He's Just Like Us! Nick Jonas Gets Jealous Too!

Jonas opens up about his love life, his health, music and upcoming tour.
8:07 | 06/11/15

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Transcript for He's Just Like Us! Nick Jonas Gets Jealous Too!
Didn't do. All grown up with a voice that's making people's Woon. And the others just so jealous. Hello everyone I'm Wendy Dennis in New York singer Nick Jonas is kicking off a busy summer but he has found time to stop and with thanks so much for joining us this jealous what a great fine thank you so tell us do you really can't tell us and if so what makes you jealous Kirk. I'd. It in and it's there I was. Was might go from one in this Lancaster over pattern and eventually. I thought the best analysts in the red zone so road jealous and Kabul from there. I still get jealous it helped me process and better I think you know it's I don't get as Phyllis anymore which is good thing. She's completely beautifully brought us beautiful women. I think I've ever seen her her. Knowing it's good you know blown distances so it's tough and and deal with that as those in some things but. So you know we're both busy in and and young and doing life in goma any plans to work together. Maybe yes the right thing came. Right now is can take on seventh time. Let's talk about your killer disease cures seriously pumped up and you've done this in recent years what inspired you what to do it. You don't play a fighter on the TV show that you called kingdom. And with that obviously being in shape and it comes with the territory being fighters I got a chip of that and then also you know just. In a bit more care about. You know my fitness and health and other things in. I just got in good and and then you know as a hardworking Chillicothe got. It takes a lot of will power I'd say in it's not it is sort of being genetic gains but she's trying to make healthier choices. When I found at least. Telling them it's diet and he asked that is. But I I pretty healthy anyway and like that I don't mind it. Let's talk about me Helena this character that you play and kingdom you know I gained boxer. Hedge ticker wal. I think. At the time that this role came up. Sort of my finished Chapman my Brothers and and kind of in limbo between Theo woman next that's going to be. And I knew that you know want sees more serious acting roles for president and passed and I read this script developed it had to fight our for the role. I wasn't given to me. Ghanaian and had to prove that I can do it in and yes in my characters mixed martial arts fighter units he style and and he's discovering who he is and that's everything from. What does interest are two sexuality is a big part of this conversation. We just sort of season to. And it's very intense already in and requiring. Need to me but it's fun it's patiently part of me still discovering your. I feel like I'm I'm figuring it out I'm willing to learn every day though and and have grown so much and just last year that. You know it's always busting open and Wellington sort of change in and grow. You carrier acting are performing to live audiences singing what's your real passion what started on Broadway as a kid I acted. For relish shows the Thomas Austin. And that was in my passion in the saying Anson an act all one State's size kind of I looked out and in early Asian and now you know. That's a separate and acting stuff in the music but. It creates little that counts it's nice you know having those projects it'll take me away from the music marketplace for second thoughts on pop back in. And it's been a great year both music and acting need to acting thing you business team at this century than in the what he tells us that. It was just announce. A partnership between Demi nine and are longtime manager Phil McEntire. And it's and an amazing. Project in an moment for for us in our careers it to really define. Ourselves artists but also it as. Business people and in a stepping up and. Securing our our futures is locked in that we can't say it and and what our next ups are Siskel safe house records and two record company in publishing company. Since three of us and and you know we'll look to sign other artists and in due time. And and development community for artists it's safe and and was for the can create if you protected him and you know. We have that between the three of us vote to extend it to whoever else joins me feel like you can try anything they can try anything and and you can. Rest assured knowing that you know the people that are working with you had the best interest you know which is. After having done this effort for ten years it's important lesson to learn the hard way it's that you know how to take the steps in and make great changes to it. To make your career solid. Not always the easy thing to kind of music industry exactly so you thing out very close to your heart your the battle. With diabetes who were diagnosed with type one diabetes care act I was it was diagnose it and thirteen. Right as my Brothers and I really started to. Sort of start touring in and do all that and. You know this this incredible change in and challenge coming came into my life in. Was very hard in and you know something that obviously today that I still deal with every game. Have learned how to main engine and didn't lead vocal about. Being an advocate for this disease and and and just trying to help in any way I can that's. But sharing my story being transparent and that are talking about the tools to help me. I'm teamed up with decks come right now which is CG amnesty GM is a continuous glucose monitor which is means diabetic ticks Fletcher. Ten to twelve times today. To have an idea of where they're going in and litigation compliment Phelan and overall just to stay healthy. This device that allows mention every five minutes just by its permanently. Gets its hands are against this a parent like since under the skin and it's amazing and it's a tool that is helped me in and it helps nobody else to great things happening at the link just now that are now. Before it out we may have a very busy summer ahead extremely busy were just talking about it. What can your fans look forward to. Lots of things you know I'm I'm shooting kingdom season to right now for the fans of that show they can expect that fall and assessments and you earlier I think. The first seas of up on iTunes in August or September. So there's that and on the weekends you know mom pop amounted to play concerts and and do music's got some. Bounce around all across the country and and then in the fall. I take off from the 22. City tour in the US and then about eight shows a contender with Kelly Clarkson. And then back to can him for a while and scream queens and of the children's part of its on fop is inexperienced in return this and then Robertson aren't run daily tell tells more about that. It's a gracious of Ryan Murphy show send data to American or storing glee and it's. A very funny it's gonna keep people on their toes and throw them off Dennis Meehan. And that Brian Murphy is an incredible visionary and done an amazing job with that showed all of it shows. So that comes out and the falls well and then. House I just wrapped a movie that James Franco political goat. Which we'll come out later in this here is beginning next year so yes let's things happening. To ever did say. I do but I'm. Actually I had been getting a lot of rest as lot of flying going on right yes out of the plane skidded down time we'll thank you so much for sapping in this if there is scheduled thank you for asking for a two these shows that men and context thank you so much and Nick Jonas. Thanks for stopping back.

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{"id":31703021,"title":"He's Just Like Us! Nick Jonas Gets Jealous Too! ","duration":"8:07","description":"Jonas opens up about his love life, his health, music and upcoming tour. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/us-nick-jonas-jealous-31703021","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}