Trump Tweets That Flag Burners Should Be Jailed or Lose Citizenship

"The View" co-hosts debate the First Amendment and flag burning.
7:42 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for Trump Tweets That Flag Burners Should Be Jailed or Lose Citizenship
So president elect Donald's Robbins. Not let up on his Twitter have been apparently and one of his latest tweets is caught the people who burn the American flag be punished Libya or in jail or. Losing their citizenship. I'm. A protest Sarah's brand flag is that free speech I hate speech. As in Italy but psychotic idea First Amendment and an Antonin Scalia. Said that it was protected by his his idol. Well I says it was protected and you know that that's what. This country is about talk about Cuba yesterday there's no free speech in Cuba special we have in this country so far. Yes yes. I'd and I think that's what's what's scary is that when you have a president elect. You know Hussein pigs like that people should be jailed or or. Anything that's infringing upon our very constitutional. Right to speak and it reeks of a dictatorship. And it's something that that I don't know why more people aren't terrified that he seems to be seeing these kinds of things over and over and over again I. I mean it's in the First Amendment congress shall make no law represented an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there. Abridging the freedom of speech ought of the bequest. Yeah well there's like a right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government. For redress of grievances. That means you're allowed to protest. Without. CR. Of reprisal from the government that's that's the first and ask the very first command headed to first to manage traffic. Artists and because you look at it Hillary Clinton in 2005 she cosponsored what was called the flag protection act. Which was a failed attempt to criminalize flag burning say he's been wrong. Now that brought you well I'm leaning red is I think whether or not you think it's free speech or hate speech I think it's very controversial it for so many people. The flag represents everything that's good about this country rappers the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have sacrificed their lives when you burn it. It is terribly offensive and might thing to you is. If it's if you think this country so much as you want to burn the flag and just eat it may mean a man. What on our I'll. Why do so I'm quite anger or somebody's anger. You know my grandfather plots in this country could walk on the streets of I'm Selma Alabama. So I mean let's get let's put this all in perspective. I think that's a nice day in fact we're well because people get angry and they burn things and doesn't mean they hate the Conte so let's not put that in. A lot of people internally and upset sent out an outstanding and you name it might be offended to people but the truth of the matter reason. Will respect the military that's one of the things they're fighting for a is is our. Yes we do that and I knew that a lot of the irony of it in a way that that's the first thing that you learning constitutional law is that you may hate. Someone's ideas you may hate their speech but you better fight to the death. To protect their right I see it yet can add though that what I that's. Never okay because it's the only thing that separates a democracy from a monarchy or dictators and yeah I do think I understand what you're saying call in regard to I've always thought of the flag as the military so. Even having that right doesn't always mean that's the one you have to you exercise and eat eight is your right. I am one of those people that feel that. When it's just like each of flags and he. Origin of them came from warfare was to add deciding who to what teen you're wrong you wave that flag. I feel like at the end of the day for me that flag represents that we're all on this team I know not all places as you let me out in Iraq presented. But I feel. Skating I feel like that's something where when I looked what I always think of one thing we can scam he. The military you know while the military is in the military is not. But it not to fight ended and I have to let him wrap presents a lot of different things to different. Taken care around under it still out on their arms flex. Are angry they sometimes get and women run. Flags and I went people had just how much right to be offended by anti what I listen I write this isn't about whether your friend of them back how about it so it's about the Obama I guess I did and I'm just saying that people have a right to be offended I'm and I know when I person personally when I see somebody burning the flag. It is your right it's absolutely your right and it's protected. But if you paid our country you hate when everything represents a much different place they don't have a lot of and that interpretation nicely once personnel at the dinner table who's just complaining about the tournament you don't like the that's why they just he event but doesn't it terrify you -- Eric Bradley and then not someone I just have something else that's on anti. But apps in my. House and grumble and complain about what is presented to you and part of the table banish your rights if you don't like it and you don't candidate in you can go out and it's a very American idea village can hear we value it is. At being offended is one thing but do you think it should be criminal I shouldn't criminalize the mad that the fact that I guess I disagree that you have an out easily last ended but I'm send me an idea. And I plan to represent I don't think this is say that people who do it hate the constant that's not what that's. That's like a rat make you step in it. Unilateral and -- hot to burn our flag and other countries who paid are caught on tape but most of the time when you've seen American flags being burned in this continent is when young people saying you not representing us it happened in this I mean I have pat I now he's saying is also the symbol that it might mean to me when ice and its military not the reason they're burning that stuck out their granddaughter of battering and my other the only all I know where I'm but I'm just saying that's. And that is the into my interpretation and I am just as much writes my interpretation is all of you do. TNT yours as well absolutely and I don't think should be criminal I think we have a right but it's offense that did it does it concern you at all that our president elect. With concerns yeah commander Steve it shouldn't analyzed bit people should be put in jail because if you look at scalia's opinion. What he said was our founding fathers who. One it very much to protect anti government speech because tyrants want to suppress that Nazi anti and so when our president elect is saying. I wanna not only suppress this speech I want to put people in jail for arresting that that's OK eat this that's the case was settled back when Donald Trump was a Liberal Democrats. You and just enough about. That and I expect that I think one other point about Scalia is the you know of course he said that you have a right to exercise your First Amendment he was. Not fine but you know he voted in favor of ban the flag burning Heaton. But has called him. The ideal job status so I thought we got fat and that is ideal justice did Larry was coming. It's also on that continuum you know when you start to stifle free speech just like. I think he's not qualified to be president I think he's over his head back I think he's well. I think he's completely over his head I think he's a reality star who got in over his head that there was a big mistake made in this country. And I don't know how to. Fight it but I can't have the freedom to say that yes and if he is going to stifle my ability to say that we are a lot of trouble on yeah. Okay.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts debate the First Amendment and flag burning. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43849207","title":"Trump Tweets That Flag Burners Should Be Jailed or Lose Citizenship","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-tweets-flag-burners-jailed-lose-citizenship-43849207"}