'The View' Discusses 'What Would You Do?' With John Quinones

The co-hosts have a detailed discussion with the host of the hidden camera show.
5:57 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Discusses 'What Would You Do?' With John Quinones
What would you do if they can camera series that finds out how ordinary people handle different kinds of awkward uncomfortable public scenarios and host on Quinones. That's right out. You're probably better off I got my kind of you're coming on I freaked I didn't know what I would do want to and I pre Internet we are any news time we have. A scenario ripped straight from hot topics tabled its new Bartlett. We destroy your but it dad isn't his skateboard. Yeah and that you're the park and you see at that pushing his son down this big rap on a skateboard. What would you do. Let's take a look at I now top bond in doing OK it's not a big deal. Fully fit like me who just recently became a dad steps right in. Yeah it's my side. I mean if you wanted to do you do it would as on time only slightly ahead. This commitment. He's he's lucky to win he's the indicated. I felt. It's a delicate volume although the men interestingly enough the gusto the father don't do it and it was the women who went up to him and said. You know you should encourage your son do with in the gentle passive way though carefully. Don't don't force is not yet yeah. Yeah. I mean because that's what that manager in the man we were talking that he he literally pushed to sun down that ramp and my mind my I was raised in the very Latino family and I was the only boy so I was very protected there my mother my two sisters. A so my mother was very protective I had an uncle this macho Mexican guy who taught me other swim by. Pushing me off a cliff into a river on my left foot yeah. Ripper yeah. I learned to swim but also could have broken my Mac I. I want want everytime I watch some like who is calling the police and if it's a waste of good and hearing with something like that tell you well know what the greatest things about your shows that there's no subject that's off limits and you're talking about relevant and relatable topics and conversations particularly about race that couldn't tell us about this next up at work. It's very simple you're a fly on the wall at a restaurant where a woman a white woman is introducing. Her boyfriend her new boyfriend to her son. The boyfriend happens to be white and the little boy it doesn't like that. Or. General and then they gave us and you're kidding me. Why did you tell me is why when I have to play these black have you looked in an area slightly I don't look my statement. Any storms away from and when Gabriel also leaves she can't help but share her opinion. Good god might. What had told his son he was blasts and yet I messed up happy. Perhaps bombings releases went differently. So it was. So obviously with a black boyfriend and time and again people stepped in and said you should warn your. Your son your children about you dating a black man. They never said that when when the actor with a with animals like yeah right we Ashley at a club that bacteria you you actually turned the tape all of this child is black and what despite its rival I think we have a clip of that episode. Mom is this a joke and cool just this is gust. Gay dating a white guy. It's really nice to finally means you what are you doing with my mom contact you. How can calm down you're dating a white god this woman just Katz stays silent any longer. I don't wanna get. That we Utley read how was he listening what did you its experiences. Yeah. That had been demanding he is making. The I don't eight. They wanted to people on public detail and just like fees some drama that dialogue even like oh my god I think and how we got out of that how would you add to handle that I probably would have I don't know they can the first could really annoys me the one who stormed out he's hissing like a little the Booth in the grass. I would settle they'll have a did not ever acting right. Yeah erect its acting we know was it was the onlookers that what really the icy out of the way have a handle it I find it interesting that once again we always have to go artist but what happened if it was about Asian or Philippine or whatever he's up to warrant I don't know about the bomb Dan unless the mother was like oh my god what's going on recently she probably eat. Teach your child not to be so racist it. My face and my father had. Has gotten herself on a white guy. They're OK with that might give you did great. But when it's the other way around being the racism he kicks in you didn't do so great that it's a remote that's what you want we have do we have. Attack. Black people responding to. Both these come well we we didn't because we were at the mercy of whoever walk and back label. But it is a reminder that there that we have assumes a way to go in and M and being careful not to judge folks by the color of their school that's a great thing about your show I think you've done more to help people. Recognize how to be empathetic. As opposed to judgmental. Before they just sleep and I think it's it's one into the great thing that's when things I love about you shouldn't. Times will be people will tell us the reason I stepped in after we interviewed them again it's because I watch your show yes and I promised myself and my children but if I ever witnessed injustice like as I would give it one step ask what's not. We're talking. Do you do. Airs tomorrow night at 10 PM on ABC in we will be right back.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"The co-hosts have a detailed discussion with the host of the hidden camera show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36791710","title":"'The View' Discusses 'What Would You Do?' With John Quinones","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-discusses-john-quinones-36791710"}