Trump Compares US With Russia in Interview

"You think we're so innocent?" remark by President Trump has some wondering if there is some classified information that the American public has not been made privy to.
6:33 | 02/06/17

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Transcript for Trump Compares US With Russia in Interview
So yes. The new black. Had to have that conversation what Bill O'Reilly. Splitting all that down. At for an end to be where they'll ask him about his relationship would Vladimir Putin. Take a look. Do you respect coon I do respect W a Y. While I respect a lot of people but that doesn't mean many get along with him he's a leader of this country. I say it's better to get along with Russia than and of Russia helps us in the fight against basis which is a major fight and Islamic. Terrorism all over the world and major fight that's a good thing will I get along with a I have no idea plus about Hillary don't couldn't secure. A lot of killers go at a killers what you think our country so innocent. That is like now hey Republicans and Democrats in both said it's kind of addled mind. And still equate the actions would Americas and now shouldn't you know should Americans be concerned about this and people economy going happy I I thought that. We response to be doing this a little bit differently I was it made me really think because. As the president he certainly has intelligence that we don't. Perhaps it all got all these reports and so I've it's not thinking I know how. Has gotten some intelligence reports fit that you know that people in our government or are killing other people and so for him to just sort of say that on national television equating. Our country where if the brush out was was pretty shocking to me. Just just put Obama in the position. Imagine if Barack Obama said anything like that they would have had him up for treason. One trap rather I'd say beyond shocking because it has dropped jaw dropping me it was discussed thing. It was disgusting to create up moral equivalence between the United States which. Last I checked as a beacon of freedom is supposed to defend freedom of the press is supposed to did then. People let differing opinions here not like Houghton who jails political dissidents here 23 and journalists who have been murdered in Seattle office and Appleton backed. The Syrian Assad regime that has not as genocide. I'm innocent people going on open every you have to ask yourself if Donald Trump has a hard time criticizing those things. What does he actually stand for does he believe any of. These comments hearts and so many this is the challenge with this particular administration the challenge for a lot of journalists that are out there. Because at any given moment when I mean we're talking about something else by the end of the network probably going to be talking. About you know the immigration ban again and he's that's the strategy of this administration C band has gone on record and said. They want to distract you want to flood the zone which is a sports analogy you sent six receivers or what have you and helium three defenders you you don't know which story to cover stories covered the common about the talent she began her. The comment about the so called judge should be cover. You know what's going on at the what I bring back then here we missed the raid well yes and let me tell you how he does tell let me tell you about. The things sent. Have been done the last two weeks while being been distracted by trump news. Congress moved to repeal the stream protection rule which I mentioned earlier which would allow mining companies to dump their potentially toxic debris. Industry has the house voted to overturn an Obama rule designed to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The house voted to kill an Obama era regulation that requires. Oil gas and mining companies to just close any payments they meet a foreign government. It's not happen the same day that the senate confirmed Rex Tillerson. Who actually lobbied against this role. And the Department of Agriculture removed from its web site. Inspection reports and other information about the treatment of animals and research laboratory zulus. Dog breeders and others to sell outs yeah these are the things that you know this is all that impact us about this is really. I mean people voted for him. You know to get their taxes together to get their Conte together but they. They did not vote for him to put all over the constitution they vote for that. Card stated. That in the gentleman. The goals top father had remember he held up I was easier timing we should all just male does we'll constitution. Cards. Shouldn't the president does this say it won't put up on a bore. And Smart market and study it man because. We won't put up with a lot of stuff in this country we will not put up with wrecking the constitutionally. Just man. I think that bids from concept. How is trying to cut the budget. For the violence against women act. Which and they in a wide by 480. Million dollars at the same time is this so cold wall that he wants to bell could she could quest up to 25 billion dollars at that everybody says that that's a waste. But to cut budgeting against. The violence against women act I mean when he said he wanted to grab a wanted to buy her genitals he's now legislating wants to legislate. Something that's very similar to what he did. Wit and cut budget now Ike I have to assume that a lot of the women who voted for trump didn't. Have to hear this and a lot of them may be victims of domestic abuse. And this kind of wants to take away the budget that will help deal. Try to understand what's going on yeah. Well it's you know listen there's a lot of stuff been cut there's a lot of stuff and move and cut and what's gray. It's as people are responding to people. Are saying no no no this is not just about everything else and they have I don't know what you know a lot of people didn't know about union he didn't know anything about the grant. An up and got out there reduced our people on making their how there. Twice as her and because this still is our nation. It's still is a nation that we the people. Have a say it and you know it may Steve Manning and may. Last month we got we'll come right back S ago.

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{"id":45307785,"title":"Trump Compares US With Russia in Interview","duration":"6:33","description":"\"You think we're so innocent?\" remark by President Trump has some wondering if there is some classified information that the American public has not been made privy to.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-compares-us-russia-interview-45307785","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}