Trump on Alleged Hacking: 'I Know Things'

Despite what 17 intelligence agencies are saying, Donald Trump is still not convinced of Russia's alleged U.S. election hacking.
11:11 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for Trump on Alleged Hacking: 'I Know Things'
Despite what seventeen of death could give agency's SA at seventeen. Intelligence. Agencies despite what they're saying at. Donald Trump still isn't convinced that Russia had anything to do it that US. Hacking of US election stop. He claims he knows things others do knocked. I think what we're real band today. Thought maybe tomorrow I thought yeah. I yeah. I know it's easy. He's got he's got secret information so we Steve he's like a guy who promises to bring it orgasm but never does not. Clap clap. Let me tell you knowingly employ his priorities are. Anti at least I would do that's we do it and I did not. He hasn't it hasn't registered bird and members of a bus as of yet actually he teases out I think the issue is like he. It could Wear his allegiance lies that does this mean I have as much what did you get on the home who got him in for me yeah I didn't. And the reason it's a problem is because in this brat he is tweeting stop them like he's sick. Great move on the delayed by Vladimir Putin I always knew he was very Smart when you say positive things about. A tyrant and then you're at it just doesn't and I'm not trending negative things about your on about. I would present what. Imagine if that was Obama doing that he be cool don't. A trip after treats are planning it's really Cheney's in this when you think that all suspicious because it looked as it's not that I think it's I think it's the. Yeah Fidel what do you know I mean maybe this may be during this briefing I mean he's getting these teeny weenie friends like he got all that legend who doesn't know Jack okay. Yeah that's no exactly that he had an imprint in any of these things to know anything. Positive that's when you know what you can be positive I don't mind if you're positive but let's be realistic do you think a way that he will ever give any press conference is based on why don't say I you know why don't you hand him doesn't. He doesn't need to. The American press. Got him where he used and Aaron. Being age superstar. On television got from where he is today because people believed that they know the real ham. So the only way this can mold in any direction is we needed just keep my not because. Crazy stuff it's gonna happen like this the fact that he and one on one and says you know bop Vladimir Putin's book Smart man because you know he's not. Retaliating against us. For a hat it. We're piston and classy act passed up what you saw Ottoman carnage Donald reed added a big day UN conference. Now he has sent all you're not isn't good that it doesn't look good. If it doesn't look good and stop and I'm not all you and your statement everybody Mike Sweden what you see what happens. Maybe he's been called into Russia because something may be owes them money Madden out of fort dynamite was in bed with the Russian side has had interest in Russia but the exact Wendy the whole thing is very muddy with a rush in makes no sense a lot of people that elected Donald Trump a black to him because they felt he would be tough on people. Like Russia and Iran it now you have. This to this doesn't let nobody out on it yeah. And act up they Bryant and President Obama came out and at least if this is there's going to be consequently there's going to be tensions. That's what he's arrogant people have been craving. President Obama well look I think he's not tough enough he's now show toughness and the guide elected isn't and you're holding back I credible I'm used to beat US is not yet voted but I don't yeah. Alison I don't about it. Not trump showed us who he was answer he talked about grabbing women's genitals talked about being in bed with Russia he talked about women he talked about. You know gold star families and they didn't listen. So don't care about president Janet and you care about this country let it Karen a Republican opponent in the big evil different did you hit obamacare. But if you care this country you see a man and white in the Pozen tweet about Vladimir Putin you'll need to care about that yet but I don't eat. Is not over her house. We will be back cause there's an honest. Continue that condescension we were happen. About what went out again about people yes. Voters not. It's paying and not listening to. To what Donald Trump really so bad but he's currently is saying is that person you are saying that you think that people care I don't think it's that they don't hear right in trump keeps trying to insert that the media's wrong that he's irked some new statements that are not factual and people are not eating. I think if they really believed it which I think they should. Yeah at the I do you think people care I just think there are so used to him saying it doesn't it surprise me though that they didn't care that care. Future president would be saying grabbed women by the genitals it surprise me that people didn't care about the fact that he made fun of the disabled reporter. How about the Johnny can't you're not back job that John McCain thing really shocked me yeah I mean all the