you Barack. I really depths and think that preceded it.

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