Thomas Edison's Connection to Music

ABC News' Lana Zak takes us inside Thomas Edison's winter estate in Fort Myers, FL.
15:09 | 12/22/16

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Transcript for Thomas Edison's Connection to Music
So. Born and he actually inspire him to. Start coming out here right right Edison's by reporting standards instant did. In port bella gets tougher message board actually say that yes actually just one house beyond that Edison don't listen to you. 6:14 am on 96. And you don't hear liberty teases a little bit might. That we're going to talk them about speed. And that tremendous influence. Thomas Edison had on music in America that's his third start. Explaining that they think everybody knows about light bulbs I think fewer people know about the race percent. That's right and you and it's an axis of the photograph when its favorite inventions called CD. So he was involved in very very early experiments to try to find a way to those records sound and play. And for and then use that as a commercial product which is something no new venture zone will host finalists recorded immediately. First. And again and totally wrong but. Earliest versions were recording in our laps right past even earlier didn't have time to play. And just like he would use me to wrap your leftovers very similar. Yes the first info then wax. He said and we'll see some of those glass cylinders and recorded. Easily actual actual actual sooners mainland's currently asks. All right yeah. In the happy. A little outdated music. Try. Well the only Ellen yeah. One this. It's hard. As part great visionary companies very very intense and OK our guys here haven't read any half hour. First it is fish story Sunday. He's actually everywhere here's the original. We decided to preserve and we. Around Medicare where we are outside Eric to being challenged. Sexy pop up when it. Prosecution of one day. They go out and Charles said it. He mounted a. I don't think. Central to become governor is needed secretary let me know what. Let's chat. Yeah. Usually get so Clark. They needles. I think he might unity calling. This time they're probably. Look today yes it's all people Ron Paul going over the water front the other well. You know the animals were teenagers years and it definitely means. Deputies. He. Look familiar to you. Yeah. Or. Hear me. That's easy and oysters. Crafty. Pass. He let me they eat. Tradition here and one of the reasons and he is in good applesauce repeated attacks. Fannie. I didn't do any more bad. CDC taxing entity we also see the size. Community alive and that means you know president last year her eyes. Please tell. We're just. Call me. You diamond believes he's sitting here. City socialite yes. So one there isn't he here are important entry. She has a history he didn't witness his. If this passes right. If anything was familiar with the city's. But it's easy to keep working in the evening winds and us. I think. The dull. What what my neck and again this year but. He mayors all blocks. Yet he. But he asked about the longer. Well yeah. They now electric question. I'm playing a high tech. Game. I'm. Yeah me yet. And who. See the back of the bird be making me. News. Factors. Yeah. That's right just to get out. Yeah from the rest of the it's also good phonograph. Ira. So this is an early version of the photograph. And it used soon. So rather than like a flat disk like you might remember that in mind record is he dancing principle instead of dropping Q. No electricity off Justin while planning your spring training on. Andrew acting US strikes me police two minutes. A home. He's really one to act and short yeah. That ten minutes. That a threat makes it easy for guitarist and it's pretty. Simple. Mainly here Edison the increase political and yes and as a world class records that might. So yeah. Okay I'll think that we'll pay exactly. Pretty amazing and. A quarter inch stack and that's part of marketing business you can I don't want you but he dropped and he did it wouldn't break just. We believe me plus that it would've broken on machines. That's right. How much. For a nice vote later this community 200 dollars. Catholic now it is easy 3000. Anything. But you get smoltz that we. The story send us up to 72 different well that's right guilty stories. And this is what it's yeah. Warner's feet and instantly it does store and actually he demonstrations. Often ends you while I'm nights I would. I hit it on this one plant. Wanna see you later Reuters. We actually some days where you. Out. And luckily. Made as he never did. Bill Clinton. Right he. This is my hands through his dad CNN. I became. It's reaching Nielsen to action news for us. She thought celebrities. Please you know this would have been that are regulated educated guess. Net stockings hung here here. And reliever. Lawler. Martin. Absolutely place. My just. They actually had occasionally he'd just come here outside the door we'll. And who got downstairs he wouldn't present yet eating breakfast and and the goat and observed treatment to treat him and then fourth status. McConnell we did not Carol my hair and church before he could opening press crying we that was our that was our exercise. There's no defense. Think public before you let Beulah and take. That's what true. Here absolutely would be remiss. We don't appreciate. It's not much heat and who. If you want CNN we just can't irresponsible what happens yes. Hardly a hot. Explain to everybody here equity. Fund is located pleasure when she. Here so we're banks of the river as he. River and connects always from the Gulf of Mexico probably today easily movies you blatantly. And when it came here first right. When he comes here he lives there's only about 350 people here and yes from the business looks at Fort Myers. Yes we'll that we are issues of propriety human cattle. None of us yeah Statehouse. He comes here he loves his newly rugged kind of rural community and he buys thirteen that acreage where we are now I'm outside. It is yet. Today is out. We're just needs motherland. Research dollars to formal garden spaces gorgeous. It just he's rambling gardens that Edison and his wife minor. And so how of these trees actually to that point debate did the Edison's a lot of them are regional. In fact you might have noticed that he became intrigued when he came in and there are many relatives and in on this side of the street. Well. History's original in the late nineteenth place. World day care and we absolutely elephant. It isn't for most if water. Stuck in that. Hold it should I mean I was one of them is a moment ago. I I understand the pain. I think we have to go out hearing and light. The golden hour is absolutely. Oh Anthony even see some of the diversity of different thankfully he has here. Everything I've never heard of so flustered he and a minute. Absolutely. This some sort of on war. It's it's umbrellas looks it's gone. Out intentional it closer to the first one. We get so many interesting and unique specimen trees here and we got dozens of what are called champion. We're champions is based on their height. And also there when it. Body water Washington. Again the river the police actually. Probably guessed it comes as some other indigenous. Here summon all he had before them after the close friend here. I was on the other things get yours essentially it's from this area by the river there's. Well before I say goodbye I want to let anybody know who. Is there interest sitting coming down here. President Ford winter estates are here in Fort Myers, Florida and end and Brian the winter like special things hill gang experts correct. And any other time of year people basically them down and learn a little. Threat written 363 days a year. Wonderful anything else you want to tell. Yeah I think is a great time here to visit hunting accident is always one of our visitors favorite. Holidays holidays like putting a solid season and it didn't think holiday lights. Like cancer and experts. It's a great event it's a 100 that we do and it's always. Thank you so much like. We'll show you this deal and they deny.

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{"duration":"15:09","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak takes us inside Thomas Edison's winter estate in Fort Myers, FL.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44355943","title":"Thomas Edison's Connection to Music","url":"/Entertainment/video/thomas-edisons-connection-music-44355943"}