Are Trump's Twitter Tirades a Distraction From Cabinet Appointments?

"The View" co-hosts discuss President-elect Trump's cabinet considerations.
5:19 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for Are Trump's Twitter Tirades a Distraction From Cabinet Appointments?
How. Would all of these little things that keep coming up you know I'd flag burning allied you know this and that is this all just a ruse. Yet now our attention away from what's really going on yes in all things like you. In disappointed. Congressman Tom prices to secretary health and human services was committed to repealing Obama care and that what the tax chocolate and this will reduce the middle class tax by 2%. Given the wealthiest Americans a whopping 15% cut and my favorite raises taxes on single parent house hall a best trot out neck. So is this is all this other stuff that we're talking about just to get my attention a lot of the people who voted for him on those the very people will gum going to be affected by this act it happily welcome him back. Parent with a name come on 75002. Children would have to pay 2440. War dollars. And you look. And if you. If you're the middle class it was an old broad tax and that's and a 2% in the wealthiest 1% would receive 50% would that's a lot of money. On ten million dollars yeah 10% I don't think he's that sophisticated. And it's I just don't I don't think it's and to route that I just think he just can't control himself up on Twitter and and and other things that he has like diary of the. Hope but I laughed including I like yeah. Yeah. Yeah in the family says this stuff but I I do think we we should be concerned with the people that he is. Choosing and appointing if you look at pop. His now person that's under consideration for secretary of state its General Petraeus. Who last I checked was convicted of a misdemeanor for sharing classified information with his mistress. Wonder and you feed and I kind of classified not we're not sure does not absolute. It is classified what do you do it remain ready don't have to scare voters. So yeah yeah. That could be the next Reyes because Petraeus is still on probation and trump what happened ranked in the security clearance at keywords they'd be named secretary of state I. That's what of those moves this hole I feeling or watch teen an episode of the apprentice. He's bringing all these guys and tonight can be whining and dining rob name but the lives. And I still the end of the day I think he does with Romney just to show that he is not a vindictive guy he's got people on his inner circle they're fighting about this telling them not to go Ronnie. I think it the end of day he's my gut just tell he still that a guy I'm. Kinda hoping scary North Korea is planning on sick they had the capability parry sound outstanding in its nuclear missile to Seattle. What the hell is he doing it tweeting about nonsense yeah. Smart people in and out of these heavy important meetings were these people would be taking on these massive offices and then all UC of these tweet saying. I met was so until great guy great guy and it's like. Do the work don't tweet about it like men in the works he doesn't know how to do and manage. And that's our fear we were saying he doesn't know how but he will surround himself by people who do know how well now if he's choosing Tom Barrett records against using X number right at exit exit out what Tom price Tom price and the secretary his choice for secretary of health and human services not he worked as an orthopedic surgeon for twenty years. I'm he enter politics because he says he found that the politicians didn't know about medicine and health. But if you look at his record on women's issues he voted against the reauthorization of the violence against women act. In to a 2013. Like who who votes against that. He also hinders he had he also supported it and cosponsored a number of anti abortion bills during his timing congress. And he's voted against abortion rights six times in his grandmother axiom that you advertise it to act in did you and I guess it I don't understand the violence and engineers at Cornell I don't. I understand it but a near times which we all know of liens pretty hard to the left. Senate president elect Donald Trump mrs. it was a paper this morning wanted to cabinet secretary who could help and dismantle and replace president Obama's health care he could not have found anyone more prepared. That represented Tom price has been studying how to accomplish that goal more than sixers and the young I will say Republicans and had a big beef with obamacare they haven't had planned this and let's repeal Latin but women and replace it went public but but Tom price every single Anderson's 2009 has had a plan. In place so he's not just talking results mr. mark come on and tell us what you plan it. He wants to roll back birth control benefits from the M the Obama camp. What they talk about abortion all the time. Wouldn't want to get an abortion so if you use a condom or if you get some a pill you use the patch or whatever. You won't have to have an abortion why they it battle against birth control explain that today. It's religion. And it has some kind of thing to do with religion I'm not you wanna Austin today and got a break. And I'm debating whether we should and I.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss President-elect Trump's cabinet considerations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43849407","title":"Are Trump's Twitter Tirades a Distraction From Cabinet Appointments?","url":"/Entertainment/video/trumps-twitter-tirades-distraction-cabinet-appointments-43849407"}