rest of it is hideous and that was like what you need to tell me. A very very famous person I was held captive by the Vietcong. Who they broke his arms they left him out to get skin cancer and the new disc that person because he was captured he would not even let them release him. John McCain. Until all of his men were released and they said we'll give you an early release. That it's a hero an American hero. I don't care about those things honestly and one remember when Van Jones did that. Where he talked to their family. It came down to these people saying. I had to feed my family 18 emblem much eastern eat a lot out about other things more gracious about playing I think it was more about their well eight check your job there's sort of Tony of earnings and what's going to be interest. Now could not even have. I didn't have his act together either not pretty what advertising and every other issue but what the bottom line is simply that you really wanna know what Donald. Is gonna do go to his web sat in bulk of the tax plan is they expect it doesn't cloned you watch box but at a pet. It's Terry T percent a hot. For the very wealthy 2% for the middle class and if your single parent household you want totally screwed score. OPEC so even look at one listen to what it says when he says I don't think I wanna take the Secret Service I think I want my own gods. You know that's not a good idea. Okay because that's how you get the storm troopers and answer I don't mean the storm troopers problems are. War I mean the real storm troopers who came to get people seek. You have to listen and see where you've all in all bets you at the scene where new off patent how those jobs are gonna come. He says he's gonna bring back jobs well rested and bring back industry everybody talked about him as this great. Business mammals. And I'm I don't know how I'm isn't all bomb not. Is leaving this job and you're gonna have to do. Unix is now wanna be your job and you're not going to be able appointed payments they would have banned arsenal out bit. Cause not baby. Is not ass on out I don't. Kellyanne Connolly who can't answer the question if she blames as she goes back and Hillary Clinton it. Like that's should presents Kelly and iPad no longer your default I need to let Hillary go. Ask people if you look to the GOP primary you had a lot of really competent people on the stage and people didn't vote competent this time they voted for the campaign and they voted for the got article is TV's solidarity today and they won't let this alliance a problem isn't value have a celebrity not opposite celebrity brides ridiculous suites and a celebrity teases stop and that's not characteristic of what a president should be. And a celebrity doesn't have experience. Governing and not be pretty Harrison dead. You yourself upset that my house. Supporter I thought my plan went thank you said. The if I recall. Go ahead and I'm out what you said during the election wasn't so much of before voting for celebrity but they were voting for someone with business acumen and if you thought hmmm I don't think they're watching it. Are they thought they lie they were but I think that this alienated what I also what I also sad was that. In the standings on forcible portly Hollywood's self celebrity sells and people don't realize that there's a disconnect. Between the ability campaign and the ability to govern and guess he had business experience but. That would look who he is carrying the matter has colonel people run as a business. We have not right tracks are not employed throughout her. Yeah. Harris fights and then if you didn't talk about his acting the part he told it looked said that he said he's saying the right things went on China's help needless sometimes it's public people say the right things but that's been well why don't like hearing it is that's not gonna say one thing because he and we did elected. What some people did elect him. And we're stuck with him and people laugh they want to know what they can do next week to wait two more years to get rid of congress the way on this ethically challenged by a bunch of jerks and not all like that in Tom Allen a Republican aren't they will look I don't I'm not like but. Bishop why aren't most of them did otherwise it would not happen okay. What was my point my point was this what you can't you know is you can call your congressman you can call one US senate as they are numbers go on the web sites find their numbers and call them up and say I object to this. This totalitarianism. That's going on in congress right now it is well records the buck only care about is getting reelected. That's only given tam a bat. Yeah. Thank. You. It's a lesson I took first I am exhausted and ready. I. That night and another vacation. And I'm. This is going to be one year. Yeah. Clean US's. Wrong about rush packing the election.

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{"duration":"11:11","description":"Despite what 17 intelligence agencies are saying, Donald Trump is still not convinced of Russia's alleged U.S. election hacking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44531266","title":"Trump on Alleged Hacking: 'I Know Things'","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-alleged-hacking-things-44531266"}