Shira Haas discusses Emmy nomination

Shira is nominated for outstanding lead actress in a limited series for her role in “Unorthodox.”
3:09 | 09/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shira Haas discusses Emmy nomination
First time nominees you're Hoss who received international acclaim for her performance. In the limited series and orthodox as a woman who runs away from an arranged marriage in an orthodox Jewish community in New York City. And Sera Hostin joins us now it's your congratulations to you and your first Emmy nomination and a you are all the wind out too bad news it doesn't what are you then what are you Larry hypocrite. I'm grandson and named Harry heartbeats is an area and I'm very excited and in a ceremony they needed yes. She couldn't bear a big night for you and we're so excited to see everybody's different shots as well as there's people are. Getting comparable but still go landing up for the experience of course. This is the first net flicks series primarily in Yiddish or what does it mean to you to see a show like this. Recognize. On this huge platform. It's unbelievable I mean I think it remaining me MA didn't act from an I think beats. I mean I'm not be getting something that people want to see eagle on CD and strict beat and athletes is an eight these show. Bring guests and your language and your community in Spain and its Eleanor it's well people and we all have these diets in between Barack. And that that our show and let me that eat eat an end and people. Yeah and we got very happy that we definitely needed that connection this year specially and they show deals with some extremely happy topics. How doing your co stars try to keep things light on that I know you're all very close. We I'm married I mean one of the act. And I'm meet that they had spent and it's a lake and years. And we had not been done in between me and we add egg and the streak and we might not need a beeping me when you stuck there. He does angles like Ingrid (%expletive) but he needs at least the Amy stroke next which means to an early age that we many loved writing environment even though. They stunts isn't it ideologues where lord it was on the nation and being a professional. It happened and much is under a remote thing yet and definitely. A case to you look super glad tonight but in this series you actually shave your head. Can you talk to me about what that was like. Yeah I save my hadn't acts the F fund track than some might know it was early our city today. Than echlin to begin shooting. You. And I was like Ellen is being in all of those rains and it and I had went and I love my long hair. But happened and I amazing at that and still in hiring in the great aunt and EUT. And Rell is back from. An animated inexperience and at picnic or what an exciting start for you for this season that ended exciting night so good luck to you hear a hot.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Shira is nominated for outstanding lead actress in a limited series for her role in “Unorthodox.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73137596","title":"Shira Haas discusses Emmy nomination","url":"/Entertainment/video/shira-haas-discusses-emmy-nomination-73137596"}