Taylor Swift announces new album 'Reputation'

After a week of teasing fans, she made the big reveal.
0:38 | 08/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift announces new album 'Reputation'
Pop star Taylor Swift has ended days of speculation with a big announcement she is releasing a new album which will be out November 10. Swift posted the title of the alpha reputation. On in us to Graham. Along with images of a slithering snake she also announced the first single is going to be a tomorrow and she gave fans a peek at the album's art copper. Pretty cool. It's black and white photo of herself against a backdrop of news for at this will be swift's first new album. Just wait fourteen tissue just delete it was we have record gets all of her social media solutions are. Re starting the whole thing may have rebooting them getting lots of attention and we just did it didn't affect.

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{"duration":"0:38","description":"After a week of teasing fans, she made the big reveal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49386507","title":"Taylor Swift announces new album 'Reputation'","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-swift-announces-album-reputation-49386507"